Cindy Birdsong

Diana Ross, Mary Wilson & Cindy Birdsong


CINDY BIRDSONG was born Cyntia Anne Birdsong on December 15th, 1939 in Mount Holly, New Jersey to Annie and Lloyd Birdsong.  She had two sisters and five brothers.  In 1945 her family moved to Camden, New Jersey.  The family was living at 2110 Van Buren Street in the newly built Chelton Terrace public housing project in the late 1940s. When she was finished school she moved to Philadelphia and became a sales girl and also took singing lessons.  She returned to Camden and became a dentist's receptionist.  When she was 17 she joined the Bluebelles- Patti LaBelle's group.  It was while she was touring with them that she met Florence Ballard.  She would never have thought that she would soon replace her as a Supreme, when in 1967 she was asked to come to Motown founder Berry Gordy's house.  When she arrived, the Supremes were in a meeting.  When they were done, Florence Ballard came out crying, and Cindy soon found out that she was going to replace her.  Two weeks later, the Supremes were once again performing with Cindy quickly becoming accustomed to her new career.  She appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show eleven times to Diana's departure and many more times after.   She also was part of two television specials, "TCB" and "Diana Ross And The Supremes Join The Temptations On Broadway".  After Diana left in 1969, Jean Terrell replaced her.  Cindy had to leave to have a baby but soon returned until 1976, just one year before the Supremes would break up.  In doing this, she sold away all of her royalties to future Supremes albums.  They did perform one last time in 1983.  Someday We'll Be Together was sang at the Motown 25th Anniversary Special where Diana, Mary and Cindy were all present.

Cindy Birdsong and Mary Wilson did not join Diana Ross in her ill-fated "Supremes reunion" tour in 2001, due to differences concerning money with Ms. Ross. It was reported in the mid 2000s that she was involved with singing gospel music. As of 2011 she had become a minister and was living in Los Angeles. Her memoirs were to be published in 2012. 

Cindy Birdsong's brother Lloyd Birdsong Jr. served for over 26 years with the Camden Fire Department, retiring in November of 1995.