Otto E. Braun

OTTO E. BRAUN was born around 1891 to Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Braun. Francis X. Braun was born in Germany in 1865. He was a tailor, and had lived and worked at 562 Auburn Street in Camden according to the 1889-1889 city directory. In the 1990-1891 directory, Francis X. Braun had his tailor shop at 124 Market Street, and his residence at 647 South 3rd Street. His customers were largely executives from the Victor Talking Machine Company, Esterbrook Pen, Campbell Soup, J.B. Van Sciver, and other area businesses. Besides Otto, their was a brother, William, and two sisters, Beatrice and Justine "Tine" Braun. Frank Braun passed away in 1912.

Otto Braun wed around 1915. At the time of the 1920 census he was living with wife Emma at 317 Pearl Street in North Camden, and working as a timekeeper in a factory.  By April of 1930 he had taken a position as a cashier in the city tax office, and the Braun family had purchased a home at 440 Grant Street in North Camden.

Otto E. Braun was a member of Mozart Lodge No. 121, Free and Accepted Masons. He was elected to a one-year term as the lodge's Master in 1926. His father had served in that position in 1900.

A staunch Republican, Otto Braun served under Mayor Frederick von Nieda as City Clerk for Camden from April 1935 to November of 1936. He succeeded Frank S. Albright, who died in office. Otto Braun then returned to his post in the tax office, where he worked alongside former Camden pro basketball star Eddie Ferat. He was a member of the Pyne Point Athletic Association from the time he moved to North Camden until his death. During that  35 year period he was president of the organization twice. He was succeeded in that post in October of 1936 by William B. Sullender. Otto Braun was also active in other civic and fraternal groups. 

Otto Braun suffered a fatal stroke shortly after giving a speech at Camden's Masonic Temple at 4th and Arch Streets. He passed away on February 17, 1950 ar Cooper Hospital.  

Francis X. Braun & children outside his tailor shop - 1910

Francis, Justine, Beatrice & William Beatrice & William Braun Top: Francis X. Braun
Below: Justine 'Tine' Braun
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Cooper Grammar School 1907-1908 Basketball Team
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Otto Braun


circa 1915

Camden Courier-Post * June 9, 1932

Henry W. Aitken - Pyne Poynt Athletic Association - Frank J. Hartmann Jr. 
George B. Plummer - Harry Walton - Otto E. Braun
Benjamin Covington - Charles F. Bonner - John T. Landold
George E. Ash - Alonzo Hires - Walter Reyno - Clifford Flennard
Charles McCurdy - William L. Lloyd - Henry Haines - Samuel Dickinson
Howard Baird - William Robinson - Robert Nelson - Jacob Strecker
Foster Willis - Alfred Ross - William Sullender - Samuel J. Edwards
Jack Schultz - Walter S. Agin 

Camden Courier-Post * June 15, 1932

Pyne Poynt Athletic Association - Frank J. Hartmann Jr. - Charles Bragan - Alonzo Hires
  Otto E. Braun - William Robertson - Ray Dolan - D. Ellis - E. Emmons - W. White
Alfred Ross - Jack Schultz - Oscar Boehm - Franklin M. Walton - Charles A. Them
George W. Evans - James Wilkinson - William Boddis - John A. Rogers - John L. Willis Jr.
Alfred Smith - Purnell W. Schofield - Joseph G. Corson - Charles B. Walker
William Sullender - Samuel Dickinson - Robert J. Nelson -  William L. Lloyd

Camden Courier-Post - June 1, 1933

Collector's Office Swamped by Payments-Bennett Asks More Help

Because of the unprecedented rush to pay first-half taxes for 1933, Commissioner Harold W. Bennett, director of revenue and finance, may extend the deadline from 9 p. m. to­night to 9 p. m. June 7 without penalty.

The director, who has asked for more help, said it was the greatest tax rush in the history of Camden. The line of taxpayers yesterday extended past the public health offices, almost a full city block. A large volume of receipts also is coming in by mail, he said.

The commissioner said he was unable to issue figures showing total receipts to date, but said about $119,000 was paid in Saturday, half of which was in scrip.

Five cashiers' windows are open.

Three always have been sufficient to accommodate last-minute, payments in previous years.

Bennett said he attributed the unprecedented rush to the fact that bills were late in being sent out, that persons wish to cash in on scrip and because citizens have been impressed by the "educational campaign" conducted by the city, impressing the importance of prompt tax payments.

A. Benjamin Sparks, former receiver of taxes; Otto E. Braun, formerly employed in the tax office, but now with the emergency relief, and men from the controller's and assessor's offices have been pressed into service. Bennett has asked for more from other department heads.

