who signed on to the
National Recovery Act
blanket code
August 1933

Touted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as "the most important and far-reaching ever enacted by the American Congress," the National (Industrial) Recovery Act (NRA) was passed by Congress on June 16, 1933. That New Deal law was designed to promote recovery and reform, encourage collective bargaining for unions, set up maximum work hours (and sometimes prices) and minimum wages, and forbid child labor in industry.

For a short time, Title I of the famous NRA prescribed the drafting and establishment of a code system of fair competition for every sort of industry. Those codes had the force of law and were exempt from antitrust provisions.

By August 10, 1933 approximately 70 percent Camden's businesses had signed on to the N.R.A. blanket code. With the signing of 190 business on August 9th alone, the total number of Camden business participating had reached 1749. Over 2000 business would be signed up in short order.

Camden county businesses reported in the Camden Courier-Post to have signed on to the code in August of 1933 are as follows:

Camden Courier-Post - August 4, 1933

261 New Signers of N. R.A. Bring Total Here Up to 764

The emblem of the N.R.,A. "Blue Eagle” was issued to 261 additional firms and stores in Camden and suburban points' yesterday at the Camden Post Office, raising the total of employers in this area to 764. 

The following employers signed pledges yesterday:

McGrath Printing Company, 121 Federal Street;
Camden Commercial Body Works, 235 Spruce Street;
Steinberg's Pharmacy, 946 Penn Street;
Paul Schenso, 2364 Broadway;
Sanitary Bakery, 101 York Street;
Truax & Vogel, 269 Haddon Avenue;
Troth Trucking & Warehouse Company, 1010 North Fifth Street
The American Oil Company, Haddon Avenue & Carman Street

                                                                          40 employees;
Jean's Beauty Shop, 505 North Sixth Street;
Sahlin Color Company, 250
Atlantic Avenue;
E. Burrough. 422 Trenton Avenue;
Atlantic Refining Company, four stations;
Charles A. Rose. 131
Federal Street;
Samuel D. Payne, Delaware Avenue and
Elm Street;
C and L. Specialty Sales Company, Ninth and
Cooper Streets;
Grand Tailoring Company, 216 Penn Street;
A. F. J. Dorn, 207 North
Cosmopolitan Relief Association of N.J., 112 North
Third Street;
Walter J. Laughton, 1303
Belle Hosiery Shop, 513 Kaighn Avenue;
Mildred Edna Beauty Shop, 309 North Sixth Street;
Sand C Bargain Store, 344 Line Street and 721
Ferry Avenue
Publicity Delicatessen, Sixth and Penn Streets;
Boston Shoe Company, 1102
Walt's Ice and Coal Company, 609 North Thirty-second Street; 
William Whalen, 1644 South Sixth Street;
George's Garage Inc., 210
Arch Street;
Camden Lunch, 1029
New Deal Shoe Repairing, 2508-1/2
Federal Street;
Federal Sea Food House, 2508 Federal Street;
Morris Goldman, 944 Pearl Street;
11 Quaker stores;
Joseph Werner, 2220 River Avenue;
David H. Zachon, 4915
Westfield Avenue;
Al's Market, 3404 Westfield Avenue;
Weir's Pharmacy, 3627 Westfield Avenue;
Star Ice and Coal Company, 126 North Twenty-sixth Street;
De Mar Stores Inc., 326
Federal Street;
A.W. Walton & Sons Company, 109 Broadway;
N. C. Department Store, 442 North Eighth Street;
Cooperson Brothers, 38 North Fourth Street;
William J. Cooper Company, 219
Kaighn Avenue;
John Lecroy & Sons, 126 Federal Street;
Provident Friendly Society, Third and Market Street;
Pioneer Wire Works, 133 Federal Street;
Pont Tire Service, 1156 Haddon Avenue;
Aaron Morgenstein, 529
Kaighn Avenue;
Louis Bader, 538
Kaighn Avenue;
Prudential Insurance Company of America, 300 Broadway
Goodrich Silvertown. Inc., 1137 Atlantic Avenue;
Carl Swartz, 450 Broadway;
Ben Weinberg, 450 Kaighn Avenue;
Westfield Barber Shop, 3718
Westfield Avenue;
Colonial Tailors, 3625 Westfield Avenue;
A. M. Nicholson, 3610 Westfield Avenue;
Leo Haiker, 1119 Haddon Avenue;
David Plasky, 2362
David Levin, Pennsauken;
C. B. Edwards Electric Company. 219
Mickle Street;
Benjamin Kurtz, Thirty-fourth Street and
Westfield Avenue
Samuel Richelson, 315 and 341
Kaighn Avenue;
Airport Frozen Custard, Central Airport;
Mitchell Brothers, 943
Harry Cole,  702 North Ninth Street;
Royal Pleating Company, 448
Parisian Shop, 441-1/2 Kaighn Avenue;
Camden Ice Company, 1908 South Sixth Street and Woodlynne; 
F. Bielecki, 17541 Mt. Ephraim Avenue,
De Marco Beauty Shop, 25
Fayer's Pure Foods, 1414 Haddon Avenue;
William Orlick, Westmont;
Daylight Food Market, 2319
Federal Street;
Max Reihman & Son, Twenty-fourth and River Avenue;
S. Levitsky, 448
Kaighn Avenue;
F. M. Martin, 3400 Westfield Avenue;
B. Shuster, 1201 Yorkship Square;
Royal Shoe Market, 1024 Broadway;
Joseph Shorke, 1006 Atlantic Avenue;
C. Schneeberg, 1112 Broadway;
Paul I. Nicholas, Merchantville;
Crown T. M. Company, 1005 Broadway;
Mrs. E. G. Britton, 701 North Ninth Street;
B. Levinson, 1063 North Thirty-second Street;
Primo Hat Shop, 1003 Broadway;
Samuel Zimmerman. 823 North Eighth Street;
Rose Dress Shop, 2629 Westfield Avenue;
Schneider's Market, 402 Broadway;
Clarence B. MacDonald, 733 State Street;
The Wohlmuth Company, 1100 Broadway;
Myers Signs, 527 Cooper Street;
Richard J. Burke. West Collingswood;
S. Gordon, 917 Broadway;
S. Frankel, 901 Pearl Street;
K. & K. Engineering Company, 774 Line Street;
A. Swanson Company, 531 South Fifth Street;
Joseph Epstein, 2150 Berwick Street;
Owen Kernan, 200
Market Street;
Isadore Stern, 507 Newton Avenue;
Rayjax. Cleaners and Dyers, 2140 Scovel Avenue, Merchantville; 
Camden Coal Company, Seventh and Kaighn Avenue;
Joseph H. Murray & Son, 408
Cooper Street;
Max Bloom. 4520 Roosevelt Avenue;
Rose Greenstein, 411


 ...... Shop, 1203 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Fidelity Press, 822
Market Street;
Frank Mazza, 535 Benson Street;
Guido Marini, 918 South Fourth Street;
Nathan Levin, 3108 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Hyman Budman, 356
Atlantic Avenue;
Westmont Pharmacy, Westmont;
Clark Hoover, 1013 Bergen Avenue;
Isador Schor, 423 Kaighn Avenue;
Samuel Bergen, 806
W. L. Douglas Shoe Company, 1113
Diamond Tailoring Company, 1182 Haddon Avenue;
R. Plotnick, 703
Elizabeth Cettei, 320 Stevens Street;
John G. Ledyard, 714
Market Street;
James F. Lovett, 937 Vine Street;
Harry's Barber Shop, 1188 Yorkship Square;
Ignatz Milewski, 1548 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Bracewell's Express, 624 Birch Street;
Boston Shoe Repair, Yorkship Square;
Boleslaw Ryzuiski, 1549 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Camden Radio Service, 824
Market Street;
Isadore Gomberg, 522 Federal Street;
Brosic and Dashler, Laurel Springs;
W. Sloan, Westmont;
Ruttruff's Service Station, 26 Haddon Avenue;
Reba Arkovitz, Philadelphia;
Camden Heating Co., Admiral Wilson Boulevard & Waldorf Ave.;
Westmont National Bank;
Obus Auto Supply, 1198 Haddon Avenue;
Menotti Aristone, 2196
Federal Street;
Delbaugh's, 521 North Ninth Street;
Harry Tishmen, Woodlynne;
M. Moldoff, Woodlynne;
Morris Morgenstein, 2985 Yorkship Square;
H. Weitman, 530 North
Third Street;
Skymer Vulcanizing Company, 1309
Jawar Manufacturing Company, 438 South
Third Street;
S. Ellis & Sons, 513
Walter Drew & Son, 423 North Twenty-seventh Street;
Fox Cleaners and Dyers, three Camden stores;
Abraham Rosner, 1175 Haddon Avenue;
Courier-Post Company, 280 employees;
Randolph Chevrolet,
American Ice Company,
West Jersey Paper Manufacturing Company;
West Jersey Title and Guaranty Company.
Southwark Manufacturing Company.
The S-K Company, 612
Ferry Avenue;
Thomas Ogen, 441 Washington Street;
Shapiro's. 936 North
Third Street;
George Hill, 223
Federal Street;
G. and S. Machine Company, State Street bridge;
Sun Shoe Repairing Company, 2604
Federal Street;
Edward C. Talbot, 3422
Westfield Avenue;
Ernest L. Bartelt, 311
Market Street;
Lawrence M. Verga, 311
Market Street;
Elmer Deputy, 123
Federal Street;
Taggert & Green, 201 Main Street;
Baltimore Circulating Company, 119 North Fourth Street;
Morris Kaplan, Newton Avenue;
Stiefel's Market, 891 North Twenty-seventh Street;
Frank H. Hodgson, Inc., 137
Federal Street;
Bertman's, 941
The Morris Store, 1103 Kaighn Avenue;
Abraham Bloom. 1402-1/2 Haddon Avenue;
Hirshorn's Delicatessen, 1158 Haddon Avenue;
B. C. Berkowitz, 1101-1/2
The Repair Shop, 601
Ricklers, 1148 Haddon Avenue;
G. Di Bono, 207 North Ninth Street;
Fred Learoyd, 839 North Fourth Street;
Robert L. Gebert, 320
Federal Street;
Library Shop, 526
Federal Street;
Irving’s Flower Shop, 889 North
Twenty-seventh Street;
Alberta Sweet. Shop, 515
Harry’s Café, 830
Market Street;
Samuel Molotsky, 538 North Sixth Street;
Arcadia Café, 201
Federal Street;
Elmer W. Heller, 858 North Thirtieth Street;
Harned Hardware, Inc., 133 Federal Street;
New Jersey Beef Company, 523 North Fifth Street;
Henry Cooperman, 1201 North Twenty-seventh Street
Philadelphia Metal Stamping Company, 107 Erie Street;
H. Adler, 3812 Myrtle Avenue;
Bell Drugs, 1201 Haddon Avenue;
Stoglin’s, 1216
Haddon Avenue;
Morris Klein, 515 Kaighn Avenue;
John C. Demmert, 216
Matthew H. Vance, 2839 Hayes Avenue;
Paxson Hardware, 132 Main Street;
George H. Fischer, 3408
Westfield Avenue;
Campbell & Mattison, Delaware Avenue;
William E. Cross, 729
Silverstein’s Delicatessen, 72 South Twenty-eighth Street;
Harry’s Grocery, 1212 South
Third Street;
Rocco Colantriono, 564 Chestnut Street;
Brown & Gelly, 1916 South Seventh;
R. G. A. Grocery, 1738
Stanley Tomkiewicz, 1516 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Fairview Fruit Market, 1204 Yorkship Square;
John Emmel, 905 Sylvan Street;
Martin A. McNulty, 307 Kaighn Avenue;
Economy Store, 521 Kaighn Avenue;
Williams’ Hat Shop, 517 Kaighn Avenue;
Morris Kramer, West Collingswood;
R. Cavallo & Sons, 310 Kaighn Avenue;
Yubas Co., Inc., 431 Kaighn Avenue;
T. & B. Cash and Carry, 424 Kaighn Avenue;
Matthew Adinoff, 355 Pine Street
H. Bodner. 433 Kaighn Avenue;
Quality Hat Shop. 425 Kaighn Avenue;
Arthur Gelhaar, 700 Mt. Vernon Street;
Johnson Brothers, 443 Berkley Street;
Albert Stehley, 1012 Everett Street;
Crescent Barber Shop, West Collingswood;
Eagle Shoe Repairing, West Collingswood;
Aron Tubman, Pennsauken;
Bunning's Garage. Bellmawr;
Beck-Hazzard, Inc., 447 Kaighn Avenue;


