ANTHONY "TONY" GEORGETTE was born in New York City on February 4, 1907 to Giovannia and Margarita Georgette. His family soon moved to Camden, New Jersey where he was raised. He took an interest in boxing at an early age, one of the many young men attracted to Camden's fight scene, especially vibrant in the 1920s and 1930s. The 1930 Census shows him living with his parents and younger brothers Rocco, Pasquale, and Marcus at 410 Spruce Street

At 15 he became the nation's youngest boxing manager, a career he followed for well over 40 years. Among the many fighters who he handled were Johnny Lucas, Frankie Blair, Mickey Blair, Joey Allen, Joey Powell, Pedro Firpo, and Gene Jones. He was also very active with Camden's Veteran Boxers' Association Ring No. 6.

Anthony Georgette's last years were spent as a resident of the Leisuretowne community in Southampton, New Jersey. Anthony Georgette died on July 10, 1993 at Cooper Hospital in Camden as a result of injuries suffered in an automobile accident and was buried at Calvary Cemetery in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He was survived by his second wife, the former Ernesta Dallesandro and his brother Pasquale Georgette.

Camden Courier-Post * July 14, 1993


Camden Courier-Post * May 17, 1971

CAMDEN BOXING ELITE- At one of the many gatherings of Camden's Ring 6, Veteran Boxers' Association, Tony Georgette (right) enjoys company of Sgt. Ray Smith (seated), Lew Skymer (left) and Frankie Rapp

Camden Courier-Post * November 20, 1948
Joseph Webster - Joey Allen - Anthony Georgette - Jersey Joe Walcott - Eddie Prince
Pedro Firpo - Gene Jones -
Tom Ryan
Mickey Blair - Frankie Blair - Tip Gorman - Frankie Rapp - Roxie Allen - Joey Powell
Bobby Zimmerman - Joey Straiges - Johnny Lucas

Camden Courier-Post * October 12, 1949
Jersey Joe Walcott - Felix Bocchicchio - Dan Florio - Joey Allen
Anthony Georgette - Pedro Firpo - Tom Ryan
Ezzard Charles - Johnny Denson - Olle Tandberg - Joey Maxim
Joe Louis - Joe Baksi

Veterans Boxing Association Ring 6
11th Annual Banquet - April 20, 1959

1931 127lbs
Dick Graminga, Charles Humes 
and Tony Georgette-Managers
Eddie Prince, Lew Sparks
and Jack Blackburn-Trainers

Joseph Grochowski
Al Bunker
Ed Kaszycki
Andy Friday
John Skiba
John Dombrowski
Walter Szalanski
Nick Pawlak
Wm. O'Brien
Bill Neil
Wm. Schultz
Tom Scarduzio
Peter Paull
Barney Tracey
Dave Hainsworth
Walter Zimolong
Edward Shapiro
Thomas McLaughlin
John Opfer

Joey Powell's Well-Wishers 
Sergeant Ray Smith

Vallie Francesconi
Tom Ryan
Leon Lucas
Jesse Urban
Bobbie Zimmerman
Joe (Kid) Murphy
Pee Wee Wilson
Jackie Gleason
Joe Vitarelli
Al Daley
Frankie Youker
Joe McEvoy
Frank Valenti
Jim McFadden
Charles Bauer
George Ballantine
James O'Neill
Dorothy Dougherty
Agnes McHenry
Vicky Dangler
Francis Souders
Loretta and Reds
Roger Cotton
Leon McCarthy
Kenneth Geitz
Joe Daubman
Norman Jacobson
Nick Colofrancisco
Chris Rago
Charles Myers
Ray Cohand
Paul Harduk
Charles Wells
Carl Stolinski
Walter Wilson
Steve Straub
Charley Kmiec
Jimmy Tyler
Joe Dorfy
William Vogel
John Campbell

Steve O'Keefe
Sam Laird
Ed Rickter
Don Cragin
John Odorisio
Michael Przywara
Walter Paleszewski
Watson Burdalski
Stanley Snajkowski
Frank Drabik
John P. Kawczak
Frank Kulesa
Steve Kirby
James R. Asher
Polack Tony
Stephen Yakopczyna
Helen and Chick
Don Wilson
James Monaghan
George Carr
Bill Jentsch
John Greenan
Charles Galasso
Don's Barber Shop
Joe Shaw
Ben Gutowski
Tom Bristow
Joseph Stelmach
Leon Hood
George Saunders
Mike Borman
Anthony Cirelli
Bob Hardy
Frank Hardy
Benny DePalma
Frank Padulla
Mike Yack
Stanley Powell
George Kroecker
A Friend
The Fox

Tom Fish


Camden Courier-Post
November 3, 1966

Veterans Boxing Association Ring 6
Tom Ryan
Martin Segal

Sgt. Ray Smith
Joe Spearing
Joe "Kid" Murphy

Lew Skymer
Roxie Allen
Tom Kenney Sr.
Battling Mack
Eddie Prince
Anthony Georgette
Stephen O'Keefe