RAYMOND YOUNG was born in New Jersey on April 27, 1901. He was the son of Clarence and Wilhelmina Young. The family was living at 2204 Federal Street when the Census was taken in 1910. The 1914 City Directory shows the Youngs at 2202 Federal Street. The family included older sister Verna and younger siblings Clarence, Ethel, and Florence Young. Raymond Young lived most of his life in East Camden and Cramer Hill.

Raymond Young married around 19191. The 1920 Census shows him and his wife Harriet renting a house at 26 Marlton Avenue. He was then working as a streetcar conductor. By 1924 he had been appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He was then living at 2319 Howell Street. The 1927 City Directory has him at 2215 Carman Street, and the 1929 edition shows him living at 2308 Carman Street.. 

Raymond Young and his family were counted twice in the 1930 Census. On April 3, 1930 the Census shows Raymond Young, a city fireman, living at 2308 Carman Street with his wife Harriet, daughters Dorothy, Verna, and Carrie, and a boarder, Edward Orr. On April 11, 1930 Raymond Young, wife Harriet, daughter Dorothy, Verna, and Harriet,  and Edward Orr were enumerated at 701 Clinton Street. It appears that "Carrie" and "Harriet" were the same person. 

Fire Department Records from 1931 show Raymond Young living at 2211 Sewell Street.

The 1940 City Directory shows Raymond Young, city fireman at 117 North 21st Street. His wife's name is give as Isabel. The 1943 and 1947 City Directories shows Raymond and Isabel F. Young at 876 Beideman Avenue in Cramer Hill. Raymond Young was still serving with the Camden Fire Department as late as 1947. 

The 1970 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory lists Raymond Young at 876 Beideman Avenue. The 1977 Directory lists "I.F. Young" at the Beideman Avenue address. Isabel Young passed away in April of 1978. A Raymond Young who lived in Camden died in October of 1969, but it is unclear as to whether this person is the Raymond Young who served with the Camden Fire Department.