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This page contains links to pages about people who have contributed to the flavor of Camden over the past 389 years...... that's right, 389, because it was in 1624 that the first comments by people who kept written records were made. 

Here you find links to the great, the near great, the interesting, and the evil. Doctors, lawyers, craftsmen, artists, entertainers, musicians, and mobsters; teachers, preachers, bankers, bakers, and undertakers. Policemen, firemen, first-, second-, and third-basemen. Infielders and insiders, not to mention journalists and numbers writers. 

AND, As I used to say when I was hosting my radio show, "heroes and zeros, saints and sinners, losers and winners, love-makers and heartbreakers!"

As with every other aspect of this website, Comments, suggestions, and material to add to the these pages are very much appreciated, which is to say, I've started this, but YOU are more than welcome to be a part of it. If you think someone should be mentioned here, then do so, and they will be..... it's as simple as that.

If your Aunt Sadie took care of half the kids on your block, then TELL the story. If Uncle Charlie coached Little League, here is where we tell his story. If YOU played baseball with a kids team at Dudley Grange 50 years ago, here is where it can, and will be told. 

Check out the people, click on the hyperlinks to learn more about the world in which these people lived, and most importantly, Enjoy Yourself!
                                                                Phil Cohen

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Phil Cohen


They Gave Their All For Our Freedom
Camden County NJ War Dead
From 1917 To The Present

If you have additional information, PLEASE contact me!


What America Owes Its Veterans
The Story of Rudolph Warrington



Lost In The Line Of Duty








A Search For The Soldiers And Sailors from the Civil War
in Camden County NJ
The Monitor & the Merrimac:
James Carey of Camden - Monitor Crewmember
Remember the Maine:
Gunner's Mate Second Class Herbert Manderson Carr, Camden NJ
Jewish War Heroes
 of Camden County - World War II
Camden's Four Admirals

Ok.... one is from Merchantville, but I'm okay with that
Click to read about three local men who have led or are leading America's Navy


The Yates Family
A Polish Family - The Blachniaks
Four Familes
The Hineline, Budd, Haines, & Wilson Families
The Bunting Family of the Eighth Ward
Connected Familes
Kelly, Griffee, Roles, Engel, Hyde, & McKenna
The Coskey Family of Parkside
The Tarter Family of Camden NJ
The Kaplan Family in Camden
The Auerbach Family
The Bass Family in Camden
The Children of Becky Silverman
Denker - Levin - Ross - Zelnick 
The Ross & Silverman Family
The Max Bush Family in Camden
The Coplein Family
The Linthicum Family of North Camden
The Louis Okeson Family
The Large, Magee, and Tracy Families
of Camden
The Conley Family
Fairview & South Camden
The Venella Family of Camden, New Jersey
The Palumbos of Giuliano Teatino
The Petrillo Family of Camden, New Jersey
The Zippilli Family of Camden, New Jersey
The Girgenti Family of Camden, New Jersey 
The Pigliacelli Family of Camden, New Jersey
The Rosselli Family of Camden, New Jersey
Jimmy Rosselli's story
The Munion Family
The Griffee & Alloway Family

La Familia Sanabria


12th Ward Athletic Association



This section grew and continues to grow to a size far beyond what I imagined it would. My idea of "People of Note" is better defined as "Interesting People", and Camden sure has had and continues to have them! To make things easier, I will color-code some of the cells, to make it easier to find people. As always, suggestions are more than welcome! 

Phil Cohen

Law Enforcement Medicine Firemen
Real Estate & Construction Education Funeral Directors
Lawyers Journalism & Writing Government & Politics
Bars, Brewers, & Bottlers Lumber & Hardware Banks, Finance, Insurance
Businessmen & Shopkeepers Show Business, Musicians, & Entertainment Notorious Characters
Religious Leaders Ship Captains &
Naval Heroes
Musicians Artists & Sculptors Barbers & Beauticians
Labor Leaders Scrap Merchants Science & Invention
Sportsmen Community Leaders Transportation
E. George Aaron Joseph Abarno Frank A. Abbott
Robert T. Abbott Rocco Abbott  
  William Abels Charles M. Abrahamson
Bob Aceto Jr. Charles A. Aceto George Ackerle
Dr. Henry Ackley Biagio 'Benny' Acquaro Joe Acquaro
Israel B. Adams  Wilson E. Adams George O. Addison
Clarence Adkins Bernard A. Ahlberg William C. Aitken
William E. Albert Joseph A.  Alcorn Charles Alcott
Samuel B.F. Alcott William Alcott George H. Aleck
Max Alexander Tony Alfano David Allaband
Harry J. Allebach Arthur Allen Charles H. Allen
C. Richard Allen Edwin F. Allen Joey Allen
Robert R. Allen Sr. Roxie Allen  
Robert E. Allenbach Thomas Allibone Amanda Alloway
Eugene F. Alston Harold Amos Raymond T. Amos
George B. Anderson George W. Anderson  
Harry C. Anderson Herbert Anderson Isaac Anderson
James Lukens Anderson John Anderson John H. Anderson
  John S. Anderson Joseph J. Anderson
Lester R. Anderson Oscar Francis Anderson  
Russell J. Anderson Thomas B. Anderson William Anderson
David Andrews Edward Andrews Harry D. Andrews
Nelson Andrews Ulie Andrews Dr. Purnell W. Andrews
Chester J. Andrus Sr. Dr. David L. Andrus John Hewitt Andrus
H.B. Anthony Len Antonelli Oresto Antonini
  Camillus V. Appley Jacob Apt
aka Jacob App
  F. Morse Archer Sr. Biaggio P. Ardire
Alfred "Jake" Arensberg Joseph Arensberg Douglas Arensberg
Harry C. Armstrong    
William H. Arrison Clarence Arthur Emma Marguerite Asay
Julia Asay Newton Grant Ash Wilson Ashbridge
Robert Ashenfelter James R. Asher John W. Asher
John A. Ashton Albert W. Atkinson Dr. G. Russell Atkinson
Thomas B. Atkinson George W. Attison  
Isaac L. Auerbach Mair Auerbach Albert Austermuhl
Charles W. Austermuhl F. Wayland Ayer James W. Ayers
  William D. Ayers Joseph B. Ayres
George Bachmann Sr. William T. Bailey Dr. Wilson Gill Bailey
David Baird Sr. David Baird Jr. Harry F. Bagge
John S. Baj Dr. Banks S. Baker Herman J. Baker Sr.
Dr. Maurice E. Baker   Meyers Baker
Walter Baker Sr. Ralph A. Bakley Steward D. Bakley
Theodore M. "Ted" Balabuch Charles M. Baldwin Charles J. Ball
Arthur F. Ballinghoff Joseph H. Ballinghoff Jr.  
Joseph A. Balzano Jr. Rev. Roland Banes Raymond E. Banford
Dr. Kirk B. Barb Alter Barbel Clinton L. Bardo
Al Barge Albert Edwin Barker Benjamin G. Barnett
William F. Barnett William A. Barnhill Elmer W. Barr
Robert C. Barr Samuel W. Barrett Dr. Wesley Barrett
    H.L. "Harry" Barroway
Bob Bartosz Jaki Baskow Martin W. Baskow
Al Bass William H. Bassett Harry Batchelder
Adrian Bateman Charles A. Bates George W. Bates
  Kirby D. Bates Logan Bates
Arthur C. Batten Viola Batten Henry Baumgartel
George P. Baxter Herbert W. Baxter Jr. Herbert W. Baxter Sr.
Joseph A. Baxter Howard Bean  
Chuck Bearint Edward Bearint Elwood Bearint
Andreas Beck Dr. C. Fred Becker John Wesley Beckett
Albert Bedell
"Dino the Clown"
Stan Bednarczyk Grover C. H. Behm
Horace B. Beideman David W. Belisle  
  Leslie W. Bell Sr.