Camden Courier-Post - August 8, 1933

1342 Sign To N.R.A. In Camden Area

More than 2000 employers in the Camden area will have pledged their aid to President Roosevelt's recovery drive within the next three days if the demand for N.R.A. membership I at the Camden Post Office. A total of 208 employers received the "Blue Eagle" posters here yesterday, raising the total of N.R.A. members in Camden and vicinity to 1342.

Those pledging their support yesterday are:

Camden Courier-Post - August 8, 1933

Progressive Garment Co., 210 Mickle Street;
I.F. Huntzinger Co., 119
Federal Street;
Sinnickson Chew & Sons Co., 37 North
Third Street;
American National Health & Accident Assn., 508
Federal Street;
John D. Morgan Co., 37 North
Third Street;
New Sanitary Laundry, Collingswood;
Reuben Plevinsky, 1617 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Paul W. Draper, 207
Market Street;
Michael Fuskeller, 1046 North Twenty-sixth Street;
Joseph D'Ariano, 3504
Federal Street;
Samuel D. Edwards, 705
York Street;
Joseph Buster. Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Samuel E. Rudderow, Collingswood;
Stanley Rikel, North Sixth Street;
Carl Lisk, 2205 North Thirty-eighth Street;
Samuel Sherman, 715
Ferry Avenue;
Kosmos M. Grammatick, 205 North Ninth Street;
E and S Grocery, 700 North Fourth Street;
R.E. Clymer, Rosedale and
Westfield Avenues;
Mrs. H. Tarbutton, Pennsauken;
Samuel H. Trabin, 937 North Fourth Street;
Modern Electric Repair, 1609 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Charles Lessy, 316
Federal Street;
William Casey, Jr., 697 Sylvan Street;
Reiss' Pharmacy. 800
Market Street;
Hansen's Market, 936 Kimber Street;
John F. Reilly, Woodlynne;
Edgar Veevers, Nineteenth Street and River road;
Philip Zinman & Co., 333
Arch Street;
Woodlynne Shoe Repair;
Boyd Brothers, 2802 Harrison Avenue;
C. and T. Corporation, 300 Broadway;
U.S. Meats and Provisions, 1048
Cooper Street;
Haddon Delicatessen. 427 Haddon Avenue;
H. G. Hinchman 223
Arch Street;
Harry's, Merchantville;
Joseph Nussbaum, 600 North Sixth Street;
Frank Hoffman, 935 South Fifth Street;
Antonio Cischitelli, 4322
Westfield Avenue;
Carter Radio Service, 710
Washington Street;
Bell Shoe Repair, 935
Market Street;
Charles C. Van Oster, 109 Erie Street;
Frank Del Rallazza, 447 West Street;
Harry Klein, 551
Chestnut Street;
Dominic Cortorelli, 1146 South Third Street;
Anthony De Marco, 1004 Broadway;
Croneberger's Meat Market, 1326 Atlantic Avenue;
Thomas J. Hannigan, 271t6
Federal Street;
James M. Bentley, 414 Kaighn Avenue:
Rubens and Messey. 305 North Sixth Street;
Walter E. Dorricott, 134 East Oakland Avenue, Oaklyn.
Michael Mignogna, 20 South Fourth Street;
William M. Wright,
Seventh and Federal Streets;
Charles Blaker & Sons, 1257
Kaighn Avenue;
Mack Laundry, 1167 Haddon Avenue;
Mark Blaker, 1058 Langham Avenue;
Wilson's Garage, Woodlynne;
Martin's Service Station, West Collingswood Heights;
Gold Press, 1446-1/2 Haddon Avenue;
William A. Lieberman, 300 Marlton Pike;
Coccia Brothers, 311 Division Street;
Charles B. Mangold, 912 York Street;
Charles Malamut, 577 Spruce
Nathan D. Segal, 856 South Second Street;
Meyer A. Cohen, 1100 North Twenty-First Street;
Bernard Balis, 400 Haddon Avenue;
Victor Biase, 338 Line Street;
Langham Grocery, 1001 Langham Avenue;
Anderson's Grill, 221 Federal Street;
Jacob Richter, 2211 Federal Street;
Holler's Bakery, 445 North Ninth Street;
R. F. Lynch, 523 Market Street;
S. M. Rosenberg. 501 Erie Street;
Novelty Printing Co., 609 South Fifth Street;
Simon Denbo, 917 Pine Street;
Standard Radio Repair Co., Mt. Ephraim Avenue &
Liberty Street;
D. A. Terzian, 904 North Second Street;
H. M. and H. R. Alward, 634 North Sixth Street;
New Jersey Commercial Bar and Fixture Co., 341 Byron Street;
Helen Waters, 521
Cooper Street;

Haddon Tobacco Co., 724 Haddon Avenue;
Arthur E. Reed, 83 Jasper Street;
Max Eisenberg, 400 South Second Street;
Chelsea Manufacturing Co., Point and Wood Streets;
Max Juper, 1034 Broadway;
David Kravitz, 1227 Broadway;
Harry Weiner 911 North Twenty-seventh Street;
Quaker Shoe Repair, Federal Street;
Snyder's Market, 600 Clinton Street;
Elmer C. Moore, Woodlynne;
Joseph Rosenberg, 125l Haddon Avenue;
David Harris, 527-1/2 Haddon Avenue;
Sarah Stone, 1194 Penn Street;
Bernard Kaplan, 650 Linwood Avenue;
Haddon Fruit Market, 1250 Haddon Avenue;
United Beef Co., 1006 Kaighn Avenue;
Dorothy's Sweet Shop, Westmont;
Henry J. XXXta, 731 State Street;
John Barricelli, 3510
Federal Street;
Master Tailors, 633 North Fifth Street;
Joseph Levinson, Lawnside;
Dominic Bisirri, 237 Mt. Vernon Street;
Daniel Gottlieb Sons, 416 Mt. Vernon Street;
Berlin Bottling Co., 288 White Horse Pike, Berlin;
Broadway Cigar Store, 1023
John's Market, Merchantville;
Suriname Studio, 427
John R. Hendricks, 910
Cooper Street;
Samuel Petarra, 1300 Van Hook Street.
Loring S. Strang, 2077 Yorkship square;
U. S. L. Service Station, 1700 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Isadore H. Herman, Stevens Building;
National Telephone Director Co., 300 Broadway;
C. S. Bellino. 501 Main Street;
Frank A. Smith, 59 Haddon Avenue;
M. Levin, 530 Kaighn Avenue;
Joseph Leitner, 532 Kaighn Avenue;
James G. Hendricks, 203 North Ninth Street;
E. Clausen; 204 Broadway;
White Co., 1515 Haddon Avenue;
M. Cupyrs, 1450 Louis Street;
Joe's Men's Store, 1744 Broadway;
William D. Lippincott, 35 North Fourth Street;
E. Shepino, 440 South Third Street;
Harry R. Trauck, 3608 Federal Street;
Joseph A. McCaffery, 600 Spruce Street;
R. A, Gabriele, 515 North Sixth Street;
Ware Truss Co., 400 Broadway;
Louis W. Putinik, Pennsauken;
Louis Lukoff, 925 Point Street;
Mary A. Flemming, 1546 Federal Street;
Renato Di Meglio, 1799 Haddon Avenue.

George C. Shawcross, 319 York Street;
Cutler Metal Products Co., Tenth and Market Streets;
Havana Shoe Rebuilders; 409 Newton Avenue;
James J. Devine, 2266 South Seventh Street;
Buono's Pharmacy, Third and Beckett Streets;
Odell Auto Repair, 939 North Thirty-first Street;
Manuel Pearl, 1101 Cooper Street;
T. Sol Mass, 751 Spruce Street;
Nicolo Saccomanno, 3418 Federal Street;
Penn-Jersey Oil Co,. 1149 Lansdowne Avenue;
Union Bottling Co., 1556 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Tillie Engel, 1103
Federal Street;
Fairview Grocery Co., 876 Fairview Street.

August Knorr, 1100 North Twenty-Sixth Street;
John's Oyster House,
Broadway and Stevens Street:
La Maina’s Café, 501 Trenton Avenue;
Mary D. Gofth, 1378
Haddon Avenue;
Bessie Dorfman, 1150
Haddon Avenue;
John DiMuro, 827 South Fourth Street;
Trio Craft Engraving Co., 503
Market Street:
Bay State Beef Co., 1031
Market Street;
M. Creskoff, 430 Kaighn Avenue;
Harry Hait; 1837
Henry Michelfelder, 1816
William J. Cassidy, 1101 North Twenty-sixth Street;
Philip Bitman, 342 Kaighn Avenue;
Michael Entzminger, 2229
Carman Street;
Luigi Cinaglia, 702 South Second Street;
James Monahan, 651 South Third Street;
Suburban Bakery, 3517
Federal Street;
Charles W. Golver, 901 North Second Street:
Norman E. Humphreys, Merchantville;
Richard Baumiller, 842 South Sixth Street;
Morton Bakery, 1202 Morton Street;
Haddon Glass Co., 1315 Park Boulevard;
Walnut Street Garage, 410 Walnut Street;
Burr-Smith Co., 430
Federal Street.

