Parker Jr.


HORACE BALLINGER PARKER JR. was born on December 4, 1885 to Horace B. Parker and the former Margaret Donnelly. His father was from Parkertown in Burlington County, New Jersey, his mother had been born in Ireland. The Parkers lived in Philadelphia at the time of the 1900 Census. They first appear in Camden City Directories in 1905. Horace B. Parker, a fine athlete, played semi-pro basketball in Camden for a number of tears. His first known season was playing for the Monarch Athletic Club during 1904-1905. 

Camden in those years was a basketball hotbed. The Camden Electrics won the National Basket Ball League title in 1902-1903. Unfortunately, the league disbanded in 1904, although the Electrics remained active as a non-league semi-pro team through 1914. Horace Parker played with the Electrics for three seasons, from 1906-1907 through 1909. 

Although the National League had folded, basketball remained quite popular in the city and elsewhere. A professional league was organized in Philadelphia, but no Camden franchise ever joined this league. Besides the semi-pro  Electrics, a number of other teams were organized. One of the most successful and enduring of these were the Camden Alphas, sponsored by the Alpha Club, a social club headquartered on Broadway in South Camden. The Alphas and other teams such as the Third Regiment NJ National Guard team operated in  loose confederation of independent teams. Besides appearing with the Electrics, Horace Parker played for the Third Regiment Club in 1908-1909 and for the Camden Alphas in 1909-1910. The Alphas were Camden city champions that season, and joined the Eastern Basket Ball League the next year. Horace Parker, however did not play for this club and it appears his basketball career ended with the close of the 1909-1910 season, which was about the same time his second child was born.

Horace Parker had married Gertrude Stanton, the daughter of James and Mary Stanton, on July 25, 1906. A daughter, Lillian, was born in the first year of their marriage, followed by another girl, Margaret, and then a son, Horace B. Parker III, in 1911.

After the Parkers wed, they lived at 803 Princeton Avenue in South Camden with his parents. The City Directories for 1908 indicate that his parents had moved to 2702 Westfield Avenue in East Camden. Horace Parker Jr. and his wife moved first to 625 Pine Street prior to the compilation of the 1909 Directory. By the time the 1910 City Directory was being compiled, Horace Parker Jr. and family had moved to 438 Cherry Street, and remained their for at least one year. Horace Parker Jr. worked as a bookkeeper and as a commission merchant during these times, and perhaps supplemented his income by playing semi-pro basketball and baseball. 

Life took a bad turn towards the end of 1912. Horace B. Parker Sr. father passed away on November 17, 1912. Worse yet, Gertrude Parker took ill, and the family moved back to Horace's mother's home at 2702 Westfield Avenue. She was attended to by Dr. Henry H. Sherk, whose office was just a few doors away on Westfield Avenue. Sadly, Gertrude Parker died of tuberculosis on July 7, 1913 leaving her husband to raise their three children with the help of his mother.

When Horace B. Parker registered for the draft in September of 1918 he was working as a motorman, driving a Public Service trolley car.

Horace B. Parker Jr. died from hemorrhages at the age of 33 on May 17, 1919. The 1920 Census shows his mother and his three children still residing at 2702 Westfield Avenue, where she took in boarders to make ends meet. The Parker family was still at this address as late as 2004. Daughter Lillian Parker died in 1926. Margaret Donnelly Parker remained in Camden for the rest of her days, passing away at the age of 98 in 1964. Daughter Margaret also passed away in Camden, on February 9, 1994. Horace B. Parker III last lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia, passing away in 1985.

Horace B. Parker's aunt

Monarch Athletic Club
Sitting: Unknown - Unknown - Unknown
Standing - Unknown - Horace B. Parker Jr. - Unknown - Unknown

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 25, 1904

Bridgeton Evening News - December 29, 1904

Philadelphia Inquirer - 1906

Wedding Invitation

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 1906
Horace B. Parker Jr. - John Snodgrass Jr.

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 5, 1906
Sitting: Unknown - Unknown - Unknown
Standing - Unknown - Horace B. Parker Jr. - Unknown - Unknown

Third Regiment N.J. National Guard
Seated: Horace B. Parker Jr. - Unknown 
Standing: Unknown - Unknown - Unknown

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 6, 1908

Camden Post-Telegram * October 28, 1909
Emerson Athletic Association Baseball Team 
C. Wilson - C. Gandy - Harry Dease - H. Storms - J. Singer
Horace B. Parker Jr. - Fish - Osborne
Tomlin - Rumford

Alpha Club - 1909-1910
On Floor: Unknown, Unknown
Seated: Horace B. Parker Jr. - Unknown - Unknown
Standing: Unknown - Unknown - Unknown

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 17, 1912
Undetermined Camden Newspaper - January 17, 1912

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 9, 1913
Undetermined Camden Newspaper - July 11, 1913

World War I Draft Card

Undetermined Newspaper - May 18, 1919
Undetermined Newspaper - May 18, 1919
Undetermined Newspaper - May 18, 1919

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 19, 1919
Undetermined Newspaper - May 18-19, 1919
Undetermined Newspaper - May 18-19, 1919

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 21, 1919
Russell "Lena" Blackburne - Horace B. Parker Jr.
Louis Ballinger - Louis Urban - Frank Eames - Earl Scott

Camden Courier-Post * September 23, 1964

Undetermined New York Newspaper
April 1954

Elizabeth Grapewine's father-in-law, Thomas R. Grapevine, was a member of the Camden Fire Department in the mid-1870s.