Henry Bellitz

Jacob F. Bender Robert S. Bender Felix E. Bendzyn
Killam E. Bennett Volney G. Bennett Sr. Volney G. Bennett Jr.
Joseph Bennie Russell L. Benson  
Thomas A. Bergbauer Christopher A. Bergen Martin V. Bergen
Dr. George M. Beringer Louis Berkowitz  
  Nicola Bernardo Charles Berry
Edwin Irwin Berry Bernard Bertman Albert Berul
Eugene Bevilacqua Harry Benzuk  
Dr. Francis J. Bicker Sr. Ed Biehler Otto A. Bihn Sr.
George J. Bingemann   Ralph F. Bingemann Sr.
George Birch Dr. Sylvester Birdsell Irvin Franklin Bishop
John F. Blackson Col. Elmer C. Blaha Brigadier General
Herbert J. Blaha
Frankie Blair Mickey Blair Thomas C. Blair Jr.
    Newton E. Blanchard
E.G.C. Bleakly John W.F. Bleakly F. Stanley Bleakly
Abe Block T. Frank Boardman  
Lou Bobo Felix Bocchicchio  
Frances B. Bodine John Bodell
aka John Boodle
William Boettcher Sr. William Bogia Oliver C. Boileau Jr.
Edgar Bolton Gloria Bonilla-Santiago William "Shooey" Bonner
Dr. Howard G. Bonwill   William Boody
George C. Boone George L. Boone Joseph P. Boone
Maurice Bric Boone Edward J. Borden Sr. Angelo P. Borghero
Asa V. Borton Thaddeus Martin Borz Thaddeus A. Borz
    Edward James Bosch
Sam Bosco Herbert Bott Louis "Blackie" Bottino
Israel Boudov Edgar Boulton Lawrence Boulton
Jack Britton Bowell J. Hartley Bowen Ronald N. Bowers
  Charles S. Boyer George E. Boyer
Hugh Boyle Robert G. Boyle William T. Boyle
Isaac V. Bradley Thomas D. Bradley William J. Bradley
Abraham Bradshaw Claudius W. Bradshaw Benjamin Braker
Dr. Clement T. Branch Leon Branch Parris R. Branch
Nicholas H. Brandt Otto E. Braun Dr. Walter S. Bray
C. Leonard Brehm Edward J. Brendlinger Erwin Brennan
Anthony W. Bretschneider Horace L. Brewer

John Breyer

Robert Brice Howard G. Brickner
William E. Brickner Robert Briggs Louis Brill
Dr. Charles E. Brimm Steve Briscoe Thomas F. Broccoli
Daniel Bromley Joseph Bromley Wilson Bromley
    Richard C. Brooks Sr.
E. Howard Broome John Brothers William Brower

Cornelius M. Brown


George E. Brown Sr.

James H. Brown John J. Brown J. Kelly Brown
Michael Brown Pierce Brown  
Rudy Brown Willa Mae Brown William D. Brown
Abraham Browning Maurice Browning Walter W. Browning
William J. Browning Dr. W. Kempton Browning Elaine Brundage
Rear Admiral
Christine M. Bruzek-Kohler
Dr. James E. Bryan Dr. J. Kemper Bryant
Jennie Bryson Bruno Brzozowski John S. Brzozowski
    Zenon Bubnowski
Walt Bubien Ludwig Buch Henry W. Buchanan
Warren E. Buck John Bucklew Paul C. Budd
Walter Budniak Burkhardt L. Buenzle Leonard Buffetta
Louis Bumbrey Robert Bumbrey Earl H. Bundy
Clarence Bunker
(J. C.Bunkowski)
Lawrence W. Bunkowski
Walter M. Bunting
Vincent L. Buondonno Alice Burdsall Raymond J. Burgess
Rocco Burgo John A. Burke Elmer E. Burkett
John J. Burleigh Thomas Burnett James W. Burnison
Rev. William H Burrell William B. M. Burrell Harry J. Burrichter
James Ora Burris Clara S. Burrough Harry Stoy Burrough
Frank H. Burt Jr. Melvin Burt Ida Burton
Walter S. Busko    
William A. Butcher Dempsey Butler Jeff Butler
Dr. Samuel Butler William C. Butler Stephen Decatur Button
Lewis Buzine Samuel Buzine William Buzine
George Cable
aka George F. Kappel
Charles W. "Chuck" Cahilly II Horace P. Cairns
Edwin DeB. Callahan Caesar Campana Sr. Henry S. Campbell
  James F. "Soup" Campbell  
John Campbell Lillian Campbell W. Elwood Campbell
Barrie Carl Campen Jacob Adams Canning William H. Canning Jr.
Florence V. Cannon Joseph Caputi Michael Carbone
  James Cardwell Howard W. "Coach" Carey
James H. Carey Frank C. Carle  
Philip J. Carlin
Johnny Toomey
Elizabeth S. Carlin Edmund S. Carmany
John H. Carmany Sr. John H. Carmany Jr. Clifford Carr
Joseph H. Carr   Thomas Carr
Martin Carrigan Edward Carroll John H. Carroll
Margaret Carroll Thomas J. Carroll "Irish Billy" Carroll
Howard Carrow J. Russell Carrow  
Daniel A. Carter Peter B. Carter Thomas J. Carter
Walter W. Carter Warren I. Carter William Carter
McCullough C. Case   William R. Cason
James M. Cassady Dr. Arthur J. Casselman Mrs. Zula Boyd Cassselman
James Cassidy William Catna George L. Cattell Sr.
Benjamin Cavanaugh John Cavanaugh Joseph Cavanaugh
Amos Caverow Carl V. Ceciro Lugi Celani
Alexander Chambers Frank Chambers Frank Chambers
Harry Martyn Chambers William Pringle Chambers Alfred P. Checetto
John W. Cheeseman Thomas J. Cheeseman Jr. Joseph Chelhowski
L. Scott Cherchesky John Cherry  
Jesse Chew John Chew Sinnickson Chew
Dr. Pasquale J. Chinappi John F. Chudzinski Leon F.Chudzinski
John Church John R. Cianfrani Stanley Ciechanowski
Dr. Frank J. Ciliberti Jr. Dr. Rosolia Cioffi Michael Cimino
Ken Clark Mortica Clark Solomon Clark
William H.H. Clark James R. Clay George Clayton
  John C. Cleary John T. Cleary
William J. Cleary John T. Clemmens Charles S. Clements
Elwood Cline    
Ralph Cline Robert D. Clow Jr. John Coates
Byron P. Cobb Sr. Robert M. Coffman Jr. Richard G. Coffman
James Cohen Mitchell Cohen Edward N. Cohn
Joseph N. Colangelo
aka Joe Lang
William F. Colbert James Coleman
John W. Coleman Benjamin D. Coley Robert W. Colkett
Luther H. Collier Isaiah Collins John Collins
  Albert E. Collum Jr. Joseph Colozzi
Arthur Colsey William B. Colsey Sr. Russ Columbo
William Comerford Eli Edward Conaghy Sr. Theodosia Hunt Conaghy
Ronald Conley Jimmy Conlin
Benjamin H. Connelly Terry Connelly
Catherine D. Connor Charles E. Conway Frankie Conway
Frank J.  Conway    
Basil Cook Charles Cook T. Hank Cook
Charles W. Cooke Bernard Z. Cooper Dr. David E. Cooper
Howard M. Cooper John Cooper John D. Cooper
David D. Cooper, Richard D. Cooper
  Joseph S. Cooper William Cooper
Col. William H. Cooper William J. Cooper Daniel Cooperson
Boston Corbett Catherine Corbett  
  James Corea Joseph Corea
Frank S. Cornell Malachi D. Cornish  
Albert Cornog Charles Cornog A. Charles Corotis
C. Hobart Corson Gardner F. Corson William H. Corson
William Penn Corson Philip C. Cosenza William P. Cotter
Benjamin W. Courter

Nathan F. Cowan


Garrett Cowls

John K. Cowperthwaite

Charles Cox
Charles W. Cox George P. Cox William Cox
Wright Ellis Cox Major Coxson Jennie A. Craig
Alfred Cramer Joseph Cramer Wayland Post Cramer
William Cramer    
Edwin Field Crane Frank Crawford John Crawford
John J. Crean James J. Creato