Thurman Bottling Works, 1176 Thurman Street;
J. Z. Shepheard & Son. 20 North Twenty-first Street;
Gilmer Press, 615 Vine Street;
Penn Fish Co., 1223 Broadway;
Mrs. Rose Cooperman, 2421 South Seventh Street;
Home Bakery, 4909 Westfield Avenue;
William B. Reed. 835 North Seventh Street;
John McGowan, 3916 Westfield Avenue;
Morris Soffer, 1218 Haddon Avenue;
Ralph B. Kenworthy, 820 Woodland Avenue;
Nathan S. Rubin, 2330 Broadway;
Broadway Ice and Coal, Merchantville;
Andrew Pappas, 201 Atlantic Avenue;
Mrs. Anna Redlus, 306 Hillside Avenue;
William H. Kurtz, 2001 Arlington Street;
Petro's Café, 699 Central Avenue;
Mary W. Rea, 297 Kaighn Avenue;
B. Baratz, 799 Line Street;
Louis Barish, 310 North Tenth Street;
Miller Music Co., 432 Broadway;
Antonio Mangano, South Third Street.

Yoman's Market, 1291 Merrimac Avenue;
Red Star Yeast and Products Co., branch office;
Charles Sega, 510 Jackson Street;
Jospeh Chooiego, West Collingswood;
Dolllar Cleaners and Dyers, two stores;
Tidewater Oil Sales Corp., three stations;
Isaac Imger, 749 Sycamore Street;
William Buckley, 701 Pearl Street;
Franklin Laboratories, 118 North Third Street;
Edmund J. Toney, 406 North Forty-First Street;
Garden state Aquarium, 124 North Fourth Street;
Freitag’s Bakery, 247 Kaighn Avenue

Camden Courier-Post - August 8, 1933

Drive in Camden County Forges Ahead as More Firms Sign

The N.R.A. recovery drive in the Camden area forged ahead on three fronts yesterday.

Clinton L. Bardo, president of the New York Shipbuilding Company, was appointed chairman of the N.RA. campaign committee for Camden city and county.

Two hundred and eight additional employers in Camden and vicinity pledged their aid to the drive yesterday by signing N.RA. certificates of compliance at Camden post office.

Thirty Camden merchants met at Hotel Walt Whitman to organize a retail division of the Camden County Chamber of Commerce with the hope that a united front will better enable retailers to protest non-cooperation of N.R.A. merchants or any situation created whereby specific codes might harm one or more businesses in the city.

The total number of N.RA. employers in the Camden area is now 1342. Among the firms signing the recovery pledge yesterday were the Progressive Garment Company, 60 , employees; S. J. Huntzinger Company, 20; Sinnickson Chew and Sons Company, 16; American National Health and Accident Association, 15, and New Sanitary Laundry, 14.

Bardo Is Named

Other members of the N.R.A. campaign committee will be named by Bardo, he announced, in time to participate in their first meeting Friday at 3 p. m. in the offices of the Camden County Chamber of Commerce in Broadway-Stevens Building.

The committee of public, civic and industrial officials was requested to be formed by Gen. Hugh S. Johnson, National Recovery Act administrator, in a telegram to Loyal D. Odhner, chamber executive secretary, several weeks ago.

The purpose of the committee, Odhner explained, is to make a city, and county-wide canvass of all in­dustries and stores to discover whether they have signed the pledge. Furthermore they will also canvass the neighborhoods to determine if possible whether re-employment of men and women out of work is going on as rapidly as expected by N.R.A. officials.

The offer of the merchants to organize a retail division for the local Chamber of Commerce was made in a resolution which will be presented immediately to the board of directors of the chamber for action. Sig Schoenagle, president of the Central Association of Merchants of Camden, presided at the meeting.

Merchants Explain Hours

 Considerable discussion developed over the limitation of retail store hours as provided in the President's recovery agreement. S. Lester and Joseph Fuhrman, Broadway merchants, declared some smaller stores were under the impression they could not remain open beyond the 52 hours prescribed as minimum and at the same time justify display of the "Blue Eagle" symbol.

Both of these merchants said there were no restrictions under the recovery act other than a statement that a store must not operate less than 52 hours and further provided any store did not work its employees more than 40 hours a week.

Opening for longer than the minimum number of hours set forth in the recovery act, in their opinion, was thoroughly in harmony with the President's drive since it would create work for more people to complete all store service over and above the minimum of 52 hours.

"Many of the smaller stores," said Lester, "have for years extended service beyond the minimum of 52 hours. Many of their customers live outside the city and are used to these long-established hours of service. It would be not only a hardship to reduce suddenly these hours of service, but it would also keep out of employ­ment extra help that will be needed for the extra hours."

Retail Code Outlined

Odhner in response to several Camden merchants as to the statement he would make covering the N.R.A. regulations, said;

"A merchant in order to display a 'Blue Eagle' must pay his employees not less than the minimum wage prescribed by the code,

"Nor must he keep his store open less than the minimum hours prescribed by the code.

"All agreements between merchants of various communities regarding opening and closing hours are purely voluntary and are not required by the code.

"If those agreements on opening and closing hours are designed either to cut down the number of workers in the stores or to avoid taking on additional employees, then these agreements are a direct violation of the spirit of the code.

"If on the other hand these agreements are made to eliminate a chaotic condition in the trade and will result in the hiring of additional employees and in increased wages, they are within the spirit of the act and should be supported."

Camden Courier-Post - August 9, 1933

N.R.A. Eagles Fly for 217 More in Area

The 1500 mark was passed yesterday by employers in the Camden area who have pledged their aid to the national recovery drive.

At Camden Postoffice 217 employers received the Blue Eagle yesterday, boosting the total to 1559. They are as follows:

Camden Courier-Post - August 9, 1933

Francis H. Leggett & Co., York and Beach Streets; 
Standard Brands, Inc., Crescent Boulevard and Myrtle Avenue; International Harvester Co., 
Premier Vacuum Cleaner Co., 
Park’s Dairies, 
Adam Collallo, 542 South Third Street
A. D'Agostino, 724 South Fourth Street; 
Baltimore Clothing House, 339 Kaighn Avenue
John Hadynick, 685 Ferry Avenue
Edward A. Locke, 2002 Federal Street
Frank DeViney, 1125
Kaighn Avenue
Sam’s Delicatessen, 335
Mickle Street
Raymond Jacobson, 100 South Twenty-fourth Street
James H. Holloway, Crescent Boulevard 
Thomas A. Gordan, 1016 North
Third Street
Schard’s Market, 1219
Haddon Avenue
William Schoppinthall, 402 North
Twenty-seventh Street
Elmer W. Smith, 2310 River Avenue
Nicholas Simone, 2038
Federal Street.

Stanley Rykoczewski, 1501 Norris Street;
Jess Smolinski, 1499 Rose Street; 
Wells Drugs, Twenty-fifth and Federal Streets; 
Edwin Brestle, Jr., Forty-second and Federal Streets; 
Shell Petroleum; 
Alfred O. Rieger, 942 South Fifth Street
Federal Used Furniture, 406 Federal Street;
Mrs. Lillian Harris, 727 Mickle Street
Liberty Granite Works. 1149 Liberty Street
Spencer W. Megonegal, 4619 Westfield Avenue
Dimitro Matishen, 315 Jasper Street; 
Roosevelt Beverage Co., 1100 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
John Witkowski, Collingswood; 
Alex Harris, 320 North Ninth Street; 
L. Kauffman, 1266 Haddon Avenue
Mode Craft Beauty Shop, North Merchantville; 
P. Fiorelli, 600 South Fourth Street; 
Gildon E. Kille, Haddon Heights; 
Frank Alcercio, 103 North Third Street
Abraham Wachstein, 2224 South Seventh Street
Nan Cohen, 562 Federal Street
Morris Fall, 1019 Market Street
Abe Barton, 232 North Eighth Street; 
Ace High Diner, 3010 Black Horse Pike; 
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co., Broadway and Stevens Street.

Camden County Chamber of Commerce;
Marion Strom, Collingswood; 
Harold L. Diemer, Merchantville; 
Raleigh T. Miller, 563 Haddon Avenue
Edward Zimmerman, Princess Avenue and Walnut Street.

Manuel Agigian, 219 North Ninth Street; 
Katherine Curran, Woodbury and Camden; 
Joseph Dyro, 1783 Norris Street; 
Art Upholstery Co., 1442 Haddon Avenue
Paul Sulewski & Son, 1242 Van Hook Street
I. M. Farron, 1570 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Wilbur R. Peters, Inc., 3041Mickle Street
Nutter Mortgage Service, 707 Federal Street
Lena Dobin, 548 Kaighn Avenue
Rosedale Department Store, 3406 Federal Street
W. Stronski & Son, 1594 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Joseph Maister, 275 Kaighn Avenue;
Michael Ruccolo, 525 South Third Street
F. Ferraro, 505 South Fourth Street; 
Bob's Cut Rate, 1024 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Di Iesi’s Pharmacy, 949 South Fourth Street; 
Anthony Boyagis, 535 Market Street
Paul's Delicatessen, Westmont; 
Julian Jagielski, 1017 Kaighn Avenue
Arthur Roscoe, Oaklyn; 
Elrae Grill 1044 Broadway
Leonard Schofield, 1716 Broadway
Peter Sgyszkoski, Camden;

Charles Fisherman, 1247 Kenwood Avenue; 
John Weiss, 820 North Sixth Street; 
Venetian Restaurant, 520 Walnut Street
John Suriek, 1200 Jackson Street;
Alex Kaufman, 1264 Haddon Avenue
Rose McDermott, 1731 Broadway
Sussman's, 900 North Thirty-first Street; 
Visceglio Brothers, 221 Market Street
Washington Patent  Medicine, 424 South Third Street
Daniel P. Swigart, Brooklawn; 
Jacob Siris, 420 Kaighn Avenue
Nicholas Clements, 2027 Howell Street
Albert Traunecker, 913 North Third Street
Margaret Best, 909 North Twenty-seventh Street
Emil Hoffmann, 2351 South Eighth Street; 
Domenic Di Andrea, 495 Newton Avenue
Harry Berberian, 1238 Haddon Avenue.

Charles J. Harper, 641 Market Street
Sylvester Orresty, 2829 Hayes Avenue;

Harry Randall, 312 North Thirty-Sixth Street; 
A. Jennis Morrison, 2936 Westfield Avenue
Simmonds Oven Co., 259 South Thirty-third Street
Electrical Appliance Repair Co., 320 Friends Avenue
John Palazzo, 501 South Third Street
Harry Stridick. 625 Ferry Avenue
Boleslaw Ziemba. 1600 Norris Street;
Samuel Bender, 1213 South Third Street
Edgar Wilhelm, 661 Grant Street.

