ANTONIO MARINO was living at 2209 Sewell Street in East Camden with his wife and six small children in December of 1927, working as a watchman at the grade crossing of the Pennsylvania Railroad west of Haddonfield Road in Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill) NJ. 

In 1927 the railroad crossed the track at street level. By 1960 the highway passed below the railroad, which has been placed on a steel bridge. It was Anthony Marino's task to monitor the crossing. Shortly before Christmas he was attempting to warn motorists of an oncoming express train when he was struck by one of the cars. He died of his injuries on December 23, 1927.

Camden Courier-Post - January 9, 1928

Camden Courier-Post - January 13, 1928

Autoist Held In Killing Of Guard December 11th

Antonio Marino, 48 years old, of 2309 Sewell Street, heroic railroad watchman who was run down by an automobile when he tried to warn the driver of an approaching train, died of a fractured skull and a puncture of the lung.

This was determined by a coronerís inquest in Philadelphia this noon. Immediately after the verdict was released the driver of the car, David Hawthorne, of Brooklawn, was turned over to the county. The grand jury will decide what charge, if any, will be brought against Hawthorne.

Marino was employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad at a crossing on Marlton Pike. On the night of December 11, when a drizzle fell, Marino lowered the gate upon the approach of a fast express bound for Atlantic City. He then saw automobile headlights and ran out into the road shouting a warning to the driver.

Hawthorne declared that because he was half blinded by the rain, he did not see the watchman until the car was almost upon the gate. He then threw on his brakes but the car skidded and overturned, crushing Marino to the ground.

Marino was first taken to Cooper Hospital, but later removed to the Samaritan Hospital where he died December 23. Because his death occurred in Philadelphia, Coroner Schwartz was compelled to conduct a jury hearing. Hawthorne, who had been held in jail for the Camden county grand jury, was taken before the coronerís jury this morning by James Wren, Camden County detective. He told how the accident occurred, and then the results of the autopsy and the juryís finding were announced.