Charles C. Croasdale

Sergio Croce

Howland Croft

Sam Croge

James P. Croker

Thomas Croker

Earl A. Cryne

Bill Culbertson

John W. Cullen
Dr. Thomas F. Cullen Joseph E. Cunningham Thomas Cunningham
Thomas J. Cunningham   Edward Curriden
Samuel C. Curriden Howard H. Currie Howard L. Currie
Daniel W. Curliss William A. Curliss Harry Curtis
Cyrus H.K. Curtis James J. Cusick Sr. Herman Z. Cutler
Bertram A. Dahl Jr.    
Dominick F. Dalanni Al Daley  
Joseph T. Daley Thomas J. Daley Jr.  John A. Dall
James J. Daly  John Francis Daly Richard Daly
Fred Dunajek Sr. Charles Danenhower George R. Danenhower
Charles F. Daubman.   Charles H. Davenport
Robert E. Davenport Matthew J. Davies Byron M. Davis
Charles M. Davis Harry C. Davis Henry W. "Harry" Davis
Dr. Henry H. Davis Josiah M. Davis Theodore Z. Davis
Dr. William A. Davis William C. Davis William S. Davis
Harry Day William H. Day James B. Dayton
  Daniel G. Deacon Joseph H. Deacon
Frank J. Deal Amos R. Dease Edwin V. Decker
John P. Decker William A. Deery  
  John DeFrancisco Buddy DeFranco
Edward DeHart Harry L. De Haven Neil F. Deighan Sr.
William Deith William H. Deitz Frank DeKonski
Thomas P.  Delany Arthur "Gyp" Del Duca Garfield Del Duca Sr.
  Louis DeLisle F. George Delker
Enos B. Dellmuth Clifford Del Rossi John A. DeLuca
John C. Demmert   Bernard Dennis
William Deno Charles Denof William Denof Sr.
Robert E. DePersia Watson Depuy Louis T. Derousse
Donald R. Detwiler Polack Joe Deven Mark J. "Marty" Devine Jr.
Frank DeViney Michael Devinney Charles Devlin
Captain Harry M. Dey John H. Dialogue Sr. John H. Dialogue Jr.
Nicholas Di Angelo Thomas J. DiBiaso  
Charles V. Dickinson Mildred D. DiFante Christopher L. Dietz
Antonio Di Paolo Albert C. Dildine  
Maloney Di Lello 
William M. Dillmore John DiMaggio
Santo DiMaggio Joseph D. DiMatttia Joseph Di Mona Sr.
Joseph Di Mona Jr. Julian Di Nicholas Maurice Di Nicuolo
  Louis Di Renzo  
Alexander DiSalvio
Al Daley
George Dixon Jr. Horace R. Dixon
Joseph F. Dmochowski William Earle Doan Murrell Dobbins
T. Munroe Dobbins James Edward Dobbs S. Raymond Dobbs
Edward J. Dodamead Samuel Dodd Jr. W. Arnold Dodge
Valentine W. Doerr Jr. Howard E. Doerschner Bernardo "Ben" Doganiero
Robert "Bobby" Dolan William A. "Billy" Dolan John Augustus "Gus" Dold
Anthony Dolinski Edward Dolinski Nick & Sophie
Del Grande-Domenices
    Nicholas J. Donahoe
Dr. John Donges Raymond R. Donges Ralph W.E. Donges
Dr. Clarence B. Donges Richard R.C. Donnelly Larry Doran
Frank Doris John Doris  
Arthur C. Dorrance Dr. John T. Dorrance  
Josephine Doughten William H. Doughten Albert Doughty
Dennis Dowhy Edward Dowhy Joseph Dowhy Jr.
Joseph Dowhy Sr. Robert Dowhy Anthony P. Dowidowicz
Sunshine Dragonette Agnes Draper Horatio Draper
Robert Kaighn Draper    
Herman Dreas Wilbur A. Drown Leonard J. Drozd
James Warren Drummond Wilfred Dube Charles G. DuBell
Josiah DuBois Jr. Wallace McGeorge DuBois Edward Dudley
Thomas H. Dudley Willard C. Duffin Mickey Duffy
  John Dugan John F. Dugan
Albert V. Dukes Jr. Albert V. Dukes Sr. Robert Dukes
Rev. Walter Scott Dunlop James Dunn George H. Durar III
James Durkin John Durkin Charles W. Dutton
    Andrea Dworkin
John Lester Dyer Benjamin Dzick Jr. Anthony Dzinski
Isaac W. Eason

Bad Bill Eagan

Patrick Eagan

Oscar Adams Eastlack Thomas Eastlack Walter Eastlack
Alban Eavenson Alban T. Eavenson II Jones Eavenson
  Walter Edgerton
"Kentucky Rosebud"
Byron Edwards
Charles B. Edwards John C. Edwards John S. Edwards
Samuel Edwards Forrest "Dutch" Eisenhart James Elberson
William P. Elberson Edward Eldred  
Charles Elfreth Charles H. Elfreth Samuel S. Elfreth
  Edgar R. Ellender Sr. Henry R. Elliott
John W. Elliott Dr. Alexander Ellis Charles H. Ellis
David Russell Ellis George Ellis  
  James Norris Ellis Lillian Boyer Ellis
Walter P. Ellis Wilbur B. Ellis Zellie Ellis
Frans Ludvik Engdahl Kenneth Endt Joseph F. Ernst
  Gustave A. Ernst
& G. Hugo Ernst
Wilson Ernst
Angelo Errichetti Charles H. Errickson Cullis B. Errickson
Clifford Eubanks Sr. Charles Evans Huey Evans
John R. Evans   Roland Evans
  Carl R. Evered Rev. Charles Evers
Anisim Evfimenko Thomas Ewanichak John A. Ewing
Ernest F. Fagan John Fallan Admiral William J. Fallon
Rocco Fanelle Charles Fanelli
aka Charlie Mack
 Rocco Fanelli
Edwin Farnham Levi E. Farnham Richard A. Farris
Philip Farrow Louis F. Fattore Mario Fattore
A. Wesley Faust William T. Feitz  
Charles H. Felton Col. George G. Felton Leon Feltz
Charles Michael Ferat Charles M. Ferat Sr. Charles M. Ferat Jr.
Eddie Ferat    
William Ferguson Virgil Ferrari Lewis Ferrell
Isaac Ferris Sr. Isaac Ferris Jr. Jacob Ferris
John Ferry Richard Fetters Arthur A. Fields
Edwin Figueroa Watson Finch John H. Fine
Miriam Nulty Finkeldey Frederick A. Finkeldey Edward Finley
Howard Firth Judson K. Fish  
  Harvey J. Fisher Joseph H. Fisher
Linwood Fisher Samuel E. Fisher Jr. Samuel E. Fisher Sr.
  Winfield S. Fisk Dr. Lorenzo F. Fisler
Frank S. Fithian Charles H. Fitzsimmons III Charles H. Fitzsimmons IV
Fr. Peter J. Fitzsimmons Jefferson J. "Jeff"
Jessie Chew Flanagan
Joseph "Mose" Flannery Jesse N. Flax  
  Clifford N. Flenard Harvey Flitcraft
James J. Flynn Jr. William F. Foehl Maurice P. Foley
Charles Ford    
Henry S. Ford Andrew H. Foreman Jr. Joseph H. Forsyth
Augustine Fortune John Foster Lawrence Fotine
Charles Foulon Charles J. Fox Richard Francesconi
Ventorino Francesconi Thomas Francis Ronald G.J. Frank
W. Scott Franklin Harry H. Franks Captain
 Andrew Blair Frazee
Robert Freeman Dr. Elmer S. Freidberg Charlotte C. French
Nelson G. French Samuel J.T. French Sr. Samuel J.T. French Jr.
Thomas E. French John F. "Scotty" Friedel Walter W.E. Friedrichs
Frank Frost    
George Frost George W. Frost Henry Frost
George E. Fry Wilfred W. Fry Clarence Fuhrman
Pedro Fuller V. M. "Mac" Fulton Jacob L. Furer
John A. Furey George A. Fuscellaro Robert Frymoyer
Vivian Gaddis John F. Gaffney Sr. John F. Gaffney Jr.
    John F. Galanaugh
Yale Galanter Charles M. Galasso Charles Gall
Bernard Gallagher James F. Gallagher Joseph J. Gallagher
Leonard F. Garbrecht Jo Ann Garcia George W. Garner
Charles G. Garrison Frank W. Garrison Lindley M. Garrison
Edward Garrity John T. Garrity Jerise Garten Sr.
Samuel M. Gaul John Gaylor  
Stanley S. Geda Chester Gedrich Elsie Gehm
William E. Gehret Jr. Arthur Gelhaar George Genge
Charles H. Genter Anthony Gentile Joseph Gentlesk
Al George Fred W. George Nicholas George
  Anthony Georgette  
Henry J. Gerke Robert Gess George Getley
 William Getner George D. Getty Sr. Joseph A. Gforer
Thomas F. Gibbons Arthur J. Gibson Charles E. Gibson
Gloria 'Little Bits' Gibson John Gibson Jr. Robert Gibson
Howard L. Gick Robert Gick John Giletto
Freddie Gilling Robert A. Gilmore Rocco Gimello
Willam S. Gimello Joseph Giordano Horace G. Githens
Ralph T. Githens Rose Giuffre John J. Giuliano
Charles M. Gladney Phillip A. Glass Edward G. Glaze
John Glazer Harry G. Gleason Lester A. Gleason
William Gleason William J. "Kid" Gleason George  B. Glover
George Goetz   John W. Golden
Thomas Golding Orville Goldsboro Jr. Dr. Henry Goldstein
Dr. Hyman Goldstein Dr. Leopold Goldstein Dr. Louis Marshall Goldstein
Solomon J. & Rose Goldstein Frank Gondolf Gus Gondolf Sr.
Peter Gondolf Richard B. Gondolf Sr. Edward Gondolff
Duane E. Goobic Ellis Goodman Harry A. Goodman
Howard J. Goonan Jr. Edmund F. Gorczynski Bruce S. Gordon
Dr. Milton H. Gordon Robert Gordon Thomas W. Gordon
William B. Gordon Jr Daniel A. Gottlieb Florence Gottwald
  David Gould Clair H. "Red" Graham
John Graham Sr. John James Graham Thomas R. Grapevine
aka Thomas R. Grapewine
Elisha A. Gravenor Joseph R. Graw John Gray
John M. Gray Peter S. Gray Walter B. Gray
    Charles Graziosa
Alfred Green Alfred E. Green Danny Green
Henry "Harry" Green Elizabeth "Lizzie" Green William H. Green
Harry A. Greenan Hugh Greenan Hugh A. Greenan
Samuel E. Greene Joe & Mike
Lillie E. Greenwood
Major Charles Greenwood Charles H. Greer Leon Grenkwicz
J. Maxwell Griffin David Griffiths Daniel Grimes
Richard J. Grimes Dr. Alex Grobman Henry C. "Harry" Grosscup
    Joseph R. Guarino
Benjamin Grum Rev. William Grum John P. Gryckiewicz
Louis Gueness Ronald E. Guernon Frank W. Guetherman
aka Tip Gorman
Thomas Guthridge Mrs. Mary Guthridge William Guthridge
Frank Guthrie Oliver S. Guthrie Jr. Oliver S. "Ollie" Guthrie III
Samuel F.B. "Sam" Guthrie Theodore F. Guthrie Theodore N. Guthrie
John Haas Rev. John S. Hackett Stephen Haday
Charles H. Hagerman Edward C. Hahn  
Dr. Carleton D. Haigis Michael Hailey  
Harry Albert Haines Sr. Harry Albert Haines Jr. Henry Isaac Haines
Joshua C. Haines Dr. Rowland I Haines  
John James Hainsworth Sr. J. James "Big Jim"
Hainsworth Jr.
John J. "Jim" Hainsworth III
Joseph C. Hainsworth   Collie L. Hairston Sr.
Sgt. Roy Haldeman George Denniston Haley Carl W. Hall
Ira Hall Frances S. Hall Fred Hall
Lenny Hall Reba Barnes Hall
aka Mrs. Reba Griffee
Mike Hallahan   Harry L. Hallowell
Bruce C. Hallowell Sr. Jacob Hamilton Joe Hamilton
Kay Hamilton Benjamin A. Hammell George F. Hammond
Charles S. Hance Alice B. Hanford H.B. Hanford
Harry Hankins Admiral Donald Hann Frank B. Hanna
Mahlon E. Harden John F. Harned Patrick Harding
John C. Harper Michael L. Harper Rev. Elwood A. Harrar
Samuel E. Harring William R. Harring Sr. William R. Harring Jr
Howard F. Harrington Harry A. Harris Sr. William Harris
Charles H. Hart George B. Hart T. Casper Hart
William D. Hart Herbert Hartley Edward Hartman
Frank J. Hartmann Sr. Frank J. Hartmann Jr. Robert Hartmann
Charles B. 
"Barney" Harvey
Lee F. Harvey William Harvey
William Hasse Charles H. Hatch Cooper B. Hatch
Hugh Hatch Hugh Morgan Hatch Joe Hatch
Col. William B. Hatch Leroy Hatchett August F. Haverkamp
Clarence Hawkins Miller Hawkins William H. Hawkins
Alfred Hayden   Raymond J. Healey
John F. Healy Michael Hearne John H. Heaton
George Heckenhorn William Heckenhorn John Heileman
Fred Heimach Norman Heine William H. Heiser
Dr. Charles B. Helm Dr. David Helm Jr. John W. Helmbold
George Hemphill George C. Hennessey Allen M. Henry
John Henson    
John W. Heritage Cantor Louis J. Herman William Hertline
Allen F. Hess Harry Hess Joseph N. Hettel Sr.
Harry W. Hewitt James E. Hewitt Herbert Hibbs
Isaac Hibbs John Hibbs Wesley W. Hibbs
Gertrude L. Higgins Daria Hill John Hill
John Hill August Hiller  
Joseph Hillop William D. "Dean" Hillman William G. Hillman
Frederick Himmelein William E. Hinch William E. Hinch II
Charles D. Hineline Frank J. Hineline Theodore Hinson
  Ephraim T. Hires  
Dr. E. Reed Hirst Dr. Levi B. Hirst Frank G. Hitchner
Dr. Conrad G. Hoell Conrad Hoer   Captain
Francis W. Hoffman
Gordon S. Holder
Arthur Holl George Holl
  Lewis F. Holl  John Holland  George W. Hollins
Edward Holloway Douglas Holmes Ivin H. Holmes
Samuel T. "Tommy" Holmes Thomas Homan  
  Ernst H. Holscher Joseph A. Hooven
Lester E. Honey   Carleton R. Hopkins William Hopkins
William J. Hopkins   George Horneff   George W. Horner
Joel Horner Sally Horner William C. Horner
 Harry W. Horst Richard Houghtaling Ronald A. Houston
Frank Howard James A. Howell Richard W. Howell
William R. Hosier Walter P. Hubbs Sr. Paul G. Huber
Ben Hudson John D. Huelas E. Allen Hughes.
Woodrow Hughes Charles T. Humes Jr. Charles "Charley" Humes.
Dr. Ernest G. Hummel Charles S. Humphreys Louis B. Humphreys Sr.
David Humphries David W. Humphries Chick Hunt
C. Howard Hunt David Hunt Eli M. Hunt
George H. Hunt George S. Hunt Dr. Henry F. Hunt
James H. Hunt Jesthroe Hunt  
John A.S. Hunt Dr. Willis H. Hunt Irwin F. Huntzinger
William K. Hurff Albert C. Hurley Sr. William Leonard Hurley
William J. Hurlock   Cadwallader Hutchinson
Captain John G. Hutchison Tennie G. Hutchison Jr. Edward S. Hyde
Joe Hyde Dr. Reyquew Hyghcock

