Sailor Nick


SAILOR NICK NICHOLS was another one of the 1920s Camden fighters. He is known to have fought as a light welterweight. In his only fight recorded at, he scored a knockout over Jimmy Hayes of Vineland NJ on November 20, 1928 in Camden. It's worth noting that Nichols gave away 10 pounds to the larger Hayes that night. Nichols more than likely recived his moniker from US Navy service during World War I.

Nick Nichols, who is listed at as Nick Nicholas, had been out of the ring for some time, and was working as a mailman, when he returned to meet Philadelphian Al Evans in a six-round scrap at the Paulsboro Athletic Club in Paulsboro NJ. With that in mind, it can be said that Nichols, not Tony Thornton, was South Jersey's original 'punching postman".

Camden Courier-Post - April 5, 1928
Knockout of Nick Nichols Proves They All Can Be Stopped




Camden Courier-Post
October 10, 1928


Young Terry - Harry "Kid" Decker
Al Gordon - Jesse Goss
Joe Spearing - Willie Beetle
Nick Nichols - Frank Sumpter
Stuart Gest - George Jackson
Joe Dent - Patsy Dever


Camden Courier-Post - March 10, 1932

Nick Nichols Boxing Record

Nick Nicholas
Sex Male
Nationality US American
Hometown Camden, NJ
Division Light Welterweight
  W 3 (2 ko's)  |  L 2  |  D 0  |  Total 1  
Career Record
Date Lb opponent Lb wld last 6 location
Soldier Freeman
Camden, NJ, USA W TKO 6 0
Soldier Freeman
Camden, NJ, USA W PTS 6 0
1932-03-31 Jackie Gallagher 147 0-0-0
Camden, NJ, USA L KO 2 0
1932-03-10 Al Evans Paulsboro, NJ 6
1928-11-20 137 Jimmy Hayes 147 0-0-0
Camden, NJ, USA W KO 6 0
1927-02-17 Roxie Allen Camden, NJ, USA L PTS 8 8


Camden Courier-Post
December 18, 1939

Joe Spearing
Jersey Joe Walcott - Roxie Allen
Frankie Blair -
Mickey Blair
Tommy Ricco - Battling Mack
Lew Skymer - Jackie Hindle
Charlie Mack -
Eddie Chaney
Young O'Connor
- Frankie Rapp
Pee Wee Ross - Bobby Zimmerman
Nick Nichols - Joey Allen
Johnny Lucas - Joey Straiges
Jim Braddock - Sgt. Ray Smith
Walter "Walter West" Kennedy
Caesar Campana
Johnny Duca - Mickey Duca - Al White
George Chaney - Benny Bass - Kid Williams
Johnny Buff - Danny Kramer - Pete Williams
Shamus Maguire - Lew Jackson - Paddy Lyons
Johnny Attell - Billy Marino - Young Firpo
Young Palmer - Tommy Dundee
Tommy McCann
Harry Shaw - Tom Walters
All Ettore - Joey O'Donnell
Mike DeLeece - Young Lawrence
Charlie Harris - Bill McFarland
Dominick Lombardo
Daniel Gallasso
James McSparrin
Paul Daly


Camden Courier-Post * December 20, 1939

Frank Kopesky - James Braddock - Jersey Joe Walcott - Roxie Allen - Frankie Blair - Mickey Blair
Lew Skymer - Battling Mack -
Joe Spearing- Frankie Rapp - Johnny Lucas - Joey Straiges - Joey Allen
Sgt. Ray SmithTommy Ricco - Al Daley - Jackie Hindle -
Eddie Chaney
 Caesar Campana - Young O'Connors - Charlie Mack - Pee Wee Ross - Bobby Zimmerman
Buck Flemming - Joe Shannon -Kayo Palmer - Pat Lawrence- Dave Lambert
Young Lawrence - Archie McNew - Lou Jackson - Al White - Young Palmer - Tommy Dundee
Joe Mangold - Joey O'Donnell  - Young Joe Firpo

Camden Courier-Post * March 19, 1949

Charley Humes
Roxie Allen
Mickey Blair
Shamus Maguire
Eddie Chaney
Pee Wee Ross
Jackie Hindle
Watson Finch
George Abner
Nick Nichols
Dixie Allen
Mike O'Dowd
Benny Leonard
Pete Herman
Jimmy Wilde
Gene Tunney
John Smith
Lee Smith
Lou McFarland
Higgins & Kaplam
Tommy James
Sgt. Ray Smith
Pose Robinson
Willie Davis
Harry Smith
Jim Kelly

Temple Theatre
Newt Blanchard
Broadway Theater
Convention Hall
Plaza Hotel
Roy R. Stewart
Mike Brennan
Tommy Loughran
Jack Dempsey

K.O. Joey O'Donnell

Frankie Conway
Willie Spencer
Charlie Daggert
Jimmy Rafferty
Eddie "Kid" Wagner
Young Sherlock
Eddie Forrest
Battling Nelson
Willie Fuller
Joey O'Connor

Chick Hunt
Eddie Melson

Joe "Kid" FIsher
Harry "Dick" Donohue

Nick Nichols
Eddie Prince
Johnny Sapio

Weber's Hof Brau
Young Joe Grim
Edward Garrity
George Murphy
Eddie Tighe
Richie Joehner
Jimmy Tighe
Jimmy Jordan
Eddie Douglas
Bobby Graham
Steve Jackson
Frankie McLaughlin
Neil McLaughlin
Johnny "Homo" Bryan
Duncan Carswell
Jimmy Dean
Jack Dean

Theo Ellick
Joe Spearing
"Red" Haines
Standard Theater

Everett Joslin
John Taylor

Joey Powell
Soldier Freeman
Victor King
Augie Oswald
Charlie Mack
Battling Mack