NICOLA SACCOMANNO was born in Naples, Italy around 1875. A barber by trade, he came to America in 1898, and opened up his own barbershop at 3418 Federal Street in the Rosedale section of East Camden in 1904. With his wife Marie, he lived over the shop, and raised nine children. He was a member of the Holy Name Society of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in East Camden, a barber's society, and the Stella D'Italia lodge of the Sons of Italy. 

Nicola Saccomanno conducted his business on Federal Street for 46 years, until his passing on July 30, 1950. After services at St. Joseph's Church on Federal Street in Camden, he was buried at Calvary Cemetery in what was then Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill) NJ on August 3, 1950.

A family member, Gus Saccomanno, owned and operated The Little Tavern in the Cramer Hill section of Camden in the 1960s and 1970s.


St. Joseph's Church
1893-1943 Golden Jubilee Yearbook

Camden Courier-Post - June 1, 1933


Three persons who engaged in a family squabble were held in $1000 bail for the grand jury by Police Judge Pancoast yesterday. One of them also was jailed for 30 days in default of $100 fine for, driving an automobile without permission of the owner

Tuesday Gus Saccamanno, 25, of 856 North Twenty-seventh street told his wife, Margaret, 23, that he was going out for a walk before lunch. When he had not returned five hours later she went in search of him and found him at Twenty-seventh and Hayes Avenue.

An argument started the police said and Mrs. Saccamanno called to her brother, Francis Piot, who was standing nearby, to take her home. Piot, it is alleged, jumped in his brother-in-law's car and started to drive. Saccamanno and his father, Nicholas, 74, of 3418 Federal Street, stopped him.

Yesterday Nicholas was discharged, Francis was jailed for driving with­out permission and with his sister held in $1000 bail as a material witness against Gus, held in $1000 for assault and battery on his wife.

Camden Courier-Post - June 8, 1933


An East Camden barber, charged with assault and battery on a neighbor's son, was acquitted in Criminal Court by a jury before Judge Samuel M. Shay yesterday.

He is Nicola Saccomanno, of 3418 Federal street, charged with beating Paul Agnew, of 3408 Federal street.

Mrs. Elizabeth Agnew, the boy's mother, lodged a complaint against Saccomanno, charging he attacked the boy, who was playing on the street near Saccomanno's shop.

The woman said Saccomanno struck her son, knocked him down and then kicked him. Saccomanno denied the charge and testified the boy fell when he attempted to run away from the scene.

Camden Courier-Post - July 31 1950
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