RUDOLPH M. BROWN was co-owner of Rudy and Chink's Bar at 7th Street and Kaighn Avenue. He was shot to death on June 16, 1967 following an all-night card and dice game at the home of Herbert “Midnight” Johnson in the 200 block of N. 10th Street. Johnson apparently was running a numbers operation, as police found more than 5,000 number slips while searching the home. 

Rudolph Brown, whose last address was 1975 Park Avenue in Camden's Parkside neighborhood, was survived by his wife, Willa Mae Brown,  four sisters, and a brother.

7th & Kaighn Lounge, formerly Rudy & Chink's Bar
February 2003

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Camden Courier-Post * June 16, 1967

Murder Charge Laid to Man in Card Game Row

Forty-seven-year-old Anderson Ames today was charged with murder in the fatal shooting of a Camden man following an all-night card and dice game Sunday.

Ames, who lives in the 1900 block of N. Huron Avenue in Atlantic City, was seriously wounded in the double shooting but has been taken off the critical list at Cooper Hospital. Bullet fragments lodged in his brain, police said.

A warrant charging him with homicide in the death of Rudolph M. Brown, 57, of 1175 Park Boulevard was served on Ames at the hospital during one of his more "lucid" moments, according to Captain John Watkins, head of the Detective Division.

Brown, wounded in the stomach, died a few minutes after being taken to the hospital by unidentified men.

Watkins said police still have been unable to establish a motive for the double shooting, which occurred about half an hour after the games broke up in the basement of the home of Herbert “Midnight” Johnson of the 200 block of N. 10th Street.

Johnson, 52, was charged with possession of more than 5,000 number slips police said they found while searching the home. Police said the plays totaled $5,200. Johnson was released in $1,000 bail as a material witness and 11,000 hall for possession of lottery slips.

The murder weapon has not been found and police do not know what caliber bullets were fired, according to Watkins.

Meanwhile hundreds of persons last night paid their final respects to Brown, who was owner of Rudy and Chink's Bar at 7th Street and Kaighn Avenue. The mourners stood in line for several blocks to attend the viewing and services at Waples Funeral Home on Kaighn Avenue. Brown was buried today in Mount Peace Cemetery in Lawnside. He is survived by his wife Willa Mae; four sisters, and a brother.

Camden Courier-Post * July 20, 1967

Ames Held In Slaying In Camden

A 47-year-old Atlantic City man is being held without bail in Camden County jail today awaiting grand jury action on a murder charge. Municipal Judge George E. Stransky Jr. yesterday ordered Anderson Ames of the 1900 block Huron Avenue held in connection with the June 11 fatal shooting of Rudolph Brown, 57, of 1975 Park Boulevard. Camden police say the shooting took place in the home of Herbert (Midnight) Johnson, 52, of the 200 block North 10th Street.  

  Brown died a few minutes after being admitted to Cooper Hospital with a chest wound. Ames, who police report was wounded in the head during the same incident, was released from that hospital's intensive care unit Monday.   

   Johnson, who has been released m $2,000 bail pending an August 1 hearing on charges of  possessing lottery paraphernalia, was permitted to sign his own $1,000 bail bond for appearance before the grand jury as a material witness.

    Police claim to have found more than 5,000 numbers slips while searching his home.

   Ames appeared at yesterday's hearing in a wheel chair. Among witnesses who testified yesterday were Jesse A. Jones,  50, of the 1100 block Cooper Street, Leon Williams, 65; of Kentucky Avenue, Atlantic City, and Hugh Johnson, 34, of the 800 block Cherry Street. Williams was freed in $1,000 bail as a material witness.

  Jimmie L. Harrison, 31, of the 1900 block Norris Street and Leroy Butcher, 34, of the 5900 block Lansdowne Avenue, Philadelphia also are free in bail as material witnesses.

 Neither Harrison nor Butcher was at yesterday’s hearing the judge said he surmised they had not had sufficient notice to appear.