WILLIAM VANGELEY was born Aurelio Evangelisti in Italy on April 22, 1887. He came to American on February 10, 1908, and relocated to Camden not long after the 1911 Camden City Directory was compiled. At that time he was living at 28 North 2nd Street. William Vangeley worked as a barber and was still following that trade in June of 1917 when he registered for the draft. He was then living at 214 Federal Street with his wife and three children. 

William Vangeley was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in 1918. He was initially assigned to Engine Company 1 at 409 Pine Street, not for from where he and his family were by then living, at 641 South 3rd Street. Most of his career with the Camden Fire Department was spent as a member of Engine Company 9, North 27th Street and Federal Street, in East Camden. When the Census was taken in January of 1920 the family at this time consisted of William, wife Mary, and children Adeline, Frank, Jennie (Genivinina) and Rose. Pat (Petrina) and Aurelia would come soon afterwards.

By 1924 William Vangeley and family had moved to 203 Royden Street. Stll working for the Camden Fire Department, William Vangeley became seriously ill, and was taken to West Jersey Hospital on Mount  Ephraim Avenue at Atlantic Avenue in October of 1926. He was reassigned to the Camden Police Department's traffic division, where he worked until the end of January, 1927. Unfortunately, his illness progressed, and he died on February 13, 1927. Cause of death was listed as brochietasis, an abnormal widening of the airways, sometimes associated with asthma, cystic fibrosis and emphysema.

Mary Vangeley and her children were still living at 203 Royden Street in April of 1930, when the census was taken. Shortly afterwards Mrs. Vangeley married Lugi Celani, who had been friendly with the her late late husband, and who had promised to look after the family after the latter's death. The Celanis were still living at 203 Royden Street into the 1960s before moving to Philadelphia.

World War I Draft Card

William Vangeley with Engine Company 1

William Vangeley's Children

From left to right Aurelia, Petrina(Pat), Rose, Jennie(Genivinina), Frank and Adeline. 

William Vangeley's Children

From left to right Aurelia, Petrina(Pat), Rose, Jennie(Genivinina), Frank and Adeline. 

Jennie Vangeley and her husband, Elmo Elton

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