Marchione & Co., 426 Line Street
Argus Printing Co., 1021 Market Street
John Ziobro, 1158 Sycamore Street
John Salzman, 600 North Fifth Street;
York Cleaner and Dyers, 903 North Seventh Street
Pasquale Cirillo, 679 Van Hook Street
Keystone Bottling Works, 1160 Mechanic Street;
John J. Bechta, 916 Newton Avenue
Harriet N. Werking, 240 Federal Street;

Anna Feldman, 1016 Kaighn Avenue
Gordon's Variety Store, 2417 South Eighth Street; 
Rose Graziosa, 1000 Ferry Avenue
John Zarozny, 162l Pulaski Avenue; 
Morris Kamensky, 627 North Sixth Street; 
Dot's Hat Shop, 528 Federal Street
Biori Hardware, 100- South Fourth Street; 
Irving Denker, 323 Kaighn Avenue
Camden Meat Co., 1194 Lansdowne Avenue; 
Max Soloff, 950 North Twenty-seventh Street
Thompson's Restaurant, 20 Market Street
William H. Quinn. 916 North Fifth Street
John F. Leonard, Philadelphia; 
Preston Printing, Jr, 15 South Thirty-third Street
Nathan Dzick, 3930 Westfield Avenue;
Werntz' Restaurant, 2004 Federal Street
James M. Thoirs, Inc., 738 Federal Street
Czeslaw Karlowicz. 1200 Morton Street; 
Edward H. Lewis, 3633 Westfield Avenue.

Superior Varnish & Drier Co., Merchantville; 
Keystone Automobile Club of N. J., 
Star Fruit and Vegetables, 419 Pine Street
Fay Weiss, 2770 Federal Street
Walter A. Chews, 1631 Broadway
L. H. Geber Coal and Ice, 2854 Constitution road
Herman Levin, 299 Kaighn Avenue
Munter's Damp Wash, 815 North Third Street;
Harry J. Van Stine, 594 Ferry Avenue
Leonard De Palm, 2264 South Seventh Street
York Delicatessen, 836 North Third Street;
Family Hosiery Shop, 1216 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Joseph Nazzario, 1211 South Fourth Street
Camden Dental Supply Co., 738 Federal Street;
Abe Moron, 1652 South Sixth Street;
A. Silver, 524 North Fifth Street
P. Zonies, 1844 Broadway
Pietro Capriotti. 201 Byron Street
Vera Pottash, 2213 River Avenue;
D. Albright, 455 South Sixth Street; 
George E. Munyan, 2900 High Street; 
Acme Beef Co., 254 Kaighn Avenue
Harry Lenz, 22 South Fourth Street;
N. Tronco, 439 Broadway;
Gaetano Salerno, 1653 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Samuel Herman, 1338 Whitman Avenue.

Leonard Massa, Jr ., 904 South Fourth Street
X-L Auto Body Co., 1216 South Sixth Street; 
George W. Batchelor, 914 North Ninth Street; 
George H. Urban, 803 Fairview Street; 
Michael Parichian, 806 Fairview Street; 
Ciro M. Pietro, 6 South Twenty-fifth Street; 
Morris W. Clark, 620 North Front Street; 
Bick’s 13 Ferry Walk; 
David Rosenberg, 1051 South Second Street; 
George W. Farrell, Twenty-ninth and Howell Streets; 
Max I. Bernstein. 1425
Haddon Avenue
Floriedo De Beronstin, 451 Line Street;
Mayhew S. Gurnell, 17 North Thirty-third Street
S. Ayian, Woodlynne; 
Rosario Russo, 718 South Fourth Street; 
Penn Fruit Co., 1542 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Harry Trolenberg, Philadelphia;

Jacob Denbo, 701 Chestnut Street
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co., 17 Haddon Avenue
John Lamont. Collingswood; 
Romeo Caruso, 2000 Broadway
Andrew Lannetti, 4917 Westfield Avenue
Joseph Przedpelski, 1575 Louis Street
John's Meat Market. 1244 Chase Street.

Ignace Ornaf, 1230 Thurman Street
Stanley Parka, 1651 Norris Street; 
Anthony Laskowski, 1200 Everett Street
Victor Krasho, 727 Elm Street
Hyman I. Kaimowitz, 841 Elm Street
Innocenzo Tortu, 426 Line Street;
Cole Roofing Supplies, 1128 Kaighn Avenue
Joseph Ruttenberg, 1243 Van Hook Street
East Side Food Products Co. 2301 Federal Street
Israel Ross, 1145 Baring Street
Reliable Meat Market, 621 North Sixth Street; 
Hugh Birchall, 619 Spruce Street
Leonard F. Kennedy, 620 North Ninth Street; 
D. W. Harris, 544 Main Street
Joseph Bossle, Jr., 33 North
Third Street
Meyer R. Kieger, 950 Cedar Street; 
Oscar Weplin, 2711
Westfield Avenue.

Park Storage Warehouse Co., 1021 Pine Street
Arthur Fisher, 1601 Norris Street
A. Wienman, 1240 Haddon Avenue
Wynn Armstrong, 301 Market Street
Michael Burton, 408 Webster Street;
C. J. Crowley, Woodlynne; 
Harry Sover, Pennsauken;

Constantin Del Buono, 417 Emerald Street
Charles J. Degnan, West Jersey Trust Building; 
Dry Cleaner and Dyer Co., 1518 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Star Cleaners and Dyers, 1608 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Metropolitan Pocket Billiards, 313 Kaighn Avenue
Louis Bologrini, 401 North Ninth Street;

C. Tedeschi &. Sons, 502 South Third Street
Etta Beauty Salon, 22 Haddon Avenue
Plasky’s Market. 1024 Kaighn Avenue
James C. Heiskell, 741 Kaighn Avenue
Nicola Berardo, 20
Haddon Avenue
Mrs. A. Hindin, 339 North Ninth Street:

Stanley Parka, 1651 Norris Street; 
Harry E. Bason, West Collingswood, 
Frederick J. Lutz, 815 Elm Street

Camden Courier-Post - August 10, 1933

The Prudential Insurance Co., 916 Broadway
American Oil Co., 
Hajoca Corporation
Sinclair Refining Co.; 
Dooley Athletic Association, 1817 South Fourth Street; 
Whitman Cleaners, 4611 Westfield Avenue
Cramer Hill Ice and Coal Co., 1121 North Thirty-first Street; 
Mrs. L. O. Collins, 137 State Street
Benson's Inn, Barrington; 
Norman E. Williams, 442 North Thirty-eighth Street; 
Gilmore-Solari Co., Twenty-seventh and Westfield Avenue
D. & C. Roofing Co., 1424 South Fourth Street; 
James G. O'Hara, 564 North Twenty-seventh Street;
Mabell's Shop, 520 North Ninth Street;
Philip Hart, 1898 River Avenue;
Ricallo Shoe Company, 1004 Kaighn Avenue
Mrs. C. Pfluger, Ellisburg
John P. Schwartz, Somerdale; 
Princess Beauty Shop, Seventh and Market Streets; 
Mary Di Bartolomeo, 344 Pine Street;

William Tenerelli & Sons, 1029 South Third Street
Mrs. Alice Selser, 1722 Broadway
Thomas Whitman 1713 Broadway;
Jack Richwall, West Collingswood; 
Fred J. Hashwanter, 901North Fifth Street
Wilson's Pharmacy, 300 Linden Street; 
Cuthbert Market, Collingswood; 
Mickey Mouse Grill, Westmont; 
David M. Glassman. 1152 Lansdowne Avenue; 
John Angelo, 613 Pine Street
Daniel Chester.2699 River Avenue; 
Frances Yarn Shop, 211 North Broadway
Laueb's Prime Meats, 2944 Westfield Avenue
Max Marker, 333 North Third Street
Louis Kurkis, 1450 South Ninth Street;
George B. Walter, 3700 Westfield Avenue
Benjamin Dorfman, 801 Walnut Street;
Melvin Cain, 453 South Sixth Street; 
Mrs. Kathryn Kurtz, Jefferson and Arlington Streets; 
Antonio Marchegrani. 342 Sycamore Street
South Jersey Bottling Co., 811 South Third Street
Henry Gambo, 535 South Third Street.

Gene's Pharmacy, 701 Pine Street
Camden Towel Supply, 472 North Thirty-sixth Street; 
New City Grill, 202 South Fourth Street; 
Blue Ridge Barbers, 2400 Federal Street
B. Masso & Sons, 454 Royden Street
William R. Frenzel, Woodlynne; 
A. Godfrey, 723 Walnut Street
James E. Gillin, 426 Markley Place; 
William J. Myles, 2835 Clinton Street.

Alan I. Rich, 3011 Westfield Avenue
Harry K. Pape, 1429 Haddon Avenue;
William J. Vander Straeten, 430 South Sixth Street; 
George T. Jeffs, Merchantville;
Home Bakery, 1172 Thurman Street
Samuel Schwartz, 1901 Broadway
Edmund J. Lenny, 2940 Yorkship Square; 
Angelovanto Flacco, 1759 South Fourth Street; 
Harry A. Rudolph, 1705 Broadway
Michael Matthews. 801 Florence Street; 
Charles Oler, 326 Vine Street
T. L. Bear, 204 Market Street
Louis Lerman, 761 Kaighn Avenue
Joseph Meska, 1427 South Tenth Street; 
Edward Bates, 2000 Federal Street
Quality Bakery, Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Smulowitz Fruit Market, 1514 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Elias Hearwan, 1674 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Vincenzo Latini, 708 South Third Street
William O. Berman, 641 North Twenty-Fifth Street.

David and Jessie B. Boone, Westmont;
Tony Tenerelli, 1330 Van Hook Street
Mary T. Hurff, Merchantville; 
Robert Chane, 501 Kaighn Avenue;
M. E. Jackson, Merchantville; 
Ludwig Tuorkoski, Morton Street; 
Curtis Schuster, Pennsauken; 
R. J. Royal, Cedarbrook; 
Jacob Rothman, Merchantville; 
Daniel J. Lombardo, 343 Royden Street
Anthony Chubik, 1501 South Tenth Street: 
A. B. Janbaz, 1374 Haddon Avenue
Parkside Grill, 1250 Kaighn Avenue
Joseph Sonnenberg, Tenth Street and Kaighn Avenue
John B. Malmar, 1301 Broadway;
Daven's Printing House, 420 West Street; 
Max Praissman, 101 Central Avenue; 
Ideal Cleaners and Dyers. 324 Market Street
James Manifesto. 3521 Federal Street
John Tedeschi, 550 South Third Street;
P. Celani & Sons, 702 South Eighth Street; 
Guiseppe Botte, 708 Haddon Avenue.

