Leon Lucas

LEON LUCAS was born in Camden, New Jersey on September 4, 1901. His parents were immigrants from Poland. At the age of 18 he was living at 1103 Louis Street and working at one of Camden's shipyards. He lived at 1539 Mount Ephraim Avenue in Camden NJ, and was working as a hardwood floor layer in late 1926 when he took up boxing, working out at the Arcadia gym in Philadelphia. In one night in Philadelphia,  April 12, 1928, he defeated four opponents, all by knockout, to qualify for the AAU finals, which determined the makeup of that year's American Olympic team. A light heavyweight, he  defeated Dave Maeir of Milwaukee in 1928 to win the Amateur Athletic Union light heavyweight title, and earn his place at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam.

Leon Lucas knocked out Dave Maier (above) in 1928 for the Amateur Athletic Union light heavyweight title in Boston MA

After returning to Camden from the Olympics, Leon Lucas turned professional. He won his first three fights, two by knockout in Philadelphia PA. For his fourth fight, he traveled to Milwaukee WI to fight 5 days after his previous bought. He fought King Levinsky only to be knocked out in the 6th round. This would prove to be his last professional fight. He stayed around boxing and in June of 1929 traveled to Lakewood NJ to work as a sparring partner for German heavyweight Max Schmeling.

Leon Lucas went into business. He acquired a popular bar at 1223 Haddon Avenue from long-time Camden tavern owner Charles E.A. "Pop" Mathews. This bar became known as Donkey's Place.

Donkey's Place over the years became famous for its steak sandwiches, on a poppy-seed roll smothered in onions. A Camden for seven decades, you can still get one today!

Leon Lucas passed away in May of 1971.

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April 21, 1928

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Camden Courier-Post * September 12, 1928


Camden Courier-Post * September 19, 1928

Vincent Forgione Wins Decision Over Babe McCorgary
in Veteran's All-Star Benefit Show



Frank Guetherman
aka Tip Gorman
Vincent Forgione
BooBoo Hoff Mushy Brown
Roxie Allen Babe McCorgary
Mickey Blair Joe Ferguson
Leon Lucas Joe Bashara
Jackie Hindle Thomas Walters
Post 518, VFW
Joe "Pose" Robinson
Convention Hall Al Gordon
Sgt. Ray Smith Jesse Goss
Edward A. Walsh Tommy "Kid" Murphy






Coshocton OH Tribune - June 25, 1929


LAKEWOOD, N.J., June 25- Max Schmeling finishes his training here today for his fight with Paulino Thursday night. Max is ready.

Save for an accident the hard-punching German heavyweight will enter the ring as fit as any fighter ever did. He will box five rounds this afternoon with Marty Gallagher, Germany Heller, Leon Lucas and George Neron, his old sparring mates.

Indiana PA Evening Gazette - March 4, 1930

Fights Last Night

At Philadelphia- Primo Carnera, Italy, knocked out Ace Clark, Philadelphia, in sixth; Leonard Dixon, Philadelphia and Buck Weaver, Medicine Lodge, fought six-round draw; Leon Lucas, Camden, N.J., knocked out Peggy Sullivan, Phialdelphia, in second round.

Wins, 2 by KO, 1 Loss
Date   Lb Opponent Lb WLD Last 6 Location Result
1930-03-08 King Levinsky 5-1-1
Milwaukee, WI, USA L KO 6
1930-03-03 Peggy Sullivan 0-0-0
Arena, Philadelphia, PA, USA W KO 2
1929-12-02 Leonard Dixon 1-1-0
Philadelphia, PA, USA W PTS 6
1928-10-22 George Giacchino 0-0-0
Philadelphia, PA, USA W KO 1
1928-09-18 Mushy Brown Convention Hall, Camden, NJ W KO 1

Veterans Boxing Association Ring 6
11th Annual Banquet - April 20, 1959

1931 127lbs
Dick Graminga, Charles Humes 
and Tony Georgette-Managers
Eddie Prince, Lew Sparks
and Jack Blackburn-Trainers

Joseph Grochowski
Al Bunker
Ed Kaszycki
Andy Friday
John Skiba
John Dombrowski
Walter Szalanski
Nick Pawlak
Wm. O'Brien
Bill Neil
Wm. Schultz
Tom Scarduzio
Peter Paull
Barney Tracey
Dave Hainsworth
Walter Zimolong
Edward Shapiro
Thomas McLaughlin
John Opfer

Joey Powell's Well-Wishers 
Sergeant Ray Smith

Vallie Francesconi
Tom Ryan
Leon Lucas
Jesse Urban
Bobbie Zimmerman
Joe (Kid) Murphy
Pee Wee Wilson
Jackie Gleason
Joe Vitarelli
Al Daley
Frankie Youker
Joe McEvoy
Frank Valenti
Jim McFadden
Charles Bauer
George Ballantine
James O'Neill
Dorothy Dougherty
Agnes McHenry
Vicky Dangler
Francis Souders
Loretta and Reds
Roger Cotton
Leon McCarthy
Kenneth Geitz
Joe Daubman
Norman Jacobson
Nick Colofrancisco
Chris Rago
Charles Myers
Ray Cohand
Paul Harduk
Charles Wells
Carl Stolinski
Walter Wilson
Steve Straub
Charley Kmiec
Jimmy Tyler
Joe Dorfy
William Vogel
John Campbell

Steve O'Keefe
Sam Laird
Ed Rickter
Don Cragin
John Odorisio
Michael Przywara
Walter Paleszewski
Watson Burdalski
Stanley Snajkowski
Frank Drabik
John P. Kawczak
Frank Kulesa
Steve Kirby
James R. Asher
Polack Tony
Stephen Yakopczyna
Helen and Chick
Don Wilson
James Monaghan
George Carr
Bill Jentsch
John Greenan
Charles Galasso
Don's Barber Shop
Joe Shaw
Ben Gutowski
Tom Bristow
Joseph Stelmach
Leon Hood
George Saunders
Mike Borman
Anthony Cirelli
Bob Hardy
Frank Hardy
Benny DePalma
Frank Padulla
Mike Yack
Stanley Powell
George Kroecker
A Friend
The Fox

Tom Fish

Donkey's Place - March 2003
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