ANDREW SWEETEN MORTON was born in Camden, New Jersey on November 11, 1838 to Samuel H. Morton and his wife, the former Lydia Sweeten. He was the third of five children, coming after Mary Ann Morton and Charles Smith Morton, and before Samuel H. Morton Jr. and William B. Morton. 

Samuel H. Morton was carpenter by trade, and in time he became involved in building and contracting and he also was involved with the Camden Fire Insurance Association for a number of years. Andrew S. Morton followed his father professionally, working as a carpenter and builder and later in life in the insurance business.

The 1850s were a difficult time for the Samuel H. Morton family. Brother Charles Smith Morton passed away around 1850, and mother Lydia Sharp Sweeten died around 1854. On March 19, 1856 in Camden, Samuel Morton remarried. Sadly his second wife, the former Mary S. Fields, passed away not long after the wedding. On June 17, 1858 Samuel Morton 

married for a third time. His new wife, Caroline Morris, was about 20 at the time. They would go onto have four children, Caroline Morris "Carrie" Morton (January 6, 1860), Annie Morton (18621927), Horace R Morton (June 18641944), Olive B. Morton (November 8, 1870?).

The Mortons lived in what was then Camden's Middle Ward, and it is likely that they were living at 328 Bridge Avenue before 1860. The 1863 Camden City Directory, which was the first one published shows the Mortons at the 328 Bridge Avenue address.

On June 17, 1863 Andrew S. Morton married Rhoda Harris Hires in Cumberland County, New Jersey. The couple made their home in Camden. They had five children, Charles Andrew Morton (18641892), Lillie Evans Hires Morton (18681908), Rhoda Estelle Morton (August 5, 1873 - December 25, 1875),  Harry Wynn Morton (July 19, 1876 - 1923), Willis Everett "Bob" Morton (December 7, 1880-1945). City Directories show that the family lived at 446 South 5th Street in 1867 and 1869, 444 South 5th Street in 1874, and 321 Mickle Street from 1878 through 1882. The 1883 City Directory lists Andrew S. Morton at 706 South 5th Street, and Directories for 1884 and 1885 give his address as 614 South 5th Street. The 1887-1888 Directory shows the Morton family at 324 North 2nd Street. By the time the 1888-1889 Directory was compiled, Andrew S. Morton had moved to 232 Arch Street, where he would live out his days.

Andrew S. Morton's brother Samuel H. Morton Jr., a veteran of the Civil War, passed away on August 10, 1882. Andrew Morton's father, Samuel H. Morton Sr. died on March 13, 1892. 30 days later, on April 13, 1892, Andrew Morton's son, Charles Andrew Morton died from Bright's disease.. Andrew Morton's younger brother, William B. Morton, died on August 30, 1898.

Andrew S. Morton died May 23, 1907 and was buried at Harleigh Cemetery. Lillie Morton married Dr. John W. Sutton in 1886, and bore a son John Earle Sutton in 1888. Sadly, Dr. Sutton died in 1890. She married Edward H. Friel, she died in 1908, having given birth to a son, Edward C,H. Friel. Rhoda Morton and her son Harry were still living at 232 Arch Street as late as 1912. Rhoda Morton is listed at 521 North 3rd Street in the 1913 and 1914 City Directories. Willis Morton left Camden shortly after the 1900 Census, and by 1907 was living in California. After leaving Camden, his mother joined him there. Rhoda Hires Morton died in Berkley, California in 1921. Harry Morton married in t1899 and was divorced before 1910, at which time he was living in California. He was still in California in 1920, and died in San Francisco in June of 1923. Willis Morton raised a family in California. He passed away in 1945. 

Rhoda Harris Hires Morton
circa 1890

Andrew S. Morton
& Rhoda Harris Hires Morton
circa 1865

Charles Andrew Morton
about 1867 about 1890

Charles A. & Lillie E.H. Morton
about 1885

Lillie Evans Hires Morton
married to Dr. John W. Sutton 1886-1890, widowed, remarried 1899 to Edward H. Friel
about 1882 about 1884

Lillie Evans Hires Morton
about 1885 about 1887

Rhoda Morton
and her children

Pennsgrove, NJ

Standing, Left to Right
Lillie Morton
Rhoda Morton
Charles Morton

Harry Morton
Willis Morton

Harry Wynn Morton
about 1900 about 1920

Willis Everette Morton

Photo taken in 1885 in Camden, New Jersey. The boy was very ill with scarlet fever and was not given an outside chance for living, so this picture was made, as was common at the time

Willis Everette Morton surprise birthday party - December 7, 1856
Surprise birthday party for Willis Everette Morton held at 232 Arch Street, Camden on December 7, 1896

Both photos taken by j. Stewart Holloway, shown wih operating bulb at lower right crner, bottom photo

Willis Everette Morton

Executive offices Aurora Fire Insurance Company, Philadelphia, PA - about 1897
Clockwise from far right: Albert Postel, president; unknown stenographer;
Miss Pierce, bookeeper; C. Monroe Duiges, secretary; 
Willis Everette Morton, clerk

Willis Everette Morton