LEWIS WILLIAMS was born in New Jersey in April of 1854. For many years in the latter part of his life he was employed by the City of Camden as a gardener at Forest Hill Park.

Lewis Williams married around 1880. He and his wife Anna were living in Hillsborough, Maryland when daughter Olive Nettie Williams was born in 1880, then went to Delaware. Daughter Myrtle was born there in 1887, and in 1890 a son, Roy, was born in Dover, Delaware. By August of 1892 they had returned to New Jersey, son Herman born there in 1892.

Lewis Williams was living with his wife Anna at 1533 Federal Street in the town of Stockton, which comprised present day East Camden and Cramer Hill, when the City Directory was compiled for 1899. It is highly probable that he was employed as a groundskeeper at Stockton Park. In 1899 Camden annexed Stockton, and stopped maintenance of Stockton Park. By the summer of 1900 the Williams family had gone to Deerfield, New Jersey, in Cumberland County, where Lewis Williams took up farming. 

In 1904 the City of Camden purchased the 80 acres of land along the Cooper River that became Forest Hill Park. By 1910 Lewis Williams had returned to Camden to work with the City at Forest Hill Park as its gardener. In December of 1927 Forest Hill Park was renamed Farnham Park in honor of long-time Camden city engineer Levi Farnham

The 1910 Census lists Lewis Williams, his wife Anna, and sons Herman and Roy living at Forest Hill Park, where he worked as a gardener. Anna Williams died prior to the 1920 Census, which found Lewis Williams at Forest Hill Park with daughter Myrtle Winn, a widow, and her son John. 

The 1930 Census shows Lewis Williams living at Forest Hill Park with his widowed daughter Nettie Conley and her sons, Louis H. and William J. Conley. Louis Williams died at the age of 76 in Camden on December 11, 1930.  

Camden Courier-Post * December 12, 1930