BENJAMIN A. HAMMELL was involved for many years in Camden's political life. He was elected mayor twice, in 1848 when he succeeded Thomas B. Wood, and in 1857, when he succeeded James W. Shroff as mayor. Benjamin Hammell also served on City Council. During his administration, the land on Broadway between Federal and Market Streets, upon which the Camden County Courthouse stood for so many years, and upon which a County office building sits today, was purchased for $500 from Abigail Cooper.

Benjamin A. Hammell was in the cabinet making and undertaking business when the census was taken in 1850. He was then living with his wife Hannah and their children, Alexander, Charles, David, Benjamin, and Caroline. By 1857 he had sold that business to Bowman H. Middleton Sr. and gone into the sausage making business. He lived at 612 Federal Street in the years after the Civil War. Benjamin A. Hammell passed away on August 26, 1869.  

From the
Camden Weekly Phenix and West Jersey Democrat Journal
May 22, 1858

This newspaper was found in a Time Capsule buried at 5th and Federal Streets in 1858.
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