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Al Daley


ALEXANDER DiSALVIO, who boxed professionally as AL DALEY, was born in Camden around 1914 to Michael (born Michele) DiSalvio and his wife, the former Rose Spinogatti, both of whom had been born in Italy. The family was already living at 815 South 3rd Street in South Camden and kept that address through 1920. There were at that time seven children ranging in age from 15 to 8 months. The children were Anna, Frank, Harry, Mary, Alec (as recorded in the Census record), Daisy, and Albert. A daughter, Donata, had passed prior to the !920 Census enumeration, another daughter, Rose would come shortly afterwards. Michael DiSalvio worked at Camden Forge as a laborer in the summer of 1918, by January of 1920 he was working as a laborer in a carpet factory. By 1924 the family had purchased a home at 1140 South 3rd Street

Alexander DiSalvio was one of the many fine boxers to come out of South Camden in the 1920s and 1930s, primarily featherweights and lightweights. He was already fighting professionally by the fall of 1931. 

By 1947 Alexander DiSalvio had married. He was then living with his wife Gilda at 1472 South 4th Street. He was then working as a barber. The New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory from 1959 indicates that he had moved to 1115 Langham Avenue in Parkside. The 1969 Directory shows an "A. DiSalvio" in Merchantville.

Alexander DiSalvio- still Al Daley to his boxing friends, of which there were many- remained interested in boxing and served as an officer of the Veteran Boxer Association Ring 6, who had a clubhouse at 868 Mt. Ephraim Avenue in Camden during the 1950s and 1960s.

Alexander DiSalvio died on September 14, 1976, survived by his wife Gilda and son Michael. Gilda DiSalvio joined her husband in 1990.

Daisy DiSalvio, the last of his brothers and sisters, passed away in 2006.

Al Daley's Boxing Record
(very incomplete)


Al Daley

Boxrec Global ID 277395
division featherweight, bantamweight
won 12 (KO 3) + lost 1 (KO 0) + drawn 3 no decision 3
Date Lb opponent Lb W - L - D last 6 location
Billy "Baby Face" Cramer W


Red "Young" Simpkins W


Billy "Baby Face" Cramer W 4 4


Billy Strahle 119 W TKO 3 4
Lou Cooney W TKO
Frankie Barry ND
Johnny Burns W
Nick Toteo W
Frankie Shaw KO
1931 124 Solly Blair
D PTS 4 4 Wiki
Franky Dutch W KO 5 6
Scotty Carroll W PTS 6 6
1931-10-22 124 Solly Blair
Paulsboro Arena, 
Paulsboro, New Jersey
W PTS 4 4 Wiki
See Below
L 6 6
See Below
ND 5 5
Billy "Baby Face" Cramer W 6 6
Johnny McShea D 6 6
1932-04-07 124 Al Jones 124˝ 4-0-0
Auditorium, Wilmington, 
Delaware, United States
D PTS 4 4 Wiki
Young Palmer ND 4 4

Camden Courier-Post
August 9, 1930

Johnny Lucas - Ray Gadsby
George Jackson - Harry Taggart
Young Ace Hudkins - Joey Allen
 Al Daley - Lew Cooper (Lou Cooney)
Johnny Mandell - Willie Herman

Camden Courier-Post - June 5, 1931

Camden Boxer May Find Kensington Star Hard to Defeat Tonight

Millville, June 5. Teddy Berman, shifty Kensington slugger, and Johnny Lucas, fair-haired Camden puncher, will feature the eight-round windup attraction at the Taubel Arena here tonight. Five bouts are on the program as arranged by the Millville Athletic Club.

Berman, who made a name for himself at various Philadelphia fight clubs, is given at least an even chance to stop the rising Camden lightweight, although local fans who have seen Lucas in action many times and seldom when -the latter has been on the losing end, are pull­ing for him to get by the Kensington threat.  

A pair of hard hitters, Kid Rose, of Atlantic City, and Freddy Kid Wilson, of Chester, are down for the semi-windup number of six sessions or less. Both are noted for their ability to stop their rivals in snort order and it is doubtful if this affair will go the limit.

Three other bouts are on the pro­gram. Billy Cranmer, a local puncher and favorite, meets Frankie Burns of Clayton, in the main preliminary. In the other scraps, Jack Sharkey, of Vineland, opposes Marty Moore, of Woodbine, while Solly Blair, of Chester, tangles with Al Daley, of Camden, in the opening number..

Camden Courier-Post - October 15, 1931


Paulsboro, Oct. 15.-Boxing will make its indoor appearance here on Thursday night, October 22, when six bouts will be staged at the Paulsboro Arena, which has been renovated to such an extent that it will seat 1200.

It was announced yesterday by Matchmaker Jack Fitzgerald that he has signed Mickey Blair, popular Camden lightweight, and Dick Clark, of Memphis, Tenn., to clash in the main event of six rounds.

Joe Lawson, of Camden, is scheduled to take on "Baby Face" Cramer, of Millville, in the six-round semifinal. Larry Jackson, hard-hitting Millville southpaw, is slated to meet Frankie Robertson, of Camden, in the main preliminary of four rounds.

Al Daley, of Camden, the most promising featherweight in South Jersey, faces Solly Blair, of Vineland, in the third four-rounder. Marty Moore, of  Woodbine, mingles with Buddy Pascoe, of Verga, in the second scrap of four rounds, while Mike Duca, of Paulsboro, and Kid Lee, of Millville, come together in the four-round opener.

Camden Courier-Post - October 22, 1931

Lightweights Feature Opening Indoor Card of Six Bouts Tonight

Paulsboro, Oct. 22.-Indoor boxing will make its debut here tonight at the Paulsboro Arena when Promoter Jack Fitzgerald presents a card of six all-star matches. The first bout is timed to start at 8.30 p. m.

 Mickey Blair, pride of South Camden, is down to oppose Dick Clark, of Memphis, Tenn., in the feature bout of six rounds. A semi-final, also of six sessions, and four four-rounders, round out the program.

Blair, who is again fighting in his old form, is favored to take the measure of the boxer from Dixie due to his vast experience in the fight game. He has trained hard for the fight, but may run into the unexpected in Clark who is reputed to be a good, fast puncher with a liking for infighting.

Clark has been fighting in this section for some time and has walked off with a number of important decisions in Millville and at seashore fight clubs. Blair, on the other hand, recently decided to stage a comeback after a long absence from the ring, and his host of followers feel that he is in better shape at present than at any time in his career.

Joe Lawson, another Camden mauler, is scheduled to battle "Baby Face" Cramer, of Millville, in the six-round semi-final. Cramer is rapidly forging to the front, while Lawson is a veteran of many tough encounters.

Larry Jackson, of Millville, and Frankie Robinson, of Camden, meet in the preliminary of four rounds. Al Daley, another Camdenite and one of the most promising featherweights in South Jersey, takes on Solly Blair, of Vineland, in a return four-rounder, the first bout having resulted in a draw.

Marty Moore, of Woodbine, and Buddy Pascoe, of Verga, mingle in the second bout of four rounds, while Mike Duca, of Paulsboro, and Kid Lee, of Millville, clash in the four­round opener.

Camden Courier-Post - October 23, 1931

Camden Lightweight Easy Winner 
Before 1200 Fans at Indoor Show

Paulsboro, Oct. 23.-Mickey Blair, Camden lightweight, added another victim to his long string here last night when he outpointed Dick Clark of Memphis, Tenn. in the six-round feature attraction at the Paulsboro Arena.

The bout topped a card of six matches and 1200 fans, a capacity house, attended the opening indoor show of the season.

Although the windup was a good scrap, Blair had much the better of the going. Clark won the third round and gained an 

even break in the fourth, but the other four sessions went to the Camdenite, who removed all doubts as to the winner by winning the final round by four city blocks.

There were no knockdowns in the fight, but Blair tripped to the canvas in the sixth and came up before a count could be started by Referee Tom Walters. Clark, however, was staggered several times by Mickey's straight left, while the Dixie boxer managed to get in a few hard rights during the course of the melee.

Blair, weighing 143, spotted his rival two pounds.

In the semi-final, also of six rounds Joe Lawson and "Baby Face" Cramer, of Millville, battled to a draw. The decision of Referee Walters proved unpopular with the crowd, which felt that Cramer was entitled to the verdict on his aggressiveness.

The main preliminary of four rounds, between Larry Jackson, of Millville, and Frankie Robinson, of Camden, was a thriller and had the crowd on edge from start to finish. Jackson won the fight, but Robinson made a fine showing and came in for nearly as much applause as the winner.

The second bout on the program, featuring Al Daley, of Camden, and Solly Blair, of Vineland, proved the best of the night.

Daley gained the nod, but only after one of the greatest toe-to-toe slugfests seen here in several years. There were no knockdowns, but the two boxers let fly with all they had every minute, with Daley landing the most damaging punches.

Ray Richmond, of Port Norris, outpointed Jackie Dunn, of Paulsboro, in the second bout on the card, but although Dunn took a terrific trouncing, his gameness won the crowd. Five times Richmond sent the local welterweight to the canvas, only to have him arise each time and continue to mix it to the finish.

Mike Duca, of Paulsboro, outpointed Kid Lee, of Millville, in the opener, also of four rounds.

Veterans Boxing Association Ring 6
11th Annual Banquet - April 20, 1959

1931 127lbs
Dick Graminga, Charles Humes 
and Tony Georgette-Managers
Eddie Prince, Lew Sparks
and Jack Blackburn-Trainers

Joseph Grochowski
Al Bunker
Ed Kaszycki
Andy Friday
John Skiba
John Dombrowski
Walter Szalanski
Nick Pawlak
Wm. O'Brien
Bill Neil
Wm. Schultz
Tom Scarduzio
Peter Paull
Barney Tracey
Dave Hainsworth
Walter Zimolong
Edward Shapiro
Thomas McLaughlin
John Opfer

Joey Powell's Well-Wishers 
Sergeant Ray Smith

Vallie Francesconi
Tom Ryan
Leon Lucas
Jesse Urban
Bobbie Zimmerman
Joe (Kid) Murphy
Pee Wee Wilson
Jackie Gleason
Joe Vitarelli
Al Daley
Frankie Youker
Joe McEvoy
Frank Valenti
Jim McFadden
Charles Bauer
George Ballantine
James O'Neill
Dorothy Dougherty
Agnes McHenry
Vicky Dangler
Francis Souders
Loretta and Reds
Roger Cotton
Leon McCarthy
Kenneth Geitz
Joe Daubman
Norman Jacobson
Nick Colofrancisco
Chris Rago
Charles Myers
Ray Cohand
Paul Harduk
Charles Wells
Carl Stolinski
Walter Wilson
Steve Straub
Charley Kmiec
Jimmy Tyler
Joe Dorfy
William Vogel
John Campbell

Steve O'Keefe
Sam Laird
Ed Rickter
Don Cragin
John Odorisio
Michael Przywara
Walter Paleszewski
Watson Burdalski
Stanley Snajkowski
Frank Drabik
John P. Kawczak
Frank Kulesa
Steve Kirby
James R. Asher
Polack Tony
Stephen Yakopczyna
Helen and Chick
Don Wilson
James Monaghan
George Carr
Bill Jentsch
John Greenan
Charles Galasso
Don's Barber Shop
Joe Shaw
Ben Gutowski
Tom Bristow
Joseph Stelmach
Leon Hood
George Saunders
Mike Borman
Anthony Cirelli
Bob Hardy
Frank Hardy
Benny DePalma
Frank Padulla
Mike Yack
Stanley Powell
George Kroecker
A Friend
The Fox

Tom Fish

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