JOSEPH PENNOCK BOONE was born in Philadelphia on November 19, 1889 to Laura and Joseph Boone. The 1910 Census shows that he had moved with his widowed mother and younger sister Elsie to 151 Toledo Avenue in Haddon Township, New Jersey. This was the home of his grandfather, Anthony Mason. Joseph P. Boone worked installing parquet floors. He had moved to 443 Cherry Street in Camden by 1914, and was still working as a floorlayer. His mother had moved to Camden with him. When it was time to register for the draft in June of 1917, Joseph Boone had moved once again, to 818 Pearl Street in North Camden. By this time he had married  and his mother also was still living with him. Joseph Boone was then working as a driver for the Texas Oil Company, which was located on River Road where the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks crossed.

By January of 1920 Joseph P. Boone had moved to Philadelphia where he operated a cigar store. He had limited success in this venture, and by 1930 had moved back to New Jersey. He mad his home with his wife Margaret and two step-daughters, Edna and Dorothy Shaffer, another step-daughter, Mildred, had already gone out into the world. The family resided at 48 East Beechwood Avenue in Oaklyn. When he registered for the draft in 1942, Joseph and Margaret Boone had moved to 1040 Haddon Avenue in Camden NJ. He worked for the City of Camden's highway department until January 5, 1944 when he went to work for the Camden Fire Department in the title Senior Maintenance Repairman, General.

Joseph P. Boone worked for the fire department until January of 1961. On the 25th of that month he was replaced by veteran fireman Morris Odell on orders from City Commissioner Garrity. Joseph P. Boone died on February 3, 1961

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