WRIGHT ELLIS COX was born in New Jersey to Edward Cox and the former Caroline Shane in August of 1861. The family resided in Philadelphia when the census was taken in 1880. Shortly after the census enumeration Wright Cox married Martha S. Hales. Two children came of this marriage, only one survived to 1900, a daughter, Ida. Wright and Martha Cox separated by 1900.

Wright Cox had moved back to Camden when the City Directory was compiled in 1887, working as a packer and living at 215 Channing Terrace. His daughter Ida was born about this time. By the end of 1890 he had secured an appointment to the Camden Fire Department as a driver. The 1890-1891 City Directory records his address as 220 Washington Street. On May 30, 1894 Wright Cox's brother George P. Cox was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. George P. Cox served as late as 1918, and was a Battalion Chief prior to retiring.

When the Census was enumerated in 1900, Wright Cox was separated from his wife. Still working as a fire fighter, he then was boarding at 303 Stevens Street, the home of Henry Colkitt, a wood turner. In 1906 he was at 437 South 4th Street. Four years later he was boarding at 432 South 2nd Street, the home of Reba Harris. By 1914 he had again moved, to 421 South 3rd Street.

Wright Cox served on the Fire Department through 1906. On January 1, 1908 he was appointed to the Camden Police Department, where he remained employed through 1924. He had attained the rank of sergeant when the Census was enumerated in January of 1920. He was serving as the stable sergeant for the mounted police in 1921. On January 4, 1922 he was assigned to the mounted patrol, exchanging places with  Officer William Greenan, who had been on horseback for the previous 12 years. 

At that time and through 1924 he lived with his daughter Ida and son-in-law Henry Joseph Gerke at 619 South 4th Street in South Camden. Interestingly enough, in 1920, his wife Martha was also living at that address. It is unknown, however as to whether this marked a reconciliation or was due to some other reason. When the 1926 City Directory was compiled Wright E. Cox was living at 564 Mount Vernon Street. He was still with the police force when the directory was compiled.

Wright Cox passed away on November 14, 1926. He was buried at Bethel Cemetery in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Ida Francis Cox married  shortly after the 1900 Census was taken. Her husband Henry Gerke had a long career as a fire fighter in Camden and Pennsauken. Her son, Wright Ellis Gerke, served as a B-17 bomber pilot with the United States Army Air Force during World War II. He was killed in action during a raid against Geisenkirchen, Germany in August of 1943.

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 24, 1898


Samuel Hufty - Harry C. Kramer - George W. Jessup - Aaron Ward - Frank H. Burdsall - Chestnut Street
Lewis C. Mohrman -
Wright Cox - Logan Bates - Charles P. Sayrs -Thaddeus P. Varney

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 26, 1900

Robert Colkett - Wright Cox - Joseph T. Johnson

Camden Daily Courier
July 7, 1901

W. Scott Franklin
Wright Cox



Camden Daily Courier
July 17, 1901

W. Scott Franklin
Wright Cox



Philadelphia Inquirer - August 30, 1902

Robert Colkett - Wright Cox - Philip Schmitz

Camden Daily Courier
January 6, 1905

George Cox
Ladder Company 1
Stevens Street
Wright Cox

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 23, 1905

Robert Colkett - Wright Cox  

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 4, 1907

Lewis Buzine - Wright Cox - Seth D. Monnell - William Miller William Rose William Elberson

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 1, 1908

Charles H. Ellis
Edward Hyde - A Lincoln James
E.B. McClong - Edward Hartman
John Brothers - Fred Schwetzer
William Bryant -
Charles Humes
Charles Wilbur -
Wright Cox
Walter Stanton - John Barnett
Tabor Quinn - John Gilbert
Joseph Palese - William Haines
Frederick Watson -
Charles Whaland 
William Kiker - James Hutt
George Krown - Ulie Andrews
Daniel Stanton - Albert Archer
Harry Bakley - John Shuman
Oscar Till - Albertson Matlack
John Devlin -
George Hollins
Frank Koplain -
Edward King
George Beasley
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott

Camden Post-Telegram
November 30, 1910

Carman Street
Crawford Smith
Andy Smith
James Davis
Wright Cox
Market Street
Mrs. Imnel Grundy
Thomas J. Murphy



Philadelphia Inquirer - July 28, 1913

Wright E. Cox - O. Glen Stackhouse - Morris J. Steelman - Maggie O'Neill
Thomas Barker - Harry Spease - Emma Spease - Rosie Minger - Emma Barker
Elsie Stevenson -
Arch Street

Camden Post-Telegram * January 19, 1915

Third Ward Republican Club - Turn Verein Hall - J. Edward Way - A. Benjamin Sparks
William H. Hall - John T. Rodan - Rushton's Orchestra - Harry Hertline - Walter J. Stanton - Jesse Hillman
Lemuel Toy - Jesse Smith - Morris Steelman - William Elberson - Samuel S. Bacon - Albert Keaser 
Harry Miller - Frank Smith - John S. Roberts - George Murry - Harry Selby - Harry C. Sharp
Robert Schroeder - James Vickers - Elwyn D. Steen - William Horay - Clarence H. Thorn - Wright Cox
Frank S. Fithian - George F. Hammond - Albert J. Meyer - Harry Stowe - Wesley J. Stanton
Thomas Dickinson - Edwin Fields - William H. Dill  - Frank S. Ireton - Gustav Jans

Charles H. Errickson - Henry Gerke - James MacDemott - George Schu - William M. Fithian
Julius R. Schaaf - James Monahan - Thomas Madden - George Cox - Robert J. Garrison

Camden Daily Courier
November 2, 1920

Charles Dugan - Haddon Avenue


Camden Daily Courier
March 5, 1926

South 2nd Street
Taylor Avenue

Wright Cox

Kid Gleason
Patrick Murphy, saloonkeeper

From Charles L. McKeone's
Peppery Pot by Mack column


Camden Daily Courier
October 27, 1926

Joseph Shreeve
Isaac Shreeve
West Jersey Hospital
Wright Cox
Harry Stahl
William Brower

Camden Courier-Post * November 15, 1926


West Jersey Hospital - Wright Cox - George Cox - Robert Bender - Samuel S. Elfreth - Edward Hartman
The Sixth Regiment Armory Fire - Charles H. Ellis - Andrew Lyons

Camden Courier-Post
November 15, 1926

West Jersey Hospital
Wright Cox
George Cox

Camden Daily Courier
November 16, 1926

Camden Daily Courier
November 16, 1926

Wright Cox
William W. Patterson
Joseph T. Johnson
Steward Bakley
Rev. Camille Estornelle
St. John's Episcopal Church

Camden Daily Courier
December 9, 1926

Wright Cox
Robert Gick

Martha C. Cox
Anna Gick
North 4th Street
North 26th Street