CARL WISMER WEBER was born in Camden in August of 1922 to the Reverend Paul Weber and Martha Weber. Reverend Weber ministered at Epiphany Evangelical Lutheran Church at North 7th and Market Street from the 1920s through at least 1959. The family, which included older sister Katherine, lived at 902 North 7th STreet in North Camden

In March of 2008 an album that I believe his mother put together of photos of young Carl growing up in Camden was made available on eBay. I did not win the album, but fortunately, a number of the pages had been scanned and I downloaded them. They are a remarkable window into 1920s-1930s life in North Camden.

I believe Carl. W. Weber followed his father into the Lutheran ministry, but I've not been able to confirm that as of July, 2009.

Phil Cohen
Pennsauken, New Jersey



Club Gives Shower

The Thimble Club of Epiphany Lutheran Church gave a surprise novelty shoer in honor of Mrs. Paul Weber at its last meeting of the season Thursday afternoon. The meeting took place at the home of Mrs. Pauline Landwehr, 638 Penn Street. Festoons of pink rambler roses made attractive decorations. Among those present were: Mrs. T. Weber, Mrs. E. Sudler, Mrs. Fred Himmelein Sr., Mrs. William Oaks, Mrs. A. Clark, Mrs. Charles Preisendanz, Mrs. Edward Preisendanz, Mrs. Hodgkiss, Mrs. Wilbur Weintz Sr., Mrs. Bird, Mrs. Pockerto, Mrs. Spaeth, Mrs. William Zink, Mrs. Frank Neutze, Mrs. John Schoellkopf, Ms. Adams, Mrs. Kittelson, Miss Sue Ronstadt, Mrs. William Hussong, Mrs. Kate Bentley, Mrs. L.J. Ostermayer, Miss D. Miller, Mrs. George Landwher and Mirs. Pauline Landwehr.


Left: 902 North 7th Street


The Weber Family - September 1922


July 4, 1923 Celebration at Pyne Point Park

Top: Katherine, Paul, and Martha Weber at Pyne Point Par, July 4, 1923.

Lower right: Carl Weber at O. B. Weidenhammer's High Grade Soft Drinks booth, Pyne Point Park, July 4, 1923






August 1925





Reverend Paul C. Weber of Epiphany Lutheran Church














Epiphany Evangelical Lutheran Church - Christmas Pageant - December 1929