William Finley, 325 Market Street
Yetta Liebson, 462 Kaighn Avenue
James Bieri, 256 Kaighn Avenue
S. Denbe & Sons, 1055 Pine Street;
J. E. Kauffman, 631 Cedar Street; 
National Accident and Health Insurance, 1717 Broadway;  
Hyman P. Solotoff, 126 North Twenty-third Street; 
Pio Marozzi 898 Penn Street
New Jersey Auto Radiator Repairing Co., 1005 Kaighn Avenue
Frederick V. Stitzell, 2700 Federal Street
Louis Passero, 639 North Sixth Street: 
Joseph Berezty, 295 Kaighn Avenue
A. Yurkiewicz, Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Stephen Burzynski, 1475 Louis Street
Camden Motor Truck Company, Cooper and Federal Streets; 
M. Botte, 1307 Kaighn Avenue.

Edith Narodetsky, 940 North Second Street; 
Glendening Ice and Coal Co., 837 North Sixth Street;
Madison Delicatessen, 1201 Princess Avenue
Kruse Pattern Works, 1402 Haddon Avenue
Samuel Cataldi, 1065 Haddon Avenue
Mitchel Sidlick, 4221 Westfield Avenue
Sanitary Meat Market, 530 South Third Street
Arnold Barker, 2760 Federal Street
Alex Ziemski, 45 York Street
Orlando Fazzi, 2300 South Seventh Street
Israel Stern, 324 Kaighn Avenue
Jacob Ginsburg, 912 North Twenty-seventh Street
Henry I. Haines, 546 North Seventh Street
A. H. Green, 1801 Federal Street
Joseph Geneovese, 1133 South Fourth Street;
Vincenzo Pasquanlllo, 351 Chestnut Street
William Reiser, 205 Mt. Vernon Street
Herbert's Radio Shop, 2220 Federal Street
Harry Edelstein, 201 North Eleventh Street; 
Milton's Grill, 701 Walnut Street.

Joseph Szalangowski, Sheridan and Cope Streets; 
Tony's Shoe Repair, 250 Chestnut Street
Ducky-Wucky Inn, Merchantville; 
William J. Barry, Second and Mechanic Streets; 
Letterio Deposayak, 717 South Fourth Street; 
Wallace M. DuBois, Chambers Avenue and Washington Street
Mardiros Hovespian, 217 North Ninth Street; 
Samuel Neninoff, 900 South Eighth Street; 
Wactaw W. Kuligowskl., 1496 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Victor Faranelli, 419 South Third Street
Louis Kines, 917 North Third Street
Rubin Zonies, 1500 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Henry A. Lukasiak, 1670 Mt. Ephraim Avenue.

Antonio Rossi, 539 South Third Street;
Metropolitan Paint and Supply Company, 304 Federal Street
Rocco Burgo, 220 Royden Street;
P. Di Renzo, 556 South Third Street
M. Grossman. 607 Kaighn Avenue
A. Horton, 609 Kaighn Avenue
Donoto J. Littonzi, 1816 South Seventh Street
Mark Harris. 407 Arch Street
K, and E. Mutzer, 552 Washington Street
Pioneer Welding Co., 220 Arch Street
J. E. Cullingford, 3038 Federal Street
Neutze Print Shop, 627 Pine Street
Wesley F. Anderson, 712 Cooper Street
Peter Bartin, 681 Morgan Street;
Joseph Berlin,  589 Pine Street
William Cohen, 1242 Haddon Avenue.

Mary Natkowitz, 337 Kaighn Avenue;
Herman Modeck, 806 North Fifth Street
Mary Di Bortolomeo, 344 Pine Street
Andrew Poyeson, 2313 River Avenue; 
Dr. Alice Galanter, 813 Broadway
Samuel Leventhal, 1537 Mt. Ephraim Avenue; 
Charles S.S. Dorr, 1400 Van Hook Street
W. Jermifa, 601 North Eighth Street;
Abraham Orlow, 468 North Thirty-second Street; 
Smith's Shop, 601 North Sixth Street;
Max Bitman, 3908 Westfield Avenue;
Herman Zelnick, 325-1/2 Kaighn Avenue 
Central Tailoring Co., 707 North Third Street
Louis F. Paret Agency, 501 Cooper Street
Morris G. Feltman, Woodlynne.
Watson Brothers, 648 Royden Street
Nicolo Sgariglio, 1271 Kaighn Avenue
Marie Calio, Woodlynne;
Pasquale Raficey, 836 South Fourth Street; 
Hugh Lennox, 800 Federal Street
Sturm's Drug Store; 300 Kaighn Avenue;
Collingswood Perennial Gardens, 107 Broadway
Pasquale Di Simone, 911. South Third Street;
Max Gordon, 126 North Fourth Street;
Miss E. F. Huston, 2946 Westfield Avenue;
R. C. Dukes, Camden; 
May's Beauty Shop, 1440 Kaighn Avenue;
William C. Reeves, Jr., 126 North Dudley Street
Marguerite Marcel Shoppe, 13 Haddon Avenue
William H. Bolopin, 527 North Eighth Street; 
George Cotler, 954 North Twenty-seventh Street.

The above list accompanied the following news article in the August 10, 1933 edition of the Camden Courier-Post

168 Shoemakers in Three Counties Form Code; Big Firms Sign Pacts

The personnel of the National Recovery Act campaign committee for Camden city and county was announced yesterday by Chairman Clinton L. Bardo.

The committee members and their assignments follow:

James V. Moran, department stores; Leonard R. Baker, department stores; S. Lester, retail stores; Francis B. Wallen, miscellaneous business; A. D. Ambruster, banks; Clinton L. Bardo, shipbuilding; A. C. Held, industry; J. W. Burnison, industry; Harry A. Kelleher, industry; Warren Webster, Jr., Industry; William H. Chew, Sr., printing; J. Alex Crothers, maritime interest.; Carl R. Evered, real estate and building trades; Fred T. Gates, chain stores; B. H. Hudson, transportation; Harry C. Stevenson, public utilities; Watson Shallcross, automotive; Elwood S. Thompson, insurance of all types; Robert C. Perina, all professional lines, and J. David Stern, publicity.

Meet Friday Afternoon

The committee will hold its first organization meeting tomorrow afternoon in the offices of the Camden County Chamber of Commerce in Broadway-Stevens Building. A plan of action will be mapped out at this session, Chairman Bardo said.

Meanwhile, Postmaster Charles H. Ellis and his staff at Camden post office were still able to supply the "Blue Eagle" Insignia in limited numbers white waiting for an additional 1500 copies from Washington. Several hundred Insignias were obtained yesterday from the Philadelphia post office, Ellis disclosed, to meet the demand of Camden employers, but this supply was quickly exhausted when 190 additional employers signed the blanket code, raising the total N.R.A. employers in this area to 1749.

One hundred and sixty-eight shoe­makers of Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties have prepared a code to be forwarded to Brigadier General Hugh S. Johnson, National Recovery Administrator in Washington immediately.

The shoemakers who are organized under the name of the Shoe Rebuilders of Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties, also entered into, a "gentleman's agreement" as to operating hours.

Under the agreement, the stores will be opened from 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thurs­days and from 8 a.m. to 9 p. m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Under provisions of the adopted code, no shoe repair shop owner shall employ his labor for more than 48 hours per week, no repair shop shall remain open less than 52 hours each week and no shops will be opened on Sundays or legal holidays,

The code also sets up a list of minimum wages.

Under its provisions, manager or journeymen would receive $25 a week; bench men would be paid $21 a week; finishers would get $18 a week and unskilled apprentices would be paid $12 weekly.

A list of minimum prices are included in the code.

Among local firms signing the President's agreement yesterday are the Prudential Life Insurance Company, with 30 employees in its Camden office; the American Oil Company, 30 local employees; the Hajoca Corporation, 15, and the Sinclair Refining Company; 12.

It was announced by C. R. Moore, manager of the Household Finance Corporation, 130 North Broadway, that the concern had signed the President's agreement and already placed it in effect.

Camden Courier-Post - August 11, 1933

Code Signers To Pass 2000 Mark Today

 A total of more than 2000 employers in the Camden area will have signed the President’s re-employment agreement by tonight, it was estimated yesterday by Postmaster Charles H. Ellis. With 141 signing the recovery pledge at the post office yesterday the total of N.R.A. mem­ber is now 1890. The 141 are as follows:

Eavenson and Levering Co.;
Esterbrook Steel Pen Manufacturing Co.;
Camden County Beverage Co.;
Mack-International Motor Truck Corporation;
Senseman Printing Co., 105 North Fifth Street;
Automotive Supplies. Inc., 1218 Kaighn Avenue;
Automobile Club of South Jersey;
Hunt’s Theatre, Inc.;
Walter Swetkoff, 18 Market Street;
George W. Litzenberg, Mt. Ephraim;
Charles Urban, Pennsauken;
Frank Galbrylewicz, 1236 Chestnut Street;
Louis Isaacson, 402 Thirty-second Street;
Emil H. Fredericks, 1023 North Twenty-fifth Street;
Frank Buffanio, 1017 Market Street;
Nicholas Cicchitelli, 436 South
Third Street;
Jamieson Company 106 North Fifth Street;
Charles Duffield and Son, 2720 Wayne Avenue; 
Joseph E. Bealer, 555 Robert Street;
Frank Praissman, 253
Kaighn Avenue;
Mrs. R. Collins, 1147 South Sixth Street;
C. C. Read, 1000 North Twenty-Sixth Street;
Patsy Salerno, 1050 South Fourth Street;
Pietro Ragone, 601 Pine Street;
Vincent Bernbos, 1490 Mount Ephraim Avenue;
Alex Ruolonim, 1179 Lansdowne Avenue;
Harry Richmond, 1412 Haddon Avenue;
A. Smith, 311
Kaighn Avenue;
Taylor Hairdressers, 215 North Ninth Street;
Walter Walsky, Merchantville;
The Treasure Chest, 3322
Federal Street;
Nick Gotor, 528 South
Third Street;
Frank C. Atkinson, Haddon and Crestmont Avenues;
Samuel Di Mauro, 4100
Westfield Avenue;
Elmer P. Ross, 1180 Bergen Avenue; 
E. Chaise Blumberg, Pennsauken;
Frank R. Oliphant, 539 South Fifth Street;
Giacomi Dario, 706 South
Third Street;
I. Rader, 716
Walnut Street;
Edward Koch, 1088
Kaighn Avenue;
Agnes G. Barnet, 522 North Sixth Street;
William H. Brown, 1075 Haddon Avenue;
John Spicurek, 943
Kaighn Avenue;
M. Price, 544
Kaighn Avenue;
Parker Electric Co., 513 South Sixth Street;
Samuel Sosnow, 600 South Fourth Street;
Cecilia Bailie, 513
Market Street;
W. S. Truian, 509 Ferry Avenue;
Joseph Szymansoki, 700
Walnut Street;
Waldo R. Trego. 521 Main Street;
C. Schrack & Co., Fifteenth and Carman Streets;
Jake Leon, 1006 North
Twenty-seventh Street;
George Goldberg, 908
F. W. Schaal, 2719 Pierce Avenue;
Frida Beringer, 200
Federal Street;
Albert Sterling, 8 Haddon Avenue;
Roxy's Barber Shop, 2510
Federal Street;
Charles Weiner, 763
Kaighn Avenue;
Evergreen Cemetery Co.;
Federal Cleaners, 2512
Federal Street;
Ritchie & Hall, Second and Penn Streets;
Abram Lewis 344
Kaighn Avenue;
Albert Capaldo, 259
Pine Street;
Nick Ricciardelli, 555 Line Street:
J. F. Allendorf, 201
Kaighn Avenue;
Vito Moles,
Third and Pine Street;
Witoll Zebrowski, Tenth and
Mechanic Streets;
Anthony D. Persia, 11 Haddon Avenue;
Ruth M. Minford, Audubon;
Isidor Morris, 825 Princeton Avenue;
Thomas J. Pau, 2626 Carman Streets;
Charles S. Christy, 336 Mickle Street;
John E. Cramer, 1315
Herman Denker, 323
Kaighn Avenue;
Edward S. Schaen, 821 Penn Street;
Vincent Ksiozek, 1047 North Twenty-third Street;
Eagle Cleaners and Dyers, 562
Chestnut Street;
John Bereska, 701 Ferry Avenue;
Vito Wrelossi, 548 South
Third Street;
J. B. Arnopol, 201 Milton Street;
Kraft Brothers Inc., 525
Cooper Street;
Anthony Capella, 1421 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
C. C. Benner, Seventh and
Cooper Streets;
Federal Ice and Coal, 2435 Thirty-ninth Street;
Stirve Barber Shop, Merchantville;
Camden Carpet Cleaning Works, 1300
Walnut Street
Federal Barber Shop, 104
J. H. Severns, 652 Berkley Street;
Antoni Jakulowski. 1568 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Raymond C. Batten, 719 Carman Streets;
Dolly Ice and Coal, 2802 Buren Avenue;
Louis Kable, 301 Point Street;
L. Colsey and Son, 319 North Eighth Street;
Walter J. Konopka, 1921 South Fourth Street;
N. Labove, West Collingswood;
Alpha Lithograph Co., 1001
Market Street;
Richard Thiede, 1713 South Sixth Street;
Patrick T. Owens. 1636
South Camden Florist, 693 Van Hook Street;
Charles W. Thomas, 900
Pine Street;
Frank Caputi, Seventh and Birch Streets;
Margul's Hosiery, 1064
Kaighn Avenue;
A. V. Kissling, 711
Walnut Street;
Fred Reinhardt, 1208 Yorkship Square;
Savino Barregine, 503 South Fourth Street;
Reed Brothers, Inc., 1400 Haddon Avenue;
Harold Paul, 532 Pearl Street;
Peter F. Koszarsck, 2001
Daniel Bucci, 421 South
Third Street;
Alexander Aronow, 1000 Langham Avenue;
Katie Barr, 1723
Simon Schuster, 1177 Princess Avenue;
Michael Staszak, 1512 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
C. Asglam, 1122 Lawrence Street;
John W. Lee and Son, 150 North Twenty-fifth Street; 
Robert Payton, 1107
South Fifth Street;
Lena Cohen, 510
Federal Street;
William Andruoszko, 1193
Chestnut Street;
Harry Andruozko, 1322 Rose Street;
Flippo Mandoffo, 503 South
Third Street;
Chestnut’s Phamacy, 1200 Yorkship Square;
Albert Bork, 16 North State Street Bridge;
Issie Brody, Oaklyn;
Stanley Kornicyko, 1539 South Tenth Street;
Louis Moktzo, 914
North Fifth Street;
S. Levy Company, 1248 Magnolia Avenue;
Loretto Di Ascentis, 644 South Fourth Street;
Frank Piliere, Woodlynne;
Raymond P. Hadley. 716 Raymond Avenue;
Sciarra and Rossi, Front and Elm Streets
Charles Benjamin Sr., Brooklawn;
C. K. Bushey, 461
Haddon Avenue;
Cosimo I. Borco, 1615 Mt Ephraim Avenue;
John Day, Woodlynne;
Stanley Opezynski, 1151 Atlantic Avenue;
Whitman Bakery, 1265 Lansdowne Avenue;
W.J. Alexander,
State Street and Pennsylvania Railroad; 
Sam Bosco, 213 North
Charles Damson, 628
Cooper Street;
M. Markowich and Son, 1221
Haddon Avenue;
M. Baker Realty Co., 227
Federal Street

Camden Courier-Post - August 11, 1933

138 Others Also Enlist in N.R.A., Bringing Total Here Up to 1890


Three Camden industrial firms employing nearly 700 persons were among 141 employers becoming members of the National Recovery Administration here yesterday.

They are the Eavenson and Levering Co., 350 employees; Esterbrook Steel Pen Manufacturing Company, 250, and the Camden County Beverage Company, operators of the Camden Brewery, 90 employees. Local members of the N.R.A. now number 1890.

A flood of letters received at the office of the Camden County Chamber of Commerce revealed yesterday that Camden's citizenry is anxious and willing to co-operate with the newly formed National Recovery Act Campaign Committee of Camden County.

Committee Meets Today

Some of the communications sought appointments to the committee selected by Chairman Clinton L. Bardo, president of the New York Shipbuilding Co. Others offered assistance and co-operation in any manner.

"Men and women from every line of endeavor- some rich and others humble- big and little storekeepers are among the letter writers," Executive Secretary Loyal D. Odhner of the Chamber revealed.

"All want to be of some service in America s fight to regain business and employment equilibrium."

The letters will be turned over to Bardo and his committee which holds its first meeting at 3 p. m. today in the Chamber of Commerce offices in Broadway-Stevens Building.

Auto Dealers Adopt Code

A code to govern their business has been adopted by retail automobile dealers of Camden and vicinity who met in the office of H. Morgan Hatch, head of the New Jersey Auto & Supply Co., 38 North Delaware Avenue.

The meeting was addressed by Odhner, who explained the meaning of the act and told how it functions.

The code adopted by the automobile men follows the blanket code for the automobile business, with a few exceptions.

According to Hatch, all local automobile associations in New Jersey are to prepare their own codes and then send them to the state organization.

From the various codes submitted, a general code for the automobile dealers of New Jersey will be worked out, which in turn will be submitted to the National Automobile Dealers Association. The national group, in turn, will submit a code for automobile dealers throughout the country to General Johnson.

William F. Eddelman, secretary­treasurer of the John H. Mathis Shipbuilding Company of this city, has been named secretary of the Delaware River and Bay Shipbuilders and Ship Repairs group, organized to co-operate with the National Recovery Administration. There are about 30 firms in the group.

Camden Courier-Post - August 12, 1933

475 Firms Unsigned for Blue Eagles

Only 20 percent of employer listed in the Camden area have yet to sign the President's re­employment agreement.

There are approximately 2500 employers in the area served by the Camden post office. With 135 employers signing the blanket code yesterday, total N.R.A. Members here now are 2025.

T he additional 135 are as follows:

Mechling Brothers Chemical Co,
C. B. Coles & Sons Co.,
American Ice Co.,
Linton's Lunch,
Lintonia Pure Food Shop;
Garden State Restaurant;
Broadcast Advertising Company;
Klen-zit Company of New Jersey;
Newport Bottling Works;
The Pretone Company;
J. Raymond Rappe, 3401 River Avenue:
Harry L. Kubick 1188 Everett Street;
Leon Perozzi, 301
Pine Street;
J. Jurkiewicz, 1202 Jackson Street;
Rudolph Polanski, 1503 Norris Street;
Marcello Beauty Parlor, 108 North Fifth Street;
Ralph R. Dover, Collingswood;
Peter Bernardo, 452 South
Third Street;
Jessie Brager. 1129 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Italian-Greek Importing Co., 513 South
Third Street;
Harry M. Wysocki, 1121
Atlantic Avenue;
Jacob Lustgarten, 251
Kaighn Avenue;
Charles Schwartz. 1709 Broadway;
Jennie Siskind. 1100 South Tenth Street;
A. R. Sullivan, 547
Grant Street;
Lepp Co., 1001 Penn Street;
Frank Salvo, 639 South Sixth Street;
Harry’s, Philadelphia;
R. Dziengowski, 1476 Louis Street;
John Cornick, 10 North Second Street;
Saul Lippman. 765
Kaighn Avenue;
Wilfred B. Wolcott, 1008 West Jersey Trust Building;
Greater Camden Ice and Coal Co,. 1021
Pine Street;
Michael Natale, 807 South Fifth Street;
Noecker Shipbuilding Co.
Gertrude Burgerson, 315 Federal Street;
Eisenberg Brothers, 2109 Howell Street;
Joseph Douranczyk, 1014 Kaighn Avenue;
J. Tubis, 352 Warren Avenue;
Samuel Siris, 1254-1/2 Kaighn Avenue;
Dixon’s, Inc., 780 Wright Avenue;
Favorite Meat Market. 3129 River Avenue;
Parkside Poultry Market,
Charles N. Pursch, 1039 North Thirty-second Street;
Harry Melamed, 1426 Broadway;
Evered Inc., 450 Broadway;
Paul Sisia, 636 North Fourth Street;
James D. Thompson, 511
Haddon Avenue;
Gus' Barber Shop, 856 North
Twenty-seventh Street;
Leader Barber Shop, 203 Federal Street;
Giueppe Trulli, 550 South Fourth Street;
Joseph Burzanski, 203 Erie Street;
Cosimo Blani, 215 Pine Street;
Bott Meat Market, 517 North Third Street;
Charles Ray, 208 Broadway;
Jones & Ross, 407
Arch Street;
B.W. & C.A. Reed, 2219
Federal Street;
John J. Meiler, 1125 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Vincent Rossi, 1104 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Wallace Lange, 1002
Kaighn Avenue;
Anthony Dlugosz, Kaighn Avenue:
Steven Di Mauro. 231
Pine Street;
Charles H. Erb, 3711
Westfield Avenue;
John J. Kronenwetter,
Federal and Dudley Streets;
Dora Singer, 2404
Federal Street;
Kraft Brothers, Inc., 525 Cooper Street;
Benson Tire Service, 745 Market Street;
Stanislaw Zakshexski, 1638
Parts Service Co., 1135 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
A. J. Parsons, 800 South Sixth Street:
Warren Meat Market, 814 North Fifth Street;
Virginia Kitchen, 822 North
Seventh Street;
Dominick Carullo, 628 North Front Street;
Joseph J. Futima, 1002
Atlantic Avenue;
Abraham J. Plasky, 2360
Thomas Orio, Delair;
Frank's Barber Shop, 1424 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Albert M. Pine, 412
Federal Street;
King's Dairies. 906 Beideman Avenue:
Joseph Cozzoli, 1251 South Merrimac road;
Sheet Metal Construction Co., 900 Chestnut Street;
John Cherneck, 1550 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Columbia Coal and Ice Co., 912 L
ine Street;
Martin Goldberg, 513
Ferry Avenue,
Samuel Epstein, 1444 Haddon Avenue;
Max Mekig, 500 North Eighth Street;
C. C. Shilling, 1475 Haddon Avenue;
Dominic Kasilowski, 1039 Louis Street;
Keystone Decorating Co., 1022
Kaighn Avenue;
Gresimer Printing Co., 324
Arch Street;
Florence Morris, 123 Haddon Avenue, Westmont;
Charles Rau, 107 Haddon Avenue;
Universal Motor Service, 3153 River Road;
Frank H. Miller. 443
Champion Shoe Repairing, 1827
Cooper Street Parking Co., 626
Cooper Street;
Nick's Barber Shop, 456
Kaighn Avenue;
Harry Winer, 619 North Sixth Street;
Atlantic Park Bakery, 1551 Warsaw Street;
Charles S. Moyen, 634 Spruce Street;
Joseph Pessano and Sons, 619
Cooper Street;
F. DeMaris, Jr., 118 North
Third Street;
Willam Stuhl, 19
Market Street;
Elizabeth Epting, 2276 South
Seventh Street;
Alvin S. DeFord, 730 New Street;