Mrs. Emma Hyland 

Carmen Iannelli Frank Iannelli Leonard Iannelli
Pasquale 'Pat' Iarossi William T. Irelan  
Dr. William H. Ireland Loretta F. Ireland Dr. William H. Iszard
Frank Italiano    
Alfred Ivins Mahlon F. Ivins Sr. Mahlon F. Ivins Jr.
Eric Jackson George M. Jackson William E. Jaeckel
Sig Jakucki Joseph L. Jagodzinski A. Lincoln James
Albert E. James Edward T. James Howard L. James
Stanley L. Janasz Richard B. Janice William F. Jann
    Samuel M. Jaquillard
Stanley K. Jaskolski Joshua C. Jefferis William Jeffreys
Robert C. Jenkins Joseph Jennings Jay Jerome
Frank B. Jess George W. Jessup Jr. Daniel F. Jiannetto
George W. Jobes Samuel B. Jobes William B. Jobes
Everett Jobes August L. "Gus" Johnson Elmer C. Johnson Jr.
  George B. Johnson George H. Johnson
George W. Johnson John W. Johnson Jesse P. Johnson
Joseph T. Johnson Leon Johnson Prescott V. Johnson III
Robert Burk Johnson Samuel E. Johnson James P. Johnston
Virginia Johnston Anna M. Johntra Jesse Johntra
Albert Jones Albert C. Jones Frank S. Jones
James O. Jones Jesse M. Jones John H. Jones
May A. Jones McCoy Jones Nathan Jones
Rollo Jones Vernon C. Jones  
Wendela E. Jones Dr. William S. Jones Everett Joslin
Japhet B. Joyce Edward Jubb William Judge
John Kaczmarek   Dr. Mustapha M. Khan
  Charles Kaighn Elias Kaighn
John R. Kaighn Lewis S. Kaighn Wilfred M. Kaighn
William G. Kairer Sr.    
Otto V. Kaiser Stanley Kaminski William L. Kamman
Elma Leary "Sis" Kane Manuel Kane George F. Kappel
George W. A. Kappel John B. Kates Lewis Katz
Dr. Benjamin W. Kauffman Thomas Kauffman Charles Kaufmann
Theodore T. Kausel Francis N. Kawa Charles J. "Jeff" Kay
  Henry J. "Beanie" Keating John J. Keating
John J. Keefe William F. Keegan Carole "Ife" Keene
aka Carole Ann Kilgore
Larry Keighley Dr. William Irvin Kelchner Edward J. Kelleher Sr.
  Grant R. Keller  
Anson Kelley George Kelley John Martin Kelley
John S. Kelley William H. Kelley Carl F. Kellman
Benjamin L. Kellum Jacob W. Kellum John Sylvester Kellum
Daniel Kelly John W. Kelly Jr. Michael F. Kelly
  Thomas C. Kelly Jr.  
William E. Kelly Jr. William E. Kelly Sr. William J. Kelly
Martha Kemble James Kennedy John C. Kennedy
Walter E. Kennedy
Walter West
William Kennedy George W. Kephart
  John F. Kerby Abraham Kern
Owen Kernan James H. Kessler Samuel Kesler
Augustus V. Kester Henry S. Keubler Dr. David Keyser
Samuel A. Kilpatrick Paul Adolf Kind Sr. Edward Stokes King
Victor King Adelbert J. "Duke" Kirk Sr.  
  Dr. Grant E. Kirk J. Howard
Howard N. Kirkbride
Carl Kisselman David Kisselman George W. Kleaver Sr.
  Harry Kleinfelder  
George Kleinheinz Fred Klosterman Joe Klosterman
Charles H. Klump Henry Knauer Philip Knauff
August Knorr Harry Gill Knowles Henry C. Knowles
  Robert L. Knox John "Happy" Kowal
Anthony Kobus Joseph Kobus Mrs. Mary Kobus
Gustav A. Koerner Sr.   Peter J. Kokocha
Adam Kolb Jr.  Adam Kolb Sr.  John J. Kolessar Jr.
Frank Kopesky   A. Wayne Kraft
Bayard R. Kraft Sr. Lt. Col. Harry C. Kramer Charles Krattenmaker
Edward Kreher Harry Kreher Herman O. Kreher
Peter Kucharski    
Frank Kuda George Kurtyan Harry Kyler
Alfred Ladner Michael C. LaFrance  
Charles Laib Martin M. Laibow Peter Laird
William E. Laird William W. Laird Dr. Nicholas F. LaMaina
Nicholas J. LaMaina Jack LaMarra Theodore Lambert
Albion R. Lane Barton Lane Charles M. Lane
Clifford V. Lane James M. Lane Joe Lang
Don Langford Samuel M. Langston Samuel Laning
  Robert M. Lapp  
James J. Large Philip J. Large William F. Large Jr.
Anthony M. Lario Frank M. Lario Sr. Ferdinand Larkin
Dr. William M. Lashman    
William Latham Thomas Lauria
Tommy Ricco
Vince "Duke" Lauria
William Laute Bayard G. Lawrence Sr. Charles H. Lawyer
Reginald Laws "Ott" Laxton  Daniel W. Leach
Ellen Leary

