1101 Kaighn Avenue
Northeast Corner of Mount Ephraim and Kaighn Avenues

The La Victoria Cafe was operated in the late 1930s and 1940s by Leon Yaroch, who received a liquor license renewal in June of 1939. Pete Dechnik had owned the bar as late as 1935.

Leon Yaroch was born in New Jersey on November 9, 1894.He married his wife Julia, who had been born in Poland and come to America in 1905, around 1915. By the time the census was taken in January of 1920, Leon and Julia Yaroch were living at 766 Mount Vernon Street in Camden. He was then working as a driver for a feed business. By April of 1930 the Yaroch family owned the home at 766 Mount Vernon Street in Camden. He by this time gone into the grocery business. The Yaroch family included daughters Catherine and Dorothy, and son Warren at this time. Leon Yaroch was picked up by the Camden Police in September of 1934 during a crackdown on the "numbers" racket in Camden. He was then living at 612 Kaighn Avenue. The charges apparently did not stick, as he was able to procure a liquor license sometime thereafter.

By 1939 Leon Yaroch had obtained a liquor license, and was operating the La Victoria Cafe on the northeast corner of Mount Ephraim and Kaighn Avenues. He remained involved with the bar through at least 1947.  By that time he had moved to 1330 Lansdowne Avenue, where he lived until his passing in January of 1966.   

The La Victoria remained open though the late 1990s. By 2001 the business had changed hands and was renamed as the Kaighn Avenue Bar.  It remains open in December of 2003.

Kaighn Avenue

Pete Dechnik


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L to R: unknown, unknown, Pete Dechnik, Stanley Adamski, unknown at far end of bar, Frank Adamski (bartender)

Camden County Record - December 31, 1970


"Alka Seltzer's" 10-day disappearance act before the Christmas holidays created a stir around La Victoria Cafe, where disturbed "Manny," the night clerk behind the taps, said she was probably in Ohio or at Winnie's Grove, where "Wladek" said she was either at Pooch's or Chaney's. Alka popped out unexpectedly Christmas Eve with the answer that floored everyone - she was at home "knitting booties!" '

La Victoria Cafe - September 9, 2003

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