AMOS CAVEROW was born in Pennsylvania in 1849 to William and Rosanna Caverow. He was one of at least six children, coming after Joseph, George, Samuel, and Morris Caverow. William Caverow was a master plasterer, when the census was taken in 1860 the family was living in Philadelphia and the three oldest sons, were working as plasterers. Amos Caverow went into this trade as well, specializing in ornamental plaster. Amos Caverow was married and living in Philadelphia with his wife Mary, son John, 8, and daughter Emma, 6, when the Census was taken in 1880. He moved to Camden shortly thereafter.

The 1881-1882 Camden City Directory shows Amos Caverow living at 1237 South 4th Street. By the time the 1883-1884 edition was compiled he had moved to the corner of South 8th and Woodland Streets. He moved again, to 800 Kaighn Avenue, by the spring of 1884.

In the spring of 1884 Amos Caverow was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to serve as an extra man with the Hook & Ladder Company. He served until July 1, 1885 when the Fire Department was reorganized and eighteen of the extra men were let go. Amos Caverow was one of that number.


Daughter Marie Caverow was born in 1887, and another daughter,  Annie, came in 1889 while the family was still living in New Jersey. Amos Caverow then moved back to Philadelphia in time to be listed in the 1890 City Directory. Amos Caverow moved to Abington, in Montgomery County by the time the Census was taken in 1910. He last resided at 2562 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia. Amos Caverow died on May 1, 1920.  

Amos Caverow's great-grandson, Ensign Charles T. "Ted" Caverow Jr., of Pennsauken, New Jersey, a Navy pilot who was killed in a training accident over Chesapeake Bay in 1943. His father was a commercial plasterer, which appears to have been the family business for sever generations. 

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