GEORGE A. FUSCELLARO was born in Philadelphia PA on September 9, 1917 to Carmin J. Fuscellaro and his wife, the former Anna Rocco. A sister, Nettie was born in 1919. Sadly, she passed, but the following year another daughter was born, also named Nettie. A brother Carmin Fuscellaro Jr., was born in 1926.

The Fuscellaro family had moved to Camden by 1924. The city directory for that year shows them living at 301 Stevens Street, and that the elder Fuscellaro worked as a shoe cutter. By 1929 the family had moved to 343 Clinton Street. Carmin Fuscllaro Sr. had by then been appointed to the Camden Police department, where he went on to have a long and distinguished career.

George Fuscellaro had married Alice Vogt when he was inducted into the United States Army on June 2, 1941 at Trenton, New Jersey. His military career was not a long one, and George Fuscellaro was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on January 30, 1942. He reported for duty on February 1, 1942 with Engine Company 2. After serving with Engine Company 2 for five years, he was transferred to Engine Company 11 on North 27th Street in Cramer Hill, not too far from his home at 1041 Lois Avenue. George Fuscellaro was promoted to captain on September 16, 1949 and remained in service with Engine Company 11.

On August 15, 1954 Captain Fuscellaro retired on full disability. He and his family apparently moved away from Camden not long afterwards. Tragedy struck the family in February of 1961 when his brother, Carmin Fuscellaro Jr., was killed in the line of duty during an attempted jailbreak at City Hall in Camden.

Last a resident of Hammonton, New Jersey, George Fuscellaro passed away on August 31, 1982. 

Camden Courier-Post
November 7, 1949

Paul Wells - Douglas Wells
North 27th Street
Engine Company 11

Camden Courier-Post
April 19, 1952

Baird Boulevard
Engine Company 11

Camden Courier-Post * May 22, 1954

George A. Fuscellaro - Spencer Smith Jr. - Lois Avenue - Sewell Street 
E. George Aaron - Dr. Garnett Summerill

Camden Courier-Post
September 28, 1954

Nathan Petit
Carman Street
William McGrath
North 22nd Street
George Fuscellaro
Charles W. Cooke
Mt. Ephraim Avenue