More about Ellen Leary

Herb Leary Dr. John D. Leckner
Irvin K. Lederman Howard Lee Lewis Lee
  Richard H. Lee Thomas M. K.. Lee Jr.
William C. Lee George Leibecke Harry McKee Leigh
John Lenkowski Ed "Eggie" Lennox John H. Lennox
Samuel Lennox John Leo Jacob Leon
Harry Leonard Joseph Leonhardt Dr. Charles B. Lesher
Dr. Mabel G. Lesher Joseph J. Lesniewski Frank L'Esperance
John F. Letts Charles Washington Letzgus Ezekiel Jacob Levin
Leonard "Yutie" Levin Myron "Pep" Levin Winfield D. LeViseur
Susan Leviton  Simon Levy  Dr. Sigmond S. Lewandowski
Howard A. Lewis James Lewis Lewis T. Lewis Jr.
Lewis Liberman William H. Lickfeld William E. Lickfeld
Julius Lighthiser
Frankie "Kid" Carlin
  Thomas J. Linkins
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott Mrs. Miriam Early Lippincott Dr. Paul N. Litchfield
Benjamin Little

Peter Liwoch

Frank T. Lloyd Sr.
Edward G. Locke Samuel Lodge John J. Logan
David Logue Joseph Logue Carlo Lombardo
    Dominick Lombardo
Elmer E. Long

James H. Long

John P. Long
George W. Loper Gloria C. Loprete Harold E. Lorang Sr.
William H. Lorigan Sr. William J. Lorigan  
Charles N. Lovett Isaac Lovett Jr. Dr. Joseph C. Lovett
Abraham Lower Martin J. Lowther Bob Lucas
Johnny Lucas Leon Lucas Guerino Luciani
Michael Lupico John H. Lutts Rueben F. Lynch
William J. Lyons    
Paul R. Macalister Walter H. MacClaskey  
Philip MacDonald Edward R.MacDowell Conn L. Mack
Gordon Mackay Harrison MacNeir Clement G. Madara
Clarence T. Madden William Madison Henry Magin
Oscar W. Magnuson Paul Maguigen William J. Maguire
Marcia Mahan Dr. J. Lynn Mahaffey John E. "Jack" Maher
Harry Mailahn    
Angelo D. Malandra Louis Malinowski Richard P. Malinowski
Joseph Manfredini Frank J. Manning Harold C. Many
  Truman F. Maples  
Nicholas Marchisello Ronald A. Marcianna Guilio Marcozzi
Dr. Frederick W. Marcy Gene R. Mariano Nicholas Marinella
John R. Marini Anthony F. Marino Antonio Marino
Stanley Markiewicz Austin E. Marks John Maroldo
William P. Marsh Benjamin Marshall  
Casper J. Martelli Louis J. Martelli  
Richard S. Marter William Marter Edward H. Martin
Elwood Martz Richard C. Mason Bernice Massi
Brigadier General
John A. Mather Jr.
James Mathes Jr. Charles E.A. "Pop" Mathews
John H. Mathis Paul Mathis Bowman Matlack
Josiah Matlack Anthony Mattio Walter S. Mattison
Paul S. Matyjasik Harry B. Maxwell
Joseph Maxwell William R. Maxwell Philip A. Maycott
Charles E. "Ed" Mayo Andrew McBurney Thomas J. McCabe
Michael McCaffery    
Rear Admiral
Bowman Hendry McCalla
James H. McCann Robert W. McCarthy
William McCauley Raymond F. McClintock Elbridge B. McClong
  Charles L. "Mack" McKeone John McCloskey
Mary McClyment Joseph McComb Sr. Joseph McComb Jr.
  Dan McConnell Daniel P. McConnell
Henry "Harry" McConnell Heber E. McCord Sidney P. McCord Sr.
  Thomas McCowan James McCracken Jr.
Lizzie McCreight James McDade  
  James H. McDermott Herbert A. McDonald
James P. McEvoy James V. McFadden Sylvester McGrath
Helen McHugh John McKay William Henry "Harry"
  John F. McKenna Thomas McKenna
  Isaac McKinley William McKinley
Frank McLaughlin Thomas McLaughlin Rev. Rufus McLendon
Andrew J. McMahon Clarence E. McMullen Thomas McParland
Francis X. McTaggart James McTaggart John McTaggart
Joseph McTaggart    
Frederick L. Mead Edward H. Mead Adam W. Meade
Antonio Mecca Harold J. Megee Leonard J. Megee
Herbert Megowan Harold Melleby Sr. Edward Melson
Dr. Willard Mengel Robert Mentz Elwood "Ed" Menzies
George W. Meriwether   Isaac Merrick
William J. Merrigan Walter A. Mertz  
Frances M. Messick Eddie Metelski Everett R. Meves
Edward V. Michalak William Michalak Firmin F. Michel
J.R. Mick Albert C. Middleton Amedee S. Middleton
Benjamin Middleton Frank P. Middleton George Middleton
  Harry B. Middleton Isaac Middleton
Dr. Melbourne F. Middleton  Melbourne F. Middleton
Timothy Middleton
Michael Mignona Michael A. Mignona  
George J. Mikels   Milton Milan
Henry Miles William "Paddy" Miles Albert W. Miller
Andrew Miller Andrew "Fritz" Miller Edward Solomon Miller
Frank H. Miller Harry Miller  
  Robert F. Miller Robert S. Miller
Warren P. Miller Wayne V. Miller William H. Miller
Edwin T. Mills Christopher J. Mines Jr. Christopher J. Mines Sr.
Dr. Marcus K. Mines William W. Mines  
Levering Minister John J. Mitchell Anthony Douglas Moffa
Roy Rocco Moffa Charles C. "Chauncey" Moffett Henry C. "Harry" Moffett
John J. Mogck Jr. John H. Mohrfeld  
Christopher Moll Jr. William Moll Anthony Mona
James J. Monahan. Carmen Mongiorno Seth D. Monnell
Joe Montana Ralph B. Montgomery Charles W. Moore
Glenn H. Moore Harry K. Moore John E. Moore
Oscar A. Moore


Smith Moore Harry A. Moran
  E.R. Morehouse Sr. Kevin J. Moreland Sr.
George H. Morgan John Morgan J. Willard Morgan
Oliver H. Morgan Capt. Elijah Morehouse Sr.  
Edward N. Morgenweck William "Billy" Morgenweck E.R. Morehouse Sr.


Max F. Moritz Benjamin "Sonny" Morrell William Morris
William A. Morrison Frederick Morse Andrew S. Morton
Robert A. Morton Samuel H. Morton Elizabeth Moses
Dr. William S. Moslander Louis R. Mote Clarence E. Moullette
John B. Moullette William S. Mountney  
  Frank Mroczkowski Kazimierz Mulawa
August Muench Dr. Isaac S. Mulford Patrick Michael Mulvihill
John Mulligan George A. Munger Albert A. Mungioli
Michael Mungioli Robert Patrick Munro Isaac Muns
John Munter Howard P. Murphy  
  Thomas J. Murphy Thomas P. Murphy
Charles T. Murray Joseph A. Murray Joseph H. Murray
William L. Murray Sr. Bishop George V. Murry George Murry
  Edward F. Murtaugh William J. Myles
Jacob Naden Rocco Nasuti Vincenzo "James" Nasuti
  James E. Navin  
Charles M. Naylor Sr. Kennard H. Naylor William H. Neale
William P. Neale Joseph J. Nece Sr. Howell S. Needham
    Martin "Sid" Nelson
Jacob F. Nessen Dr. Leon N. Neulen Frank F. Neutze Sr.
  Mark Newby  
Harry Newton Laurence W. Newton Thomas J. Nicholas
  Eddie Nichols  
Nick Nichols George S. Nicktern Victoria Nicktern
Herman F. Niessner Alfred D. Nigro Rev. J. Allen Nimmo
Eddie Novak George Nowrey Joseph E. Nowrey
John Nulty    
Frank A. Oberman Anthony J. Oberst George A. Oberst
James Henry O'Brien Maurice F. O'Brien  
T. Carroll O'Brien William J. "Reds" O'Brien Harry Obus
Joe O'Connor Morris Odell Morris M. Odell
Martin Odlen John Odorisio Thomas J. Ogden
 Jack O'Grady Patrick M. O'Keefe Stephen M. O'Keefe
Elsa Olah John J. Olden Robert P. Olesiewicz
Dominick Oliveto Edward W. Ollek John H. O'Neil
John J. O'Neil William J. O'Neil James M. O'Neill
Richard O'Neill Dr. William H. O'Neill  
John Opfer John E. Opfer Sr. John G. Opfer
Marie Opfer Frank B. Oppecker Sr. Frank B. Oppecker Jr.
Theodore Orbaczewski Samuel P. Orlando Anthony Orme
Vincent Orme Leonard E. Oshushek Samuel Oshushek
George Osler William H. Osler August W. Oswald Jr.
The Otero Family S. Conrad Ott Anthony Orme
Richard Outwater Harry F. Owens Joseph J. Owsianka
John Pabst    
  Hettie Kersey Painter John Painter
Anthony "Tony" Palese Dominick Palese Rocco Palese
William Palese