Camden Courier-Post - June 2, 1933

Program to Have 'Something' on Continuously, Day and Night

Plans for the thirty-third anniversary of the Pyne Poynt Athletic Association to be observed with an all ­day program at Pyne Poynt Park July 4 were discussed last night at a meeting in the Pyne Poynt Social Club, 929 North Fifth Street.

Among the features tentatively planned are a children's parade at 9.30 a. m., under the supervision of Isaac Kyler; memorial service at 11 a. m., under direction of William B. Sullender; sporting events for men, women and children to start at 1.30 p. m., under direction of Alfred J. Ross, Jr.; outdoor motion pictures starting at 9 p. m., under supervision of Robert J. Nelson and a dance in charge of Samuel G. Dickinson, Jr., starting 11t 10.30 p. m.

Committee chairmen chosen by Frank J. Hartmann, Jr., president, are: Grounds, Foster Willis; program, Otto E. Braun; police, Clifford Flennard; dancing, Samuel G. Dickinson, Jr.; first aid, Dr. Joseph E. Nowrey and William Hughes; transportation, Samuel J. Edwards; public speakers, William B. Sullender; motion pictures, Robert J. Nelson; decorations, Walter A. Reyno; sports, Alfred J. Ross, Jr.; ways and means, Frank J. Hartmann, Jr.; publicity, Walter S. Agin; parade marshal, Isaac Kyler; refreshments, George Washington Ash; light, William Hilton, and music, Frank Kelley.

Children of the Sheltering Arms Home, Home for Friendless Children and the Detention Home will be guests of the association during the day. Samuel J. Edwards will be in charge of their entertainment.

The association will meet again next Thursday night. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 6, 1933


The Tenth Ward Republican Association will give an entertainment tonight at Engle’s Hall, Sixth and Elm streets, in honor of Otto E. Braun, recent Republican county committee candidate. A committee includes Samuel G. Dickinson, Jr., Charles Mattson, Joseph Moore, Eugene Thierdon and Thorn Tuttle.

Camden Courier-Post - June 23, 1933


The Past Masters' Circle of Mozart Lodge of Masons held its annual outing yesterday at Pioneer's Grove, Pine Hill. 

The circle has been in existence 40 years. A banquet was served in the grove. Sports were a feature. Max Reihman, Jr., and Ferdinand Braun were quoits champions. 

The committee: included: Arthur A. I Holler, Otto E. Braun, Herman E. Hensgen and Reihman. Officers are: Charles Engel, president; Henry Hess, vice president; William Indicher, secretary, and William Sangtinette, treasurer. 

In attendance were: Mr. and Mrs. George Bachman, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Korthage, Mr. and, Mrs. William Bartelt, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Bartelt, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Indicher, Mr. and Mrs. Holler, Mr. and Mrs. Reihman, Mr. and Mrs. Otto E. Braun, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Braun, Rose Braun, Mrs. Frank X. Braun, Sarah Whitaker, Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Rugart, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haub, Mr. and Mrs. Hensgen, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Braun, 
Mr. and Mrs. Sangtinette, Mr. and Mrs. Hess and Mr. and Mrs. Engel, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Hartmann, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Michelfelder. 

Camden Courier-Post - August 1, 1935
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Camden Courier-Post - August 29, 1935

Harold W. Bennett - Mary Kobus - George Brunner - Frank J. Hartmann Jr. - Otto Braun
Frederick von Nieda - E.G.C. Bleakly - Diamond - W. Gentry Hodgson

Camden Courier-Post * August 29, 1935 
Glenwood Watson - Bronislaw Derowski - Joseph Witek - Robert J. Gartland - William J. Rose 
Thomas W. Anderson - Joseph Munger - Louis DiRenzo - Francis J. Hufner - Woycicck Pyzik
James H. Beal - Georgia R. Green - Helen Derowski - Otto Braun - Michael Russian - Mrs. Norah Falvey
John J. Hainesworth - Mrs. Catherine Corbett - J. Lewis Kolin - Francis Wolf - David Baird Jr.
Joshua C. Haines - Harry L. Maloney - Emma Hyland - Francis G. Homan - Herbert E. Beattie
Leon H. Rose - Albert S. Marvel Jr. - Victor J. Scharle - William L. May - Albert Neutze
Albert Burling - Edwin G. Scovel - J. Claud Simon - Henry M. Evans
Clyde W. Briggs - Clarence Dunkelberger

Camden Courier-Post - October 29, 1935

Rosedale Residents Object to Permit; Excise Board Ponders Action

The newly created city excise commission last night called a third public hearing on the application of Frank Caromano for a saloon license at Thirty-sixth street and Westfield avenue

The hearing was set for 10 a. m., Saturday.

The city commission held one formal hearing and one informal hearing on the application, protested  by 881 citizens of the Rosedale section of the Eleventh ward, led by Rev. W. Douglas Roe, pastor of the Rosedale Baptist Church.

Granting the application, Roe and others have contended, will open the Rosedale section, now without saloons, to other applications. 