R. J. Miller, 641 Bailey Street;
John J. Murphy, 210 North Thirty-ninth Street;
William Silverman, 1010
Spruce Street;
Newman Glass Works,
Haddon Avenue;
James T. Bonnelli, 911
George Vitale, 710
Haddon Avenue;
Hickman Brothers, Fourth Street and
Kaighn Avenue;
J. O. Jackson. 530 Henry Street;
John F. Albrecht, West Collingswood;
Grand Meat Market, 234
Federal Street;
Joseph Manfredini, 306
Federal Street;
Peter C. Sotos, 321
Ideal Restaurant, 230 North
Joseph De Leonardis, 432
Grant Street;
Mrs. Mary Teitelman, 101 North Twenty-second Street;
Crescentville Ranching Co., Merchantville;
Francis Ottinger, 2730
Federal Street;
Stringer’s, 428 South Sixth;
Central Lunch, 514
Federal Street;
O. K. Restaurant, 110 North Second Street;
American Restaurant, 506
Kaighn Avenue;
Lindley Brothers, 215
Market Street;
New Jersey Restaurant, 230
Federal Street;
Helen Z. Gibbons, Hotel Walt Whitman;
Joseph Smole, 1098 Thurman Street;
Stanley Szulewski, 1535 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
DuBell Trucking Co., Eighteenth and
Federal Streets;
William Paulack, 1285 Morton Street;
Vendig's Restaurant, 506
Federal Street;
Max Weingrad, 626 South
Third Street.

Camden Courier-Post - August 14, 1933

Blue Eagle Honor Roll Lists 2077

A total of 2077 Camden employers and merchants were listed as members of the N.R.A. at the close of business at the Camden Post Office Saturday night.

Fifty-two signing the President's re-employment agreement Saturday are:

Campbell Soup Company,
Campbell Sales Company.
Franco-American Food Company,
Heimbach's Auto Supply,
Crystal Wet Wash Laundry,
General Auto Supply,
Rainbow Restaurant, 219 North Broadway;
Majestic Restaurant, 529 Market Street;
H. F. Fanst, Audubon;
Joseph Martella, 411 Viola Street;
Hagner Inc., 1188 Kaighn Avenue;
Katie B. Westcott, 100 North Twenty-fourth Street;
M. Elkitz & Sons, 1533 Mt. Ephraim Avenue
Richard J. Liebert, 927 North Twenty-seventh Street;
George A. Smith, 675 Woodland Avenue;
Joseph Sawisza, 1550 Louis Street;
Lane's Garage, 565 Haddon Avenue;
Indlekoffer’s Oyster House,  1012 South Eighth Street:
Ventura Shoe Repair; 1017 South Eighth Street;
East End Laundry, 1239 Cambridge Street;
Foxe’s Lunch, 900
Market Street;
T. Yorke Smith, 513
Cooper Street;
Liberty Bottling Works, 1135 Liberty Street;
Trenton Quick Lunch, 26
Market Street;
Original Texas Wieners, 106
Frank S. Hinkle. 1800 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
E.E. Shales, 1655 Park Boulevard;
Merchant's Restaurant, 28
Hankele Photo Service, 870 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Morris Luscher, 1526 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Clara Foos, 1701 Van Buren Street;
Felix Pakeln, 1143 Sheridan Street;
A. Gamburg, 458 South Second Street;
Patsourakos Brothers, 1806
Turin Grotto, 201
Cooper Street;
Laurence A. Waite, 39 South
Twenty-eight Street;
Anthony Troncone, 422
Pine Street;
Julius Kiesmore, 542
Kaighn Avenue;
Antonio Morubito, 810 South
Third Street;
William Di Pietro, 1092 South Common Road;
S. Sonsini 437 South Fourth Street;
Samuel Feldman, 723 Central Avenue;
Marion White, Merchantville;
Lincoln Printing Service, 135 North Twenty-Third Street
Charles Tookmanian, 501 North Eighth Street;
General Auto Repair, 324 Morse Street;
Mrs. P.J. Mc­Govern, 619 North Seventh Street;
Stanley Jennings, 1301 Browning Street,
Abe Lezak, 723 Royden Street;
Henry Parcholt. 3120 River Avenue;
True Value Shoppe, 1246 Haddon Avenue;
Amon Heights Press, 2228 Forty-ninth Street.

Camden Courier-Post - August 15, 1933

Blue Eagle's Total Grows Here to 2170

Forty-three additional employers in the Camden area signed the president's re-employment agreement at the Camden post office yesterday, bringing the total of N.R.A. employers locally to 2170, The 43 were::

George Roth, 900 North Fourth Street
Louis Toll, Federal Street
Newkirk Parcel Delivery, Audubon; 
Henry S. Volmer, 1621 Haddon Avenue
Anton Walter, 2706 Concord Road; 
Antonio Mecca, 819 South Fourth Street
Sherlaff Delicatessen Co., Pennsauken; 
J. Lutz, Pennsauken; 
William H. King, 842
Market Street
Joseph Jerzyk, 1544 Mt. Ephraim Avenue
East Side Bottling Co., 1800
Federal Street;
Plaza Club Pharmacy, 502
Cooper Street
Kessler's Tailor Shop, 1275 Kaighn Avenue
Benjamin F. Harvey, 1109 Empire Avenue;
Stockton Coal & Supply Co., 513 North Twenty-seventh Street;
Frank Maroccia, 1107 South Fourth Street
Sweet Shoppe, 2735
Federal Street
Little Flower Shoppe, 1409 Mt. Ephraim Avenue
Hines Restaurant, 716
Federal Street
& Clark, 30 North Third Street  
New York Restaurant, 2604
Federal Street
Joseph Ragone, 326
Kaighn Avenue;
M. Rosenkranz, 214 Penn Street;
Malatesta Sons, 446 Pine
Harry Marritz, 425 South 6th Street;
Progressive Textile Manufacturers, 3252 River Avenue; 
Umberto Collepardi, 114 South Second Street; 
Gaetano Simone, 333 Benson Street;

Peter V. West, 511
Ferry Avenue;
Gustav Schwoeri Jr., 705
Chestnut Street;
William T. Toooley, 105 North
Third Street
Produce Market, 446
Kaighn Avenue
Nunzio Melino, 1901 South Fourth Street
Domunick Tomusso, 1640
James F. Slow, 911 South Eighth Street; 
Peter Honoychs, 1150 Whitman Avenue;
Daniel Santone, 301 South Fourth Street
Tommy's Coffee Shop, 903
Chestnut Street
Ludwig Slokowski, 937 North
Third Street
Weisbrod's, 2700
Federal Street
Quality Laundry, 459
Atlantic Avenue;
Walter Dumbrowski, 1234
Chestnut Street

Camden Courier-Post - August 16, 1933

100 Per Cent Enrollment In N.R.A. Nears

With 161 employers becoming members of the N.R.A. yesterday by signing the President’s Re-employment Agreement at Camden post office, indications are that all employers in the Camden area will have enlisted under the Blue Eagle by Saturday. Members now total 2281. New members are:

A. C. Dutton Lumber Corp.,
Cook's, Inc.,
Bleakly, Stockwell & Burling,
Wojciek Pyzik, 918 Everett Street;
Vincenzo Gramenzi, 322
Line Street;
Terminal Drug Store, Market Street Ferry Walk;
Presto Restaurant, 446
Robert Chew, 930
Elm Street;
Anna Jaspan, 1937 South Sixth Street;
Mrs. F. Sattler, 1299 Morton Street;
Greta Longo, West Collingswood;
Dominick J. Bocio, 946 South Fourth Street;
Eugene Clemente, 1323 Sheridan Street,
Home Ice and Coal Co., 450 Benson Street;
Penn-Mutual Store, 700 South Ninth Street;
Mori & Siburzi, 611 North Second Street;
David Mackarow, 643
Pine Street:
Lowe's Bakery, 4613 Westfield Avenue;
Cono Serno, 1023 South Fourth Street;
Pleasant Cafe, 576 North
Twenty-seventh Street;
Max Reihmann Jr., 6 South Fourth Street;
Frank Mascarine, 244 Mt. Vernon Street;
Joseph Genovese, 206 Arch Street;
Alexander Shusko, 1800 Fillmore Street;
Arthur W. Jones, 300 North Fortieth Street;
Howard L. Faunce, 25 Ferry Walk;
Thirteenth Ward Bottling Works, 1313 Chase Street; 
Wilbur T. Vissel, 525
Pine Street;
Joe's Cafe, 127
Kaighn Avenue;
Mrs. Rebecca Barad, 529
Kaighn Avenue;
S. F. Perose, 848
Spruce Street;
Michael Taioli, 1825
Otto R. Kreher, 3125 River Avenue;
Toy Quoi, 316
Kaighn Avenue;
Atlantic Park Ice and Coal, 949 Morton Street;
E. L. Benet, 1251
Kaighn Avenue;
William C. Celian, Admiral Wilson Boulevard;
Anna Kleinfeld, 101
Chestnut Street;
Leroy C. Heiper, 2987 Sumter road;
John Schultz, 787
Pine Street;
Harris Koran, 1528 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Commercial Motor Co., 1131
Federal Street;
Michael Mignogna, 318 South Fifth Street;
Joseph R. Galasso, 219 South
Third Street;
B.J. Wilinski, 1213 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Detofsky Co., 438
Kaighn Avenue;
Pat Mae Beauty Shop,106 South Thirty-sixth Street;
Fred Greenberg, 608 Walnut Street;
John Whelan, Pearl Street;
Joseph L. Money, 6 Stevens Street;
Mrs. N. Forest, Merchantville;
Dr. Edward Schiff, 602
Federal Street;
Joseph Marchlik, 1466 South Tenth Street;
N. C. Hering, 379 North Thirty-second Street;
Camden Drive In Theatre, Inc.,
A. Dippner & Son, 520 North Fourth Street;