Dr. Howard F. Palm

Allen Palmer Leroy Palmer Ralph H. Palmer
    Dr. Dillwyn P. Pancoast
Garfield Pancoast Richard M. Pancoast Sr. Thomas S. Pancoast
Charles N. Panelli Michael Panelli Anthony "Babe" Paradise
James V. Paradise Raymond Paradise William Parke
Horace B. Parker Jr. Stephen Parsons William P. Partenheimer Jr.
Charles F. Patterson Edward L. Patterson Francis Ford Patterson Jr.
Godfrey Patterson Isabelle Patterson William W. Patterson
Samuel Patton Samuel E. Patton

Walter Patton

David S. Paul Harry B. Paul Robert J. Tait Paul

Daniel Paulk

Peter N. Paull

Nicholas H. Pavlak
Norman Payne Samuel D. Payne

Alexander Peacock

  Robert "Bob" Peacock  
Dr. Edward C. Pechin

Josiah S. Pedigree

Harry Pierce Pelouze Sr.
Rev. James S. Pemberton Ambioris Antonio Pena-Duran Dennis Penn
Kenneth Penn Thomas Penn  
Michael  Penna Sr. Ann Pennington Samuel Peoples
Michael Pepe Edward E. Peraria Sr. William Pernier
Eric L. Perry Sr. Charles Henry Peters Frank W. Peters
James C. Peterson John M. Peterson William Van Pfefferle

Nathan Petit

H. Frank Pettit George E. Pfeiffer Jr.
Stephen Pfeil

August Pflederer

Clarence Phifer Wallace Phifer

Edward M. Phillips

Walter L. Phillips

Alfred R. Pierce  
  Edmund G. Pike Edward A. "Ed" Pike
Harold H. Pike Harrison B. Pike Wilbert V. Pike Sr.
Dr. Louis J. Pilcher Benjamin F. Pine Robert Pine
Rev. Walter A. Pine Sr. Bronislaw Piontkowski Mamie F. Piraine
Isaiah Pitts I. Daryl Pitts John W. Plum
Arthur J. Podmore Dr. Garrett Cox Pogue Sr. Ludwig Polniak
Martin Portnoy Victor Potamkin Howard M. Potter
John T. Potter Edward Powell Joey Powell
Stanley Powell Jesse W. Pratt Alice K. Predmore
Edward A. Preisendanz Rudolph Preisendanz Jr. Rudolph Preisendanz Sr.
John Prentice Dr. Sophia Presley Charles H. Price
Furman C. Price Horace C. Price Max Price
Paul F. Price Sr. Raymond G. Price Samuel M. Price
Winfield Scott Price
Joseph C. Prickitt Dr. Howard F. Primas Sr.
Theodore L. Primas John Prucella Morris Puro
Clarence Pursglove George H. Pursglove  
Leon F. Puszczykowski Leon C. Puszczykowski Joseph Putek
Steve Quarles    
Howard Quick Kenneth B. Quigley George Tabor Quinn
Michael J. "Mickey" Quinn Carl Quinton Dawn Quinton
Andrew Rabeau Lena Rago Albert C. Raeuber
Isaac Randolph Nelson W. Randolph  
  Ervin F. "Bud" Ray James Read
Lucretia S. Read Walter N. Read Dr. William T. Read
Dr Addison B. G. Reader John Reader  Lawrence Reader
Dana Redd David Redd Effie Reed
Franklin Reed Herman N. Reed Joseph Reed
  Larry Reed Thomas Reed
William F. Reed William H. Reed George A. Reese III
Clay W. Reesman Augustus Reeve Richard H. Reeve
James H. Reeve William E. Reeves  Irene J. Reger
Marco Reginelli Daniel B. Reigel Max F. Reihman
Edward J. Reilly John Reilly John F. Renner
Jacob Rettberg Frederick A. Rex Charles A. Reynolds
William Reynolds Dr. David S. Rhone Dr. Emma M. Richardson
Herbert Richardson Sr. James A. Richardson  
Richard J. Richardson Walter "Rich" Richardson William D. Richardson
Harry C. Richmond Steve Rico  
  Dr. Henry Stanley Riddle Elmer G. Riegert
Rabbi Naftali Riff Michael Rinehart John F. Rittenhouse
Gamalier Rivera Tony Rizzo James Roach
Richard Rourke Edwin Robbins George M. Roberson
John S. Roberts Joseph E. Roberts Sr. Dr. Joseph E. Roberts
William L. Roberts Col. William B. Robertson Andrew D. Robinson
Charles H. Robinson    
Earl Robinson Dr. George T. Robinson Joshua H. Robinson
Lucius Robinson Frank Smith Rodan John T. Rodan
James "Jimmy" Rodgers Carl J. Rogers Sr. Charley Rogers
  John A. Rogers William G. Rohrer
Sherron Rolax Nicholas Romaine Leonard Laurence Roray
Jacob Rosa Charles A. Rose William J. Rose
Col. Nathan Rosengarten Robert Rosengarten Benjamin P. Rosensweig
Isreal Ross William J. Ross  
F. Joseph Rouh George Roundey Robert Rowan Jr.
Belford G. Royal Sol Rubin David M. Rubinstein
Harry A. Rudolph Cesar Ruiz Helen M. Rush
William H.. Rushworth Tom Ryan Robert A. Ryrie
Nicola Saccomanno Josiah Sage  
  Carole Saline Madeline Salvatore
Pete Samko
(aka Peter J. Samkovitch)
William F. "Billy" Sand David W. Sanders
Lillian Santiago Pedro 'Pepito' Santiago Sr. Ernest M. Santone Jr.
Anthony C. Saponare Rox Saponare Frank G. Sapp
  Michael P. Sarubbi George C. Saunders
Orris William Saunders
George Savitsky Charles A. Sawyer
William O. Sawyer Alfred L. Sayers William D. Sayrs Jr.
Andrew Scarduzio James J. Scarduzio Nicholas Scarduzio
Emanuel W. Schaeffer James J. Schaffer Benjamin Schatz
George Schatz George Schaub Lou Schaub
Dr. E.A.Y. Schellenger Sr. Dr. E.A.Y. Schellenger
Dr. Edward Schiff
Jacob "Jake" Schiller John Schimpf Louis C. Schlam
    Edward Schlereth
Adam Schlorer Edward Schlorer John A. Schlorer
William O. Schmick William F. Schmid Sig Schoenagle
William Schoenagle Louis Schmidt William Scholl
Herbert J. Schott William Schregler John Martin Schreiber
Leo L. Schroedel Bernhard C. Schroeder Bernhard F. Schroeder
Frederick Schucker Charles Schultz William E. Schultz
William H. Schwaab Gustav Schwoeri Vincent Scola
Edward Y. Scott Emmett Scott James J. Scott
Henry S. Scovel Hugh Scroggy  
Father Sal Scuderi Reuben G. Scudder Samuel Scull
Joe Seddon Jr. Martin "Marty" Segal Dr. Stanton Segal
Dr. Stanton Segal Bill Seitzinger Walter Sekula
Harry Selby Colonel George L. Selby Ferdinand F. Sell
J. Wesley Sell John L. Semple Frank Senatore
George R. Serfling Sr. William Joyce Sewell Charles Sexton
Jesse D. Seybold John D. Seybold Kevin J. Seybold
  Thomas Shanahan Edward Shapiro
Daniel H. Sharp Harry C. Sharp Howard Sharp
Casper T. Sharpless Edward Savery Sharpless Albert Shaw
  Edmund Shaw Frank Shaw
John P. Shaw Louis Shaw Samuel M. Shay
William H. Shearman Louis Shectman Bartholomew A. Sheehan
John R. Sheldon James J. Sheppard Frank Sheridan
Edward Frank Sherman Martin Sherman Carroll P. Sherwood
Jane Shibe George W. Shields Grover D. Shinn
James Proctor Shinn John A. Shortell Isaac M. Shreeve
Joseph Shreeve    
Isaac C. Shute James W. Shroff Jacob Silver
Clement Simmons Marie E. Simon Benjamin Simon
Edward Simpson J. William Simpson Joseph G. Simpson
William A. Simpson Max M. Singer Dr. Isadore Samuel Siris
Anthony P. Skolski John Skolski
aka John E. Jaskolski
Lew Skymer
Thomas A. Skymer Thomas J. "Tommy" Skymer Jo Skymer
Ralph E. Slater Nesbert Y. Sloan James J. Slomkowski
Stanley E. Sluzalis George T. Small Abraham Smalls
A.B. Cooley Smith Andrew B.F. Smith

Charles Henry Smith

Charley Smith    

Clarence S. Smith

Crawford M. Smith

Daniel Smith

David Smith

David K. Smith

Earl A. Smith Sr.

