SARAH KOPLAN WACHSMAN was born in Pennsylvania in May of 1892 to David and Rachel Koplan. Her father was a tailor. By May of 1893 the family had moved to Camden. The Census of 1900 shows the Koplan family, which then included six other children, living at 134 Walnut Street in South Camden.  

By 1910 the Koplans had moved to 1023 South 2nd Street, where David Koplan had a successful tailor's shop. Young Sarah Koplan became interested in real estate during her youth. She married Harry Wachsman around 1921. A daughter, Mildred, was born in 1922. The Wachsmans were still living at 1023 South 2nd Street as late as 1924. By 1927 they had moved to 649 State Street in North Camden, and Sarah Wachsman had gone into the real estate business. The Wachsmans had a son, Harold, in 1928. The family was still on State Street in April of 1930.

By 1943 Sarah Wachsman had relocated her home and business to 526 Benson Street. She brought her daughter Mildred and son Harold into the business during the 1940s.

Active in Jewish affairs as a member of B'nai B'rith and of the women's auxiliary of the Jewish War Veterans, and of the Camden County Real Estate board, Sarah Wachsman passed away on Friday, April 8, 1949. 

Harold Wachsman married Leona Schatz, daughter of Westville grocer Benjamin Schatz and niece of George Schatz, founder and owner of George's Auto Service, one of Camden's most successful auto parts and repair concerns of its time.  

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