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DR. RALPH A. WARWICK was born in Camden NJ on February 12, 1904 to Alva B. and Rosa Warwick. He was the youngest of four children, coming after sisters Verna and Evelyn, and brother Burton Warwick. When the Census was taken in 1910, Alva Warwick was working as a shoe maker, and was following that trade 10 years later as well.. The Warwick family was living at 13 North 24th Street in East Camden when the 1900 census was taken, and was still there in 1910. Alva Warwick would take a position as a salesman with the Victor Talking Machine Company in the 1910s. By the end of 1919 the Warwick family owned the home at 3300 Federal Street in East Camden

 Ralph Warwick was a 1922 graduate of Camden High School. He graduated from the Hahnemann School of Science in 1924 and Hahnemann Medical College in 1928. After interning at West Jersey Hospital on Mount Ephraim Avenue in 1929, Dr. Warwick began to practice medicine, eventually specializing in pediatrics. He also married Margaret Dilworth at this time. At the time of the April 1930 Census Ralph and Margaret Warwick were living at 3300 Federal Street in East Camden. Two children, Margaret Ann and David Arthur would follow.

He continued his education with post-graduate work at the University of Michigan in 1931, Flower Hospital in New York City NY in 1934, Columbia University in 1936, and the Lahey Clinic in 1943, where he garnered a diploma from the American Board of Pediatrics. 

By 1936 Dr. Warwick had also established a medical practice at 3300 Federal Street. When America became involved in World War II, Dr. Warwick answered his nation's call, and served from 1942 through 1946 in the United States Marine Corps, and had reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the time he was discharged from military service. He returned to his home, family, and medical practice in East Camden. Dr. Warwick had been appointed Chief of Pediatrics at West Jersey Hospital by 1956, and was still in practice on Federal Street as late as October of 1970. Last a resident of Cherry Hill NJ, Dr. Warwick passed away in February of 1972.

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Camden Courier-Post 
August 27, 1929

John Doris

Camden Courier-Post
August 27, 1929

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Rocco Palese - Dr. Ralph Warwick
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Camden Courier-Post * June 8, 1933


First aid administered by an East Camden physician saved the life of a 2-year-old boy.

Frederick Smith, 2, of 27 Terrace avenue, while playing around his home Tuesday found some, tablets of a poisonous nature. He swallowed them before his mother, Mrs. Anna Smith, could take them from him.

The mother rushed to the office of Dr. Ralph Warwick, Thirty-second street and Federal Street, where Dr. Warwick administered first aid and then had the child removed to West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital.

Federal Street

March 13, 2004

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The brick home/business on Federal street at 3300 was the residence and office of a pediatrician by the name of Dr. Warwick from before World War II into the 60's. He served in World War II but returned to his practice. He was an extremely popular and well liked pediatrician.

Joanne Gimello
June 14, 2005