WATSON FINCH was another one of the 1920s Camden fighters. He is known to have fought as a welterweight, primarily in South Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia.

Watson Finch fought at least two Camden boxers. Existing records show that he had fought Tip Gorman (Frank Guetherman). Besides the known fights, he also fought Young O'Connor (Cesar Campana Sr.).

Watson Finch died on July 9, 1931 as a result of injuries suffered when he had been struck by a motor vehicle.. 

Watson Finch Known Boxing Record

Watson Finch
Sex Male
Nationality US American
Hometown Camden, NJ
Division Welterweight

W 3 (KO 2) * Lost 7 (KO 7) * Draw 0
Known rounds boxed 16

Date Lb Opponent Lb W-L-D last 6 Location
1928-03-16 Connie George 6-6-2
New Baseball Stadium, Augusta, Georgia, USA W PTS ?
Number of rounds unknown.
1927-07-13 Billy Angelo 10-0-1
Milford, Delaware, USA L KO 2 6
1927-04-12 Young Ketchell 15-7-4
Shellpot Park, Wilmington, Delaware, USA L KO 1 4
1927-04-05 Eddie Adams
Shellpot Park, Wilmington, Delaware, USA W KO 2 4
1927-03-01 Young Ketchell 10-6-4
Shellpot Park, Wilmington, Delaware, USA L KO 3 4
1927-01-04 Joe Martin 0-1-0
Shellpot Park, Wilmington, Delaware, USA W NWS 4 4
Newspaper decision from the Chester Times
1926-09-03 149 Vic Righter 153 0-1-0
Public Service Ball Park, Camden, New Jersey, USA W KO 1 6
1926-07-23 Tip Gorman
Public Service Ball Park, Camden, New Jersey, USA L NWS 6 6
Newspaper decision from the Chester Times
1926-01-08 Jimmy McNulty 5-1-0
Cambria A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA L KO 1 6
1925-06-04 149 Joe Libby 152 13-5-0
Public Service Ball Park, Camden, New Jersey, USA L TKO 2 8
Before 1925-10-25 Soldier Freeman L KO
Reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer (Jack Kincaid) I
1924-12-08 Pat Haley 12-5-0
Waltz Dream Arena, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA L KO 1 6

Sunday Times Advertiser

October 25, 1925

Soldier Freeman
Watson Finch










Augusta Chronicle
Augusta, Georgia
March 12, 1928



Camden Courier-Post * September 12, 1928


Trenton Evening Times - July 9, 1931

Camden Courier-Post * March 19, 1949

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