GEORGE SCHATZ was born in New York on January 20, 1903, the son of Israel and Lena Schatz, Jewish immigrants from Russia. The Schatz family had come to Camden during the 1910s, and at the time of the 1920 Israel Schatz was the proprietor of a restaurant, in which son Benjamin was the manager, daughters Kate and Sarah waitresses, and George worked in the kitchen. Two other sons, Jacob and Philip, were still in school. The family resided at 210-212 Arch Street in these years.

George Schatz went into business for himself when he opened up George's Auto Service, a small battery recharging and tire repair shop in 1924. His business prospered, and he moved within a years time to 213 Federal Street. He married Naomi Bush, daughter of Camden grocer Max Bush, around 1926. At the time of the 1930 Census they lived above the shop with newborn son Kenneth above the shop. Sadly, Kenneth died at the age of three from mastoiditis. There was another child, a daughter, Elaine, born after the Census. The Schatz family moved to East Camden by 1936, buying a home at 29 South 38th Street. 

Business went so well for George Schatz that a new two story auto repair facility was built around the corner on the 200 block of Arch Street before 1930, on the site where the Schatz family restaurant had stood. Brothers Jacob (Jack) and Philip joined him in the auto repair business. George Schatz attributed his success to keeping up with the times. His shop always had the latest diagnostic and repair equipment. He also advertised heavily. 

The year 1936 saw George's Auto Service open up a new shop at 1111 Haddon Avenue, twice the size of the Arch Street facility, which was later sold. 

After World War II the still growing George's Auto Service moved once again to 1867 Haddon Avenue, the former home of the Camden Cadillac and Airport Pontiac car dealerships. The 1947 Camden City Directory shows George Schatz was still residing at 29 South 38th Street in East Camden. He would by 1959 move to 341 Station Avenue in Haddonfield.

George's Auto Service would remain at 1867 Haddon Avenue this address into the 1960s, when another move was made, to Route 38 and Strand Avenue in Pennsauken NJ, at the approach to the Airport Circle and Admiral Wilson Boulevard. When the 1960s drew to a close, George Schatz was living in the Towers of Windsor Park apartments on Chapel Avenue in Cherry Hill NJ. He would move again by 1977, to the Mark 70 Apartments on Route 70 in Cherry Hill.

George Schatz was also involved in the restaurant business, with a well known establishment known as the Embers  Restaurant which stood in Route 38 in Pennsauken in the 1950s and 1960s. . 

George's Auto Service would remain on Route 70 in Pennsauken until it was sold in the 1980s. George Schatz passed away on December 28, 1987.

George Schatz's older brother, Benjamin Schatz,  moved to Westville, New Jersey in the 1920s where he oprated a grocery for many years.

Camden Courier-Post

September 12, 1929

Camden Courier-Post

October 30, 1931

Camden Courier-Post * June 9, 1932

Camden Courier-Post - June 29, 1933

Record Car Radio Business Reported by Local Establishment


At a time when definite evidences of "better times" are to be seen on many sides, it is interesting to know what some of Camden's business leaders think of the immediate future, as it affects their. own business. With this in mind, the writer recently interviewed. George Schatz, owner of one of South Jersey's largest and most completely equipped garages. Said Mr. Schatz: "In answer to your question as to what I think of immediate future prospects, I am now firmly convinced that we are on the upgrade. When. I say this, I mean those of us who have made and are making a real, honest effort to take advantage of the feeling of renewed confidence -which has been engendered by the new administration.

"Take, for instance, this garage.

Although I believe it, to be the most completely equipped in South Jersey, I could hardly expect that this, in itself would bring me the business I am getting.

"Every effort is made to keep our permanent customers satisfied in every respect. At the same time we are constantly adding to this list others who hear about us. These customers, whether transient or otherwise, receive the same consideration.

'It is undoubtedly an advantage to most motorists to be able to get complete service under one roof. Motors, bodies, tires, batteries, etc., while taken care of by experts in different departments, are all attended to under the same roof, which tends to increase efficiency and consequently satisfaction, to our customers.

"An interesting feature of our business is the automobile radio department. Here we sell and service Philco and RCA automobile radios. Topping a steady three-month record of increased sales. Last week was the largest in our history. Our June sales in this line, to date, are already more than five times inĚ excess of our May sales. It is no longer necessary to, stay at home to hear your favorite radio program for with an automobile radio your car becomes the center of entertainment wherever you go.

Mr. Schatz is the owner of George's Garage; at 210 Arch Street.

Camden Courier-Post

August 2, 1933

Camden Courier-Post - October 7, 1936

Camden Courier-Post - October 7, 1936

210-216 Arch Street
October 1936
1111 Haddon Avenue
October 1936
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January 7, 1938

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February 24, 1938





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