The excise commission—formally the Municipal Board of Alcoholic Beverage Control—in practice adopted a policy of "go slow." It was the first business meeting of the board, composed of John L. Morrissey, chairman; Mrs. Ann Baumgartner, secretary, and Curtis O. Sangtinette.

Takes Notes of Meeting

Mrs. Pauline F. Caperoon, secretary to City Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, director of public safety, took stenographic notes of the meeting. She explained this was merely to keep the board straight until the new board becomes more familiar with procedure.

City Clerk Otto E. Braun also recorded the minutes and said he will continue to do so in 
collaboration with Mrs. Baumgartner.

The meeting was held in Braun's private office. Only the members of the board, Mrs. Caperoon, Braun and newspaper reporters attended.

A license was granted to the Eleventh Ward Democratic Club, 1014 North Twenty-seventh street. A transfer of the license of Charles T. Bateman from 600 Mt. Vernon street to 1900 South Sixth street was approved.

Police Probe Asked

Police investigation was requested by the board on the applications of Peter Bradsky for 801 Chestnut street and Frank D'Alesandro, 523 South Third street.

The police department will do the bulk of the investigating for the new board, Mrs. Kobus, has announced.

A personal investigation by members of the board was decided upon in the application of Dominic Guglielmo for a transfer from 245 Chestnut street to 2222 Federal street

Action was deferred on the application of a transfer of the license of Mary Hinkson to Edgar H. Beattie at 949 North Twenty-fifth street.

Camden Courier-Post * February 20, 1936

Republican Club Will Be Hosts at Eagles Hall February 28

The tenth annual ball of the Tenth Ward Republican Organization Club, Fifth and Pearl streets, will be held February 28 at Eagle's auditorium, 415 Broadway.

William Dolan, Jr. is chairman; William B. Sullender, treasurer, and Fred Becker, secretary of the general committee.

The members of the other committees are as follows: Hall, Louis Kahnweiler, chairman, Harry Everhart, James Flaherty; advertising, Henry W. Aitken, chairman, John Stringer, Frank Sheridan and Andrew Robinson; door, Alonzo Hires, chairman, Andrew Robinson, Jacob Strecker; music, Becker, chairman, William B. Chain, William Robinson and Andrew Robinson; printing, Stringer, chairman, Dolan and Harry Harwood; refreshment, George Morgan, Ralph Shill, Charles Bowen, Harry Harold, Edward Stafford, Henry Clevenger and Frank Turner; program, Stafford, chairman, Charles Marsh, John Hedegan, Otto E. Braun, George Zietz, William Hughes, Earl Wright, Albert C. Raeuber, Charles Schultz, Stringer and Dolan; floor, Becker, chairman, Garwood, Judson Solley, Howard E. Baird, William Lafferty, James F. Lovett, Henry I. Haines, William Robinson, Braun and Samuel J. Edwards audit, Dolan, Garwood, William Robinson, and Aitken; wardrobe, Marsh, chairman, Benjamin Harvey and George Cox; tickets, John Winstanley, chairman; executive, Dolan, chairman, Stringer, William Robinson, Sullender and Haines. The Penn Troubadors will play for dancing.  

Camden Courier-Post * October 8, 1936 

Camden Courier-Post - October 16, 1936

Camden Courier-Post - February 11, 1938

27th Annual Event Expected to Break Record on Night of Feb. 26

The twenty-seventh annual banquet of the Pyne Poynt Social Club promises to be the most successful and best attended in the history of this North Camden sports and social group.

From different parts of the country acknowledgments are coming in to Frank Kelley, chairman of the banquet committee, from members that they will be present at the dinner to be held Saturday night, Feb. 26, at the club's headquarters, corner of Fifth and Erie streets.

"We are striving to make this affair the best in the history of the club," said President Ed H. Winters, "and we believe it will far out measure our fondest expectations in the matter of attendance and the good time that everyone there will have.

"The club, in the years that it has been in existence, has occupied a prominent place in the sporting and social affairs of North Camden. It has been the means of making and holding friendships, and the 
friendships so established are cemented further each year by the annual banquet. The members look forward to it."

This year the principal speaker will be Gordon Mackay, member of the editorial staff of the Courier-Post newspapers. Mackay, who has been associated with newspapers for the last 40 years, will talk of sports, on which he is an acknowledged authority.

Among those who already have said they will attend are William Brandt, of Washington; George A. E. Rheinhold, also of Washington; William N. Cann, of Wilmington; Howard Hurlock and Louis Schwaiger, of Philadelphia; Robert Johnson, R. K. Dawrinson, Victor J. Paxson, Walter Adams, Harry McKinney, Fred Schwaiger, Ralph T. Githens, William Oberst, Clarence Rudolph and Arthur Messier, of Westwood; Herbert Schaeffer, of Bloomfield; Harry Edginton, of Milton, Del.; Thomas Kerr, of Bogota; Ren Plum, of Mt. Ephraim; J. Russell Taylor and Ed D. Crosley, of Buffalo, and Arthur Truitt, of Bridgeport, Conn.

