Camden Fire Department
Retirement Dinner
November 13, 2009
Paul Matyjasik - James Johnston

On November 13, 2009 friends and family of two career Camden fire fighters, Paul Matyjasik and James Johnston, gathered at Lucien's Manor in Berlin, New Jersey to congratulate them on their retirement from the Camden Fire Department. It was a wonderful evening, although somewhat bittersweet, as two former Camden fire fighters, Phil MacDonald and Jim McGrory, had passed away only days before the event. Also greatly missed was Camden Fire Department photographer Bob Bartosz, now living in North Carolina. Fortunately, others stepped up to the plate and took some pictures, which are featured on this page. 

As with the web page covering the August Camden Fire Department Reunion DInner, if you can identify anyone that I've missed, please e-mail me. (I'm terrible at at names and faces).

Phil Cohen
November 21, 2009


James J. Johnston
 Paul Matyjasik, Greg Murphy, and a friend

John Dimaggio 

Bill Schumacher, Ralph Roberts, Phil A. Stinger, Al Ashley

Paul Price, Tony Pogandro, Steve Sklar, 
Bill Di Pompo, Ernie Santone


______________, John Merklein, Dan Stratton

James J. Johnston, Isa Ben, Mike DePascale
Greg Murphy

Jim Alexander

Foreground: Mike Harper, Frank Sandrock, Warren Everett
Background: Bill Schumacher, Al Ashley


_________________, Joel Bain, Paul Matyjasik

Francisco Feliciano, Bill Schumacher, John Gryckiewicz, Jim Mc Masters.

Paul Capizola, Joe Marini 


 ___________, __________, ___________, ___________, ____________

Bill Colucci, Mr. & Mrs. Joel Bain


John Dimaggio 

Ron Gorski

Mark Kogut, Bill DiPompo

Joe Marini, Steve DiPompo