JENNIE A. CRAIG was born in New Jersey around 1877 to Thomas B. and Margaret Craig. The family, which included older brother William, was living in the village of Greenwich, in Cumberland County, when the Census was taken in 1880. 

Thomas Craig worked as a baggageman on the railroad. When the census ws taken in June of 1900 the family was living on Main Street in Pemberton, New Jersey. Not long afterwards, they moved to Camden.

The Craig family was living at 206 South 32nd Street in East Camden in January of 1904 when, on January 8th, Jennie Craig was attacked while walking home along Federal Street between South 30th and South 32nd Street

In June of 1904 Jennie Craig served as maid-of-honor when her brother William took Elsie Fisher of 3024 Federal Street as his wife.

The Craigs were still living at 206 South 32nd Street when the 1906 City Directory was compiled. Thomas Craig had by then passed away.

When the Census was taken in 1910, Jennie Craig had not yet wed. She was living with her brother William, sister-in-law Elsie and mother Margaret at 33 North 34th Street in East Camden. Jennie Craig was then working as a saleslady in a jewelry store. The family was still there when the 1914 City Directory was compiled. Jennie Craig, still un-wed, was working as a cashier.

William and Elsie Craig had moved to Collingswood by the time the 1918-1919 Camden City Directory was being compiled. Jennie Craig does not appear in the 1920 Census or the 1930 Census. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 8, 1904

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 10, 1904
Federal Street - 30th Street - 32nd Street - Jennie Craig

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 24, 1904
Federal Street - Rev. George T. Harris - Jennie Craig - Albert Read
William B. Craig - Elsie M. Fisher - Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church