Since the organization of the club, in the latter part of January, 1911, the following have been presidents: Harry F. Walton, 1911 and 1912; Cecil Battle. 1913 and 1914; George Townsend, 1915 and 1916; Frank Boyer, 1917; John Begg, 1918; Frank Haines, 1919, 1920 and 1931; John R. Taylor, 1921; Alex Kahnweiler, 1922; Ed. H. Winters, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1935, 1936 and 1937; Richard Barry, 1932 and 1933; and Frank J. Hartmann, Jr.., now city commissioner, in 1934.

Vice presidents have been: Willard Fox, 1911; Battle. 1912; Barry, 1913 and 1931: Begg, 1914, 1915 and 1916 Arthur Messier, 1917, 1923, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928 and 1929; Haines, 1918; Winters, 1919; Schaeffer, 1921; William Benecke, 1922; W. E. Baird 1930; Barry, 1931; Otto H. Braun 1932, and Kahnweiler, 1933, 1934, 1935 1936 and 1937.

Camden Courier-Post - February 25, 1938
27th Annual Get-Together Will Hear Gordon Mackay Tell of Oldtime Sports

When members, of the Pyne Poynt Social Club gather in the club's headquarters, southwest corner of Fifth and Erie streets, tomorrow night it will be to mark the twenty-seventh, annual get-together which will be observed with a banquet. 

Harry F. Walton, first president of the organization, which was formed in the latter part of January, 1911, will be toastmaster. He served as head of the club in 1911 and 1912. 

Gordon Mackay, member of the news staff of the Courier-Post newspapers' and an authority on sports, will be the speaker. Mackay will give highlights on sporting activities with which he has become so familiar in his 40 years of newspaper, work. Frank H. Ryan, managing editor of the Courier-Post, will be a guest. 

"Many of the memberrs of the club have gone far afield from Camden,” said Walton, "but on the occasion of the annual dinner they all try to get back home' and rekindle the friendships' made when they were kids up here in North Camden." 

Served As Freeholder:, 

Walton, elected to the Board of Chosen Freeholders of Camden county as an independent Republican from the Tenth ward, served on the board in 1923 and, 1924. Born in Philadelphia, his parents brought him to Camden at an early age and he has lived in North Camden ever since. He has taken an active interest in civic affairs of the community. 

"We believe that this year will be the best banquet that we have ever had," he said. 

Present officers of the club are: Ed H. Winters, president; A. S. Kahnweiler, vice president; Hamilton J. Batten, recording secretary; Frank Kelley, financial secretary; Walton, treasurer; Alfred J. Rose, Jr., house chairman, and George Ash, trustee-at-large.

Kelley heads the banquet committee with the following members: Ash, Batten, Walton, Richard Barry, Kahnweiler, E. Caskey, Jacob Dreher and Nick Adezio. Rose is chairman of the entertainment committee, with Robert Johnson, William X. Huber, Jr. and Ellery Caskey as other members. 

Club's Wide Membership 

Other members of the club are Herman Brandt, Victor J. Paxson, Herbert Schaeffer, William N. Cann, Harry G. McKinney, Louis Schwaiger, David E. Barry, Thomas Kerr, Ren Plum, Ronald K. Lawrinson, William Brandt, William Walton, George A. E. Rheinbold, 

Charles Seybold, Fred Schwaiger, J. Allen Brown, George Greene; J. Russell Taylor, Harry Edginton, Samuel Payne, Trester W. Vissell, George H. Schwaiger; George W. Muschlet; Arthur Messler; R. Thornton Greene, William C. Pommerer, Charles Glendenning, William E. Smith, Walter T. Adams, John T. Beal, Otto E. Braun, John Deardon, James Selby, William T. Steele, William Begg and Alfred Huber.

Also Samuel Burrows, William J. Denham, Thomas R. Peacock, Frank H. Haines, Clarence Rudolph, Albert R. Heap, Herbert C. Battle, William Oberst, Fred Stahl; John Begg, Charles Stahl, Charles E. Packer, Paul E. Mount, City Commissioner Frank J. Hartmann Jr., Raymond Rickley, Ralph T. Githens, Howard Hurlock, Martin Steer, Harry Kerr, William Reimer, Curtis O. Sangtinette and Einar Odergaard. John LaRue, Jr., is president of the junior club of the Pyne Poynt Social. 

Camden Courier-Post Photos
1938 1950
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Camden Courier-Post - February 17, 1950 
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"Masonic Building
Fourth Street, Below Market Street,
Camden N.J."