WILLIAM T. BOYLE practiced law in and around Camden from the 1890s through the late 1940s. He served as a judge from 1912 to 1917 and was president of the New Jersey Bar Association in 1932-1933. He was a director of the First Camden National Bank & Trust Company, and was active in Catholic church affairs and the Rotary organization.

The Camden County Bar Association at one time had an award  known as the  William T. Boyle Award for Distinguished Community Service. One awardee was Camden business owner William J. Myles.

William T. Boyle passed away after a long illness in September of 1951 and was buried in Calvary Cemetery in what was then Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill), New Jersey. His wife, Emma W. Boyle, had died the previous year.


Camden Post-Telegram
July 17, 1902

William T. Boyle
Albert Shaw
William F. "Billy" Sand

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 23, 1910
Charles Van Dyke Joline -  William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 13, 1911

Knights of Columbus - First Italian Republican League
Louis Bantivoglio - G. Frank Travis - Charles H. Ellis

South 4th StreetSouth 3rd Street & Spruce Street
Columbus Beneficial Association - Columbus Hall
Catholic Lyceum
- Rev. Joseph Egan - William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer * March 10, 1912

 Harry Cheeseman - William T. Boyle - Marcus N. Carroll
Frank X. Devereaux - William Schmid - J. Frederick Voigt

Philadelphia Inquirer * April 2, 1912

William T. Boyle - William J. Kraft - Francis Ford Patterson Jr.
  Howard Carrow

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 10, 1912

William T. Boyle
Dr. Orris W. Saunders
Dr. William S. Jones
Mrs. Eva Zark
Ringgold Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 14, 1912

William T. Boyle - Charles G. Garrison - Charles A. Wolverton  - Howard Carrow
Roland Evans - Herbert Drake - William Harris -  William Gradwell - Georgianna Gilliland
Robert Green - Stefano Torcesso - Nunzio Imperato - Charles Ford - Effie Wagner

Philadelphia Inquirer * June 15, 1912

Lizzie Green - John Gideon - James Oliver - William T. Boyle - Howard Carrow

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 8, 1912

Charles G. Garrison
William T. Boyle
Martha Hearn
Edward Schlereth
Charles Ford
Effie May Wagner
Samuel Farr
Edward Farr
Charles Sturgis
William Gold
Maud Daisy








Camden Post-Telegram * October 14, 1912

Carl F. Kellman - O. Glen Stackhouse - John Painter - Frank B. Frost
Jeff Kay - William T. Boyle
Elisha Gravenor - Grace Presbyterian Church
Bertha Skillen - Bessie Skillen - Albert Ludlow - Joseph Wittick
Joseph Schmid - Thomas Sink - Abraham L. James - William Schregler 
Henry C. Moffett - John Brothers - William C. Horner
Arthur Colsey - Anson Kelley - Robert T. Abbott
John H. Vickers - Frederick A. Finkelday - "Indian Bill" May
Eugene McCafferty -
William Hurlock
Dr. E.A.Y. Schellenger Sr. - John T. Potter - Elbridge B. McClong
Dr. William S. Jones - John T. Cleary - Charles A. Wolverton
Thomas Gallagher's Saloon

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 15, 1912

Charles G. Garrison - William T. Boyle - Charles Ford - Effie May Wagner - Frank B. Jess - Adam R. Sloan

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 16, 1912

Charles G. Garrison - William T. Boyle
Charles Ford
- Frank B. Jess - Adam R. Sloan

Idaho Statesman - November 22, 1912
Charles H. Ellis - Carl F. Kellman - William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 23, 1912

Charles G. Garrison
William T. Boyle

Charles Ford
Adam R. Sloan
Effie May Wagner

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 29, 1913
 William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 31, 1913

Camden Post Telegram * October 16, 1913

Walter "The Kentucky Rosebud" Edgerton - Locust Street - William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 20, 1913
Ernest P. Steubing - Antonio Monzo - Helene Barthman
William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 27, 1914
Sig Schoenagle - Federal Street - William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 27, 1914
Henderson Martin - William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 4, 1914
Andrew Haehner - H.D. Jones - Philip Tubman - Joseph Winslow - South 10th Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 18, 1914

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 18, 1914

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 12, 1914
William Kirk - Mrs. Lillie Fredericks - William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 12, 1914
John Topkins aka Price - John Miller - Penn Street - Linden Street
E.G. Locke - Charles Bowyer - Andrew Miller -
William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 23, 1914

William F. Rex
John Gallagher
William J. Kraft
Ernest Steubing
William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 23, 1914

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 24, 1915
Mrs. Addie Reeves - William F. Kelly - William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer * March 19, 1915

John Clemento - Joseph Romano - Charles Azedi - Louis Azedi - John Breidenbach
Samuel Dobbins -
William J. Cooper - Antonio Morganzi - Black Hand - John Scott

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 20, 1915
John Horneff - Jacob Neitze - Mrs. Emma Haines
William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 26, 1915
Thomas Paul - Herman Miller - John Baranski

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 4, 1915
John Walk - William T. Boyle - John Brothers
Pelouze & Campbell -

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 18, 1915
American Art Glass Company - Harry Mines - Mt. Vernon Street
Joseph Wishnefski - Frank Cofuski -
William T. Boyle

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 19, 1915
Floyd Voerth - William T. Boyle

Camden Daily Courier * July 12, 1915
Crawford Smith - O. Glen Stackhouse - William Rumford - William T. Boyle - Carman Street
Dr. Frank Stem - William J. Kraft - Pennsylvania Avenue - John H. Gray - Mt. Ephraim Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 2, 1915

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 22, 1916

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 17, 1917

Carl F. Bicker - Francis B. Bicker Jr. - Dorothy Bicker
William T. Boyle - Central Trust Company

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 26, 1918

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 27, 1918
F. Morse Archer - National State Bank - William T. Boyle
William J. Strandwitz - James H. Long
Walter J. Staats - E.A. Stoll - David S. Rush Jr. - E.G.C. Bleakly
William L. Hurley - Francis B. Wallen - Wilbert Pike  
Volney Bennett


February 22, 1927

George W. Whyte
Vincenzo Colajezzi
Valentine P. Wilkerson
Vincent Colajezzi
Herbert Richardson
Elizabeth Barbara Stoltz
West Jersey Trust Company
Ernest L. Bartelt
Mary M. Kiley
James F. Lennon
William T. Boyle

Camden Courier-Post - January 28, 1928

Patrons, Patronesses Announced Today
for First Military Ball

Patrons and patronesses for the first military ball of the Camden Post No. 960, Veterans of Foreign Wars, to be held on Friday evening February 3 in the Elks auditorium, Seventh and Cooper Streets., are announced today.

The following prominent men and women are listed: Mrs. J.W. Connor, Miss C.M. Day, Mrs. J.H. Forsyth, Mrs. H.J. Goodyear, Miss B. Graham, Mrs. R.E. Green, Mrs. E.F. Haines, Mrs. J. Hood Jr., Mrs. W. Hurley, Mrs. J. Jarrell, Mrs. T. Keefe, Mrs. J.F. Kobus, Mrs. L. Liberman, Mrs. F.L. Lloyd, Mrs. M.A. Logan, Mrs. T.P. McConaghy, Mrs. F.F. Neutze, Mrs. L.K. Marr, Mrs. J.A. Pennington, Mrs. M.E. Ramsey, Mrs. E. Truax, Mrs. S.M. Shay, Mrs. W.J. Staats, Mrs. B.G. Tarburton, Mrs. R.W. Waddell, Mrs. E. Watson, Mrs. E.P. Wescott, Mrs. C.A. Wolverton. 

David Baird Jr., William T. Boyle, Isaac Ferris, William Hurley, John Hood Jr., John Jarrell, Victor King, William J. Kraft, Thomas Keefe, Joseph F. Kobus, Hon. Edmund B. Leaming, Dr. A. Haines Lippincott, James H. Long, L.K. Marr, Dr. Thomas P. McConaghy, Hon. Frank F. Neutze, Samuel P. Orlando, Albert E. Simmons, Edwin Watson, Ethan P. Wescott.




Camden Courier-Post
June 3, 1932

Lewis Starr




Camden Courier-Post
June 4, 1932

Lewis Starr





Camden Courier-Post - June 9, 1932
Henry T. Eldredge - Samuel P. Orlando - William T. Boyle
Samuel R. Frankin - Cora Franklin - Jessie Ada Franklin

Camden Courier-Post * June 11, 1932
Lewis Liberman - Edward Borden - Ralph W.E. Donges - Lewis Starr -Harry M. Schierer
Patrick H. Harding - Robert J. Kearns -
William Morgenweck - Isaac Van Sciver
H. Schoemer - Julius Burman - Solis D. Cohen -
William T. Boyle - Francis D. Weaver
Walter R. Carroll - Joseph H. Carr - E.E. Read Jr. -
Camden Lodge of Elks
Broadway Merchants Trust Company - Church of the Immaculate Conception

Camden Courier-Post * June 18, 1932

The Directors: A. D. Armbruster - S. C. Childs - Edward B. Humphreys - Edward E. Shumaker
F. Morse Archer - Elias Davis - Henry H. Lippincott - Frank C. Somers - David Baird Jr.
Burleigh B. Draper - Albert C. Middleton - Frank L. Starr - Ralph D. Baker -
Isaac Ferris
William T. Read -
J.B. Van Sciver Jr. - Killam E. Bennett - LeRoy A. Goodwin
William W. Robinson - Lawrence M. Verga - Rudolph W. Birdsell - Eugene F. Haines
Charles W. Russ - Oliver C. Willits -
William T. Boyle - William D. Sherrerd - Charles A. Wolverton
First Camden National Bank & Trust Company

Camden Courier-Post * June 4, 1933

Camden Man Excoriates Spoils System at Bar Meet at Shore

By Staff Correspondent

Atlantic City, June 3.-The "abhorrent” practice of “parceling out judicial offices as part of a nefarious spoils system" must cease if the honor and eminence of the bench is to be upheld, former Judge William T. Boyle, of Camden, told the State Bar Association yesterday.  

Boyle, delivering his farewell address as retiring president of the association, mentioned no names. However, he apparently was referring to certain judicial appointments which recently drew widespread criticism, not because of the ability of the appointees but because of the political nature of the nominations.

He spoke of one county which has a vacancy in the office of prosecutor and a vacancy on the common pleas bench, neither of which has been filled because the political leaders could not get together and decide who they wanted.

"It seems," he observed, "that one senator is able to block appointments.”

Senate President Richards, of Atlantic City, has been at odds with Democratic leaders In Atlantic County over appointments to the common pleas bench and the prosecutorship in that county.

"'At one time," said Boyle, “there were standards for qualifications maintained for men of the bench. In recent years, however, appointing and confirming powers engage in what appears to be a battle of political strategy over judicial appointments.

"The political party system permeates every branch of government in the state, but it should have no part where the administration of justice is concerned or is involved.