Chester Czersykowski, 1400 Rose Street;
G. Piccioni, 1905
 Michael Farice, 433 North
Third Street;
Smoke Shop, 519
Cooper Street;
John D'Anastasio, 1402 Sheridan Street;
Wasko & Co., 1702 Master Street;
Thomas Samsel, 10 South Fourth Street;
Arthur C. Riggins, 51 South Twenty-fourth Street;
Espin A. Riggins, 39 South Twenty-eight Street;
Joseph A. Miduski, 1159 North Thirty-second Street;
Oreste Fidele, 1601 Norris Street;
Camden Bottling Co., 254
Kaighn Avenue;
General Welding Co., Second and
Kaighn Avenue:
Continental Neon Light Corp., 520 Everett Street;
Anthony Oslowski, 1152 Liberty Street;
Adkins Freight Line, 433 Lansdowne Avenue
Howard N. Fulton. 506 Chelton Street;
Whitman Park Barber Shop, 1492 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
U. S. Meat Market, 720 Ferry Avenue;
Camden Millwork Co., 327
Pine Street;
D. Guerrieri, 712 South
Third Street;
John Roselle, 749 Berkley Street;
Frank’s Barber Shop, 1404
Vincent J. Ferrante, 537
Market Street;
Weiss Brothers, 1317
Violet C. Von Nieda; 660 Mickle Street;
Harry C. Baumgartner, 1419 Baird Avenue;
Buch's Café, 202 South Fifth Street;
Carl F. Mueller, 2752
Federal Street;
Pasquale Napoletano, 30 North Second Street;
Frank Mark Laundry, 101 North Sixth Street;
National Service Co. 1120 Sycamore Street;
Dora Zoni, 580 Mt. Vernon Street;
J. B. Beckett.
Third and Walnut Streets;
Joseph Marchisello, 636 North Front Street;
Louis A. Hess, 330
Kaighn Avenue;
Reinhardt's Bakery, 33
Market Street;
Robert O. Bloodsworth, 826 Walnut Street;
Nathan Ginsberg, 536
Cooper Street;
Jacob Zuckerman, 536 Kaighn Avenue;
Holly Dairy Co., 1817 South Sixth Street;
Terminal Restaurant, 3 Ferry Walk;
Richard Edmonds, 1021 South Eighth Street;
Frank's Cafe, 1135 South Fourth Street;
Charles P. Halyburton, Fifth and
Market Street;
Ignats Stasnak, 1420 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Tony’s Barber Shop, 1732
Sherman Gildersleeve, Merchantville;
Stefan Fiderko, 1030 Thurman Street;
Alphonse T. Cuprys, 1154 Liberty Street;
Plaza Barber Shop, 404 North
Seventh Street;
Murphy's Flower Shop, 14 Haddon Avenue;
Strang's Store, 313 South
Third Street;
Bobby Barber Shop, 414 South
Third Street;
Palitz Beauty Shop, 514-1/2
Federal Street:
Edward Farley, 818 South Sixth Street;
Edward R. Francks, 544 North Eighth Street;
Frank Napiorkowski, 1423 South Tenth Street;
K. Kazwoski, 1028
Kaighn Avenue;
Alfred Rose. 810 Morgan Street;
Albert L. Serlich, Woodlynne;
Isadore Schriber, 544 North Ninth Street;
Pasquale Iarossi, 600 North
Third Street;
Railroad Lunch, 115 South Second Street;
Joseph Nicita, 2372
Charles J. Welsh, 575 Trenton Avenue;
Brightly Brothers, 1208 North Thirty-fourth Street;
Camden Flooring Company, 240
Atlantic Avenue;
Columbus Wholesale Grocery Co., 3504
Federal Street;
Columbus Beer Garden, Maple Shade;
Daly's Grill, 1240
Kaighn Avenue;
Charles L. Rode, Fifth and Mickle Streets;
Frank Smekal, 1033 North Twenty-sixth Street;
Catherine Carr, 701 Kaighn Avenue:
Hyman Kilberg, 710 Cherry Street;
Gardiner Co., 1289 Kaighn Avenue;
New Jersey Wrecking Co., 1250 State Street;
Davis Garage, rear 536 Newton Avenue;
Samuel Joozylowski, 1555 Mt. Ephraim Avenue;
Good Will Supply Store, 2212
Federal Street;
Joseph Kuczykowski, 1150 Liberty Street;
John H. Becker, 944 Lois Avenue;
Fred G. Hoeger. 2319 River Avenue;
Woodlynne Sweet Shop;
Herbert K. Hartley, 1101
Pete Minisci, 312 South
Third Street;
William Vissell, 519 North Ninth Street;
Kazmierz Stepkowski, 1060
Kaighn Avenue;
Emilio Iannetta, 349 Liberty Street;
Ruth E. Muckensturm, 1443 Haddon Avenue;
John Jacobs, 960 Ferry Avenue;
Felix Mezelewski, 1592 Mt. Ephraim Avenue
Somerdale Garage, Somerdale;
Parkside Ice and Coal, 1457 Kaighn Avenue;
Rubin Bukstel, 2600-1/2
Federal Street;
Emma H. Williams, 756 Wright Avenue;
Pasquale Gialuco, 2411 South Ninth Street;
Tommy's Barber Shop, 816
Market Street;
Camden Used Furniture Co., 415
Federal Street;
Tony Di Camillo, 1901 South Sixth Street;
Nicholas Viggiano, 1460
Edward G. Haines, 423
Federal Street:
Earnest's, 317
Federal Street;
Hachik Bleach Co., 325 Sycamore Street;
Adolph Bornstein, 3306 River Road.

NRA graphicThe N.R.A. codes were to be designed by a group or association that would not impose inequitable restrictions on one company over another, not limit membership in the group drafting the code, nor would the code be designed to promote monopolies or to eliminate or oppress small enterprises. It also would not discriminate against small enterprises, and lastly it "will tend to effectuate the policy of this title."

The president was given the executive power to not only approve the code — essentially giving the President the authority to make laws, which is the job of the Congress — but also he could impose his own conditions on those codes, make additions or deletions to them prior to approving them, and was free to write codes himself where none existed.

A New Deal product of meetings among such Brain Trust advisors as Raymond Moley, big business leaders, and labor unionists, the NRA illustrated Roosevelt's willingness to work with, rather than against, business interests.

The Brain Trust was a group of academics put together to carve out the policies of the New Deal prior to Roosevelt's inauguration. Members of the group were Raymond Moley, an American journalist and public figure; Rexford Tugwell, Adolf Berle of Columbia University, attorney Basil O'Connor, and later, Felix Frankfurter of Harvard Law School. Most of those men served in official posts during Roosevelt's presidency; they never met as a group after his inauguration.

The NRA was part of President Roosevelt's first 99 days, which produced 16 pieces of relief legislation in 1933, including the following:

  • Emergency Banking Act

  • Civilian Conservation Corps

  • Federal Emergency Relief Act

  • Emergency Farm Mortgage Act

  • Abandonment of the gold standard

  • Home Owner's Loan Act

  • Agricultural Adjustment Act

  • Tennessee Valley Authority

  • In general, American industrialists did not particularly like NRA because it didn't allow them to raise prices or cut wages once they were in recovery. Although Roosevelt could not force industrialists to sign codes, he would withhold NRA's popular blue eagle seal of approval as a bargaining tool to persuade businesses to adopt them. These seals were to be found in shop windows all over the country and represented businesses' cooperation with the government to rebuild the nation's economy.

    Criticism began to mount when it was shown that larger industrial manufacturers were shaping codes to suit their own priorities — excluding labor, consumers, or the overextended NRA staff. Critics also noted that some NRA codes actually limited production and therefore penalized consumers by sustaining prices.

    The NRA went through several reorganizations during 1934, when program director General Hugh Johnson was replaced by a five-person board and was reluctantly extended for another year by Congress in May 1935.

    Title I of the NRA was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court on May 27, 1935 in a sweeping and unanimous ruling after hearing the A.L.A. Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States case, in which the Schechter Corp. allegedly disobeyed the requirements of a "Code of Fair Competition for the Live Poultry Industry of the Metropolitan Area in and about the City of New York."

    In that Roosevelt-approved code, the company had failed to observe provisions fixing minimum wages and maximum hours for employees, permitted customers to select individual chickens, sold unfit chicken, were not in compliance with inspection regulations, had dealings with slaughterers and dealers not licensed under the code, and made false reports.

    The Supreme Court found that the provisions in the code were not a valid exercise of federal power. The court argued that Congress had given too much control to the presidency to issue whatever edicts it chose. The act also gave Congress excessive power to regulate interstate commerce and "invades the power reserved exclusively to the States." The court ruled that Congress did not have the right to dictate to the states wages and hours worked, because those factors affect costs and prices and therefore indirectly affect interstate commerce, "nor in the fact that failure of some States to regulate wages and hours diverts commerce from the States that do regulate them."

    NRA restaurant signThe court also argued that there were no standards set for any trade, industry, or activity and therefore could not prescribe "rules of conduct" to be used when drafting these codes.

    By the time Title I was overturned, more than 700 industries had been codified, four million unemployed people had been absorbed into industrial jobs, and nearly 23 million workers were under codes. It was largely felt that by the time it was overturned, Title I had run its course and was no longer needed.

    The Works Project Administration (WPA), which was the second part of the NRA, was allowed by the court to stand. The WPA went on to spend billions on reforestation, flood control, rural electrification, water works, sewage plants, school buildings, slum clearance, student scholarships, and other projects.

    Later the National Labor Relations Board and the Rural Electrification Administration were passed by the Congress in order to replace the labor portions of the NRA, but Congress did not bring back the industrial code system.