ERNEST FREDERICK FAGAN was born on July 29, 1938 in Camden to Ernest J. Fagan and his wife, the former Mary Elizabeth Abbott. and Ernest J. Fagan. When the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled, the Fagans were living at 27 South 35th Street in East Camden. By 1956 the family had moved down the street to 105 South 35th Street.

Ernest F. Fagan was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on June 11, 1964. He reported for duty the same day. He was unmarried at the time of his joining the department, and was living with his parents at the South 35th Street address in East Camden.

Ernest F. Fagan passed away on July 15, 1973. He was survived by his parents and two brothers, Dennis and Ronald Fagan. His father and brother Dennis both died in January of 1999, and his mother passed in July of 2000. 

The Fagan family still occupied the South 35th Street address as late as 2001. 



Camden Courier-Post
June 10, 1964



FIRE EQUIPMENT HAS CHANGED in Camden but the Smith family carries on into the third generation. Spencer Haines Smith III (left) and his father Spencer H. Smith Jr., examine picture if the old coal-burner the latter once drove. Young Smith was sworn in today as a member of the city fire bureau. The late Spencer H. Smith Sr. joined the department in 1914.


Earl Smith - Eutaw Avenue - Ernest Fagan - 35th Street - Truman F. Maples 

Camden Courier-Post
July 10, 1964

Truman Maples - North 35th Street
Engine Company 11
Ernest Fagan - South 35th Street
Engine Company 1
Spencer Smith III - Collings Road
Ladder Company 1

Camden Fire Fighters Ernie Fagan and Leon Johnson - March 7, 1971

This fire at South 6th and Van Hook Streets destroyed the original building of the John W. Mickle Elementary School. The Annex remains in use as of 2008 as the Camden Creative Arts High School. 

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Camden Fire Department Personnel Record