Emmitt Y. Smith Jr.

Frank H. Smith George Smith
George L. Smith Sr.

Harriet Smith

Howard Smith

James W. Smith

John Anthony Smith

John S. Smith

Raymond F. 
"Little Ray" Smith

"Sgt. Ray" Smith
Roy A. Smith Spencer Smith Jr. Spencer Smith Sr.
Philip A. Smith Richard F. Smith T. Yorke Smith
Walter Smith Walter F. Smith General Wilbur A. Smith

William H. "Policy Bill" Smith

William H. "W. Harry" Smith

William H. Smith William J. Smith Bill Smothers
Alfred S. Snow James L. Snyder Jr. James R. Snyder
Joe Snyder Leroy Snyder Woodley R. Snyder
Mary Ellen Soistmann Rebecca
Norbert G. Sorensen
Carl F. Sorg Dr. Jose A. Sosa A. Benjamin Sparks
Joseph Sparks Joe Spearing Leo Spector
William P. Spencer George W. Spicks Frank Spinogatti
    Paul L. Springer II
Walter J. Staats Minerva Stackhouse Virgil E. Stackhouse Sr.
Stelios C. "Steve" Staffos Harry A. Stahl  Harry F. Stains
Everett W. Staley H. Raymond Staley Thomas Stammerjohann
Thomas Stanger Arthur Stanley
Milton K. Stanley Dr. James Grier Stanton Dr. James H. Stanton
John Stanton   Robert Stanton
Walter J.A. Stanton Sr. Walter J.A. Stanton Jr. William Stanton
Christian S. Stark Sr. Raymond Stark Jesse W. Starr Sr.
John F. Starr    
Alonzo W. Stedman Roy Steele Morris J. Steelman
Robert Steer Lewis Stehr Jr. Sidney Steinberg
William T. Steinmetz William John Stephan William B. Stephens
Charles P. Stephenson Edwin A. Stevens Elmer Ellsworth Stevens
James Stewart Roy R. Stewart Francis Stibi
Charles P. Stephenson Edwin A. Stevens Elmer Ellsworth Stevens
Louis Stevens Harry C. Stevenson  
Evelyn M. Stewart Francis Stibi William J. Stibi Jr.
Valerie Still Frank L. Stillwell George Stineford
  Albert A. Stinger Francis K. "Skip" Stinger
Philip A. Stinger Philip B. Stinger Gideon V. Stivers
Rev. Martin S. Stockett Frank Stockton John A. Stockton
    Henry Ford Stockwell
Harry Stokes Dr. Arthur L. Stone Joshua Fish Stone
Earl Stopfer Abraham J. Stow  
Joey Straiges William J. Strandwitz Rev. Howard D. Stratton
John Strauss John W. Streeper Dr. A.E. Street
Msgr. Arthur B. Strenski Dr. Daniel Strock  
Charles Sturgis John A. Stutzke Samuel M. Subers
William M. Suders James R. Sudler William B. Sullender
Thomas Timothy Sullivan Henry F. Surault Edward T. Suski Sr.
Frank J. Suttill James H. Sutton John W. Sutton
    Frank B. Sweeten
George A. Sweeten Judy Swerlick Joseph Swing
Charles Swope C. Edward Swope Maurice H. Swope
  Stephen Szwak George R. Szymanski
  Howard Roy "Roy" Taggart  
William H. Tansky Jr. Ernest A. Tartaglia J. Leidy Tatem
James E. Tatem William H. Tatem Sr. David Tattersdill
Robert L. Tatum Carolina W. Taylor Dr. Henry Genet Taylor
  John H. Taylor Walter Taylor
William J Taylor Sr. George S. Tempest Christian Tenner
George Adam Tenner G. Rudolph Tenner  
Tri Thach William M. Thayer Benjamin H. Thomas
Reighn Thomas
(Toni Thomas-Child)
Robert L. Thomas Stephen L. Thomas
Aaron A. Thompson Alvin S. Thompson George R. Thompson Sr.
    Marshall Thompson
William Thompson Reino A. Thompson Margaret Thomson
Clarence Thorn    
William Thorn Thomas W. Thornley Charles H. Thornton
Nathan Thornton Frank Tiberi William H. Tice
Joseph Till J. Oscar Till Nelson Till
    Antoinette Tisa
John Tisa Stephen Titus John J. Toal
Charles A. Todd Leon E. Todd Robert Todd
  William Tomar Leo J. Tompkins Jr.
Leo J. Tompkins Sr. Isaac C. Toone George Torgun
Jesus "Jee" Torres Louis J. Tortu
aka Luigi Tortu
George M. Townsend
Isaac S. "Ike" Toy John W. Toy William Earl Toy
Bernard J. "Barney" Tracy Harry J. "Barney" Tracy J. Walter Trappe
Don Traveline Frank M. Traveline  G. Frank Travis
Platte M. Trevito Roscoe Tribbett Louis Troiano
Fiore Troncone Richard A. Troncone John W. Trout
Edward Troutman James Troutman Robert K. Troutman
Frank Truax Clayton Truax Charles H. Truitt
Arthur Truscott J. Lynn Truscott Millwood Truscott
Alfred Trusty Charles Tufnell
aka "Uncle Sam"
Nicholas Tulini
Betty Turner Clarence Turner Frank Turner
Louise C. Turner Robert A. "Bob" Turner William Turner
    William H. Turner
Edward F. Ulrich Sr. Howard Unruh  
Frank Upshaw Gilbert R. Upshaw Robert A. Upshaw Sr.
  Richard F. Urban William Urban
Joseph Valeriano
aka Joe Reno
Anthony Valentine  
John J. Vane William Vangeley Frank S. Van Hart
Ralph G. Van Hart John Vanhart Elmer G. Van Name
James B. Van Sciver Dr. John E.L. Van Sciver John K. Vanstavern
Samuel Vanstavern Joseph A. Varbalow Samuel Varbalow
Laura Veatch Harold I. Vecander Walter Vecander
Herbert T. Vederman Sabba Verdiglione John H. Vickers
Frederick A. Vieser Frank Viggiano Luciano & Eriberta
  Nick Virgilio Hugh J. Vogel Sr.
Jacob Frederick Voigt Charles F. Voll John C. Voll Jr.
John K. Voll Herman "Harry" Vollmer Frederick von Nieda
Sarah Wachsman    
George B. Wade George C. Wade George B. Wade III
George C. Wagner Harry J. Wagner Jr. Harry J. Wagner Sr.
Henry Wagner Joseph Wagner  
Roy A. Wagner Jersey Joe Walcott  
Howard C. Walker

Francis B. Wallen Sr.

Edmund A. Walsh
Benjamin C Walters Jr. Harry F. Walton James F. Walton
Thomas A. Walton William Walton  
  William Wannan Gretchen B. Waples
Aaron Ward Enoch Allen Ward George A. Ward
John W. "Bucky" Ward Joseph G. Ward Dr. Lettie Allen Ward
Robert C. Ward Urquhart A. Ward  
James Ware Jr. John A. Ware Joseph A. Ware
"Broadway Eddie" Warhoftig Thomas J. Wark Rudolph S. Warrington
Dr. Ralph A. Warwick Rollie Waterhouse Michael P. Waters
  Charles E. Watkin William C. Watkin
Donald Watson John R. Watson Harvey G. Watts
Tim Watts Grover Wearshing Francis D. Weaver
Rev. Carl W. Weber George Weber George Weber Jr.
  Frak T. Webster Warren Webster
Oscar Weidenhammer Jack Weinberg Rabbi Max Weine
Bruce Weiner Louis Weisban Frederick A. Weisbrod
Jack Weisfeld Max Weisfeld Israel Weitzman
John Roskze
aka John Welch
Samuel M. Welch Sr. Walter T. Welch
  James Welden John C. Weldy
Albert A. Weller John J. Welsh Joseph D. Wenzelle
Augustus Werner William Harry Werner  
Ethan P. Wescott John W. Wescott Ralph W. Wescott
Meyer "Mike" Wessel Norman I. Wessel Edward West
George S. West James B. West Jr. Lewis T. West
John Leighton Westcott Edward J. Weston William H. Whaland
Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Jr. Wilmer Mason Wheeler Alfred R. White
James White Joel A. "Junie" White Jr. John R. White
Walter G. White William A.H. White Walt Whitman
Robert Whitley Reverend
Augustus D. Whitney, Jr.
Robert W. Whitney Jr.
Orphia M. Whittaker Bruce A. Whittick George W. Whyte
John L. Wible Edward H. Wicker  William Wickward
Eugene Widmann Sr. Frederick Wielandt Reverend Monsignor.
John F. Wieckowski
Samuel Wiesner Kevin Wiggins Dr. Ulysses S. Wiggins
Harry G. Wilkers Sr. John V. Wilkie Richard Coates Wilkins

Virgil Willett

Charles "Buster" Williams

George A. Williams

George A. Williams

George H. Williams


Lewis Williams

Captain Richard Williams

William B. Williams

George Willingmyre
John L. Willis Jr. Eleanor Jane Wilmot Frank Wilmot
Alexander Wilson

George E. Wilson Sr.

Henry B. Wilson Sr. Admiral
Henry B. Wilson Jr.
James Wilson   Joseph Willard Wilson
George B. Wilson Loday Wilson Lucy Dean Wilson
Maurice R. "Mo" Wilson   Mortimer Wilson
Philip Wilson Sylvester F. Wilson Tom Wilson
 Nathan Wine    
Arthur A. Wingate Thomas Winstanley William G. Winstanley
 Robert C. "Bob" Winters Carl M. Wirtz Edwin S. Wirtz
  Stanley Wirtz

Frank Wisniewski

John Wissinger

Stanley Wojciechowski Andrew Wojtkowiak
Casimir Wojtkowiak Mitchell J. Wojtkowiak  
William Woldman Harry F. Wolfe Joseph F. Wolfinger
Charles A. Wolverton Charles S. Wolverton Dr. Sarah Donnell Wolverton
Walter P. Wolverton    
George A. Wonfor John C. Wonsetler Robert A. Wonsetler
Joseph F. Wood Thomas B. Wood William Wood
William Woodfall Albert S. Woodruff Charles Worthington
    Paul Woodward
Juanita Worthy Earl Wright Dr. Benjamin Wroblewski
Reverend Isaac C. Wynn William Wynn Samuel Herbert Wyatt
  Stanley WYsocki  
David Yates John Wesley Yates Jr. William Yeager
Harry Yellin Sam Yellin  
Henry Yip   Albert York
James Young James H. Young John E. Young
Raymond Young Russell Young William T.G. Young Sr.
  Paul Zachary H. Jarrett Zander
Charles S. Zeigler George Zeitz Arthur A. Zimmerman
"Buzz-Saw" Zimmerman
Charles G. Zimmerman Theodore A. Zimmerman
Philip Zinman Vince Zizak Henry Evans Zook
    Adolph Zubrzycki


"Sgt. Ray" Smith Tommy Skymer Leon Lucas
Joseph Borsa
Joe Moran
Dwight Braxton
Dwight Muhammed Qawi
Philip J. Carlin
Johnny Toomey
Jackie Hindle Frankie Blair Pee Wee Ross
Joey Straiges Jersey Joe Walcott Lew Skymer
Mickey Blair Johnny Lucas Joe Reno
Nick Nichols Daria Hill Roxie Allen
Black Bill Dan Flynn Joey Powell
Patsy Mozier Forrest "Dutch" Eisenhart Frankie Carlin
Max Alexander F. George Delker Dawn Quinton
McCoy Jones Eddie Chaney Dan McConnell
Al Barge Al Daley Chick Hunt
Tip Gorman Frankie Conway Watson Finch
Frank McLaughlin Walter West Prince Badi Ajamu
Kentucky Rosebud   Bobby
"Buzz-Saw" Zimmerman
Charlie Mack Battling Mack Bobby
"Buzz-Saw" Zimmerman
Vince "Duke" Lauria Joey Allen Tommy Ricco
Anthony Georgette Neil McLaughlin Joe Spearing
Vince Zizak Nature Boy
Buddy Rogers
Joe Montana
  Sgt. Roy Haldeman  
Edward A. "Dick" Malan William "Billy" Morgenweck Eddie Ferat
Neil Deighan Frank "Pop" Morgenweck Dr. Charles B. Helm
Andrew J. McMahon Bill Smothers Samuel Lennox
Ron "Itchy" Smith Ronald "Fang" Mitchell Valerie Renee Still
Tony Alfano Clarence Turner Rich Deighan
Charles O'Neil Bartholomew A. Sheehan Grover Wearshing
Alfred Geddes Joe Hyde Valerie Still
Roy Steele Lenny Hall

Al Bass

"Ott" Laxton Eddie Dolin Bill Culbertson
Ed Biehler Dajuan Wagner Charles Bossert
Milt Wagner Joe Sheehan Paul Arizin
Jackie Adams Jimmy "Soup" Campbell Dave Kerr
Jimmy Brown Billy Thompson Horace B. Parker Jr.
    Charley Rogers
Mike Rozier Art Still George Almon Munger
Bill Seitzinger Walt Bubien

Zuni A.A.

Derrick Ramsey Donovin Darius Vince Zizak
George Savitsky Benjamin "Sonny" Morell Martin Sartin
Neil Deighan Weston D. "Wes" Fisler Rocco "Rox" Gimello
William "Kid" Gleason Ed "Eggie" Lennox Charley Smith
Cy Perkins Grover Wearshing Elwood Bearint
Eddie Novak

Joe Hyde

Vincent A. Tydeman
Paul Bearint The Camden Braves William Ferguson
Lou Schaub Rocco Nasuti

Al Bass

Joe Snyder

Fred Heimach

Sig Jakucki

"Ott" Laxton Nathan F. Cowan

Morris "Farmer" Steelman

Sam Croge Isaac S. "Ike" Toy Walt Bubien

Chuck Bearint

Danny Green

Lou Bobo

Zuni A.A.

Walt Stanton

Neil Deighan

Bad Bill Eagan

Bob Winters

Mark J. "Marty" Devine Jr.

George Clayton

Harry Gleason

Mike Hallahan

Bill Davidson

Bill Narleski Ted Washington
Andy Mitchell

Bill Deigan

Ray Narleski
  John Glazer  
  Victor "Manolo" Figueroa  
  Arthur A. Zimmerman  
  Far Land Thundergust
Mrs. William MacFarland
Camden County Sports Hall of Fame and Sports Legends


Patti & the Emblems Lola Falana Cindy Birdsong
Jesse P. Johnson The Ebonys Executive Suite
Ann Pennington Don Traveline Frank M. Traveline Jr.
Richard 'Groove' Holmes Vincent A. Tydeman Tydeman & Dooley
Robert Rogers Dooley Johnny Dooley William Dooley
Gordon Dooley Ray Dooley Dorothy Short
Martin Portnoy Leon Huff William F. Carroll
Carla L. Benson Antoinette Tisa James Cardwell
Charles "Buster" Williams T. Hank Cook The Mel-Tones
Russ Columbo Bernice Massi Martin Sherman
Joe Lang Don Langford Joe Hamilton
Joe Seddon Jr. William Parke Kay Hamilton
Jay Jerome Lawrence Fotine Clarence Fuhrman
Frank Tiberi John F. "Scotty" Friedel Ann Pennington
Martin Portnoy Walter J.A. Stanton Jr. Sam Yellin
Chauncey Olcott Len Antonelli Albert Berul
Johnny B.
and the Rock A Bops
Albert Bedell
"Dino the Clown"
"Irish Billy" Carroll
Joseph Jennings Joseph Bossle Sr. Jennings' Band
TRU Eddie Nichols  Jimmy Conlin
  Steve Rico  

Camden's Mayors - 1828 to Present

Mayor Term   Mayor Term
Samuel Laning 1828-1830   John Morgan 1876-1877
Gideon V. Stivers 1830-1838   James W. Ayers 1877-1880
Elias Kaighn 1838-1840   Claudius W. Bradshaw 1880-1886
Lorenzo F. Fisler 1840-1844   Jesse W. Pratt 1886-1892
John K. Cowperthwaite 1844-1845   John Leighton Westcott 1892-1898
Richard W. Howell
Charles Kaighn
1845-1846   Cooper B. Hatch 1898-1902
Thomas B. Wood 1846-1848   Joseph E. Nowrey 1902-1905
Benjamin A. Hammell 1848-1849   Charles H. Ellis 1905-1922
Charles Sexton 1849-1851   Frank S. Van Hart, acting 1922-1923
Lorenzo F. Fisler 1851-1852   Victor King 1923-1927
Charles D. Hineline 1852-1853   Winfield Scott Price 1927-1931
Lorenzo F. Fisler 1853-1855   Roy R. Stewart 1931-1935
Samuel Scull 1855-1856   Frederick von Nieda 1935-1936
James W. Shroff 1856-1857   George E. Brunner 1936-1959
Benjamin A. Hammell 1857-1858   Alfred R. Pierce 1959-1969
Clayton Truax 1858-1860   Joseph M. Nardi, Jr. 1969-1973
Thomas B. Atkinson 1860-1862   Angelo J. Errichetti 1973-1981
Paul C. Budd 1862-1863   Melvin R. Primas, Jr. 1981-1990
Timothy Middleton 1863-1864   Aaron Thompson 1990-1993
Paul C. Budd 1864-1867   Arnold Webster 1993-1997
Charles Cox 1867-1871   Milton Milan 1997-2000
Samuel M. Gaul 1871-1874   Gwendolyn Faison 2000-2009
John H. Jones 1874-1876   Dana Redd 2010
      Frank Moran 2018

Camden & the Fight Game....
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Allen C. Middleton Harvey Johnson Antonio Marino

Medal of Honor
John Lawson, Landsman, United States Navy

John Lawson received a new tombstone on April 24, 2004
Click above to see photographs from the ceremony



I met Craig back in 1977 when I was living on Penn Street. He is THE man to see if you are looking to come to what is arguably the most eclectic neighborhood in South Jersey.