Camden Police Department

Benjamin W. Courter wrote a column called Along Memory Lane for the Camden Courier-Post newspapers in the late 1920s up until his death on November 8, 1934. This column was the successor to Charles L. McKeone's "Peppery Pot by Mack" column, which had been very popular for almost a dozen years prior to McKeone's death. The son of a career newspaperman, Ben Courter died in harness, seated at his desk at the Courier-Post building in Camden on November 8, 1934. He had completed another column devoted to Camden's history at home the night before, which was published on November 20.

In July of 1920 Ben Courter wrote two columns concerning the Camden Police department in the 1890s, one of which was accompanied by a group picture of 46 of Camden's officers. These are presented on this page, as is an article about an officer, William Harvey, who was not present when the photo was taken

Concerning the photo, most of the men depicted were identified. One, Harry Mines, was named in the column but not in the caption, and apparently where two guesses (George Johnson and John Barrett) were made as to the identity of one man, both were wrong. 

Where I have pages about the men named in the article and picture  I have provided links. If you have further knowledge about any of these men, please e-mail me.

Phil Cohen
June 23, 2019

Camden Courier-Post - July 6, 1930
Benjamin W. Courter
Lawrence Doran
Joseph Nowrey
Samuel Dodd
William H. Davis
Jesse Pratt
John Foster
Cooper B. Hatch
Lewis H. Stehr Sr.
Richard Golden
Oscar Weaver
Josiah Sage
John Painter
Charles Fitzsimmons
Thomas Cunningham
Jake Woodside
Cullis Errickson
Arthur Stanley
Milton Stanley
George Nowrey
John Reader
Dr. A.B. Reader
Lawrence Reader

Camden Courier-Post - July 15, 1930

Here's Camden's Finest, With Whiskers, in 1898

William A. Schregler
William "Rex" Comley
Jules Bosch
John Foster
Samuel Dodd
H. Franklin Pettit
Harry Mines
Edward Hartman
Charles Wilbur
Thomas Brothers
Ralph Bond
John Dall
George Kappell
Josiah Sage
Edward S. Hyde
William Selby
Elbridge B. McClong
Edward Powell
John SInclair
William Laird
Benjamin Middleton
Alfred L. Sayers
John Anderson
William Butts
John Painter
Frank Matlack
Thomas Hicks
Alfred Hayden
Abe Jackson
Albert Shaw
Edward Steen
Samuel Bakley
Caleb Williams
Elisha A. Gravenor
Thomas Buchanan
Samuel Cox
William Horner
Godfrey Eisenhardt
Harry Curtis
George Johnson-John Barnett
Casper Hart
Charles Fitzsimmons
A. Lincoln James
J. Oscar Weaver Sr.
Charles Ridgely
William Fish
George Cooper

William D. Brown - Charles Hose - Christopher Mines - Col. George Selby - William Anderson - David Baird Sr.
John Morrissey July 1902 - Democrat Double-cross 1911
Edward H. Shaw - Louis Shaw - Charles Lederman - Thomas Griscom - Louis E. Lee - Frank S. Albright - Jacob Fish -Thomas Stanger


Camden Courier-Post
Evening Courier - February 27, 1928


William Harvey - Jesse Pratt - J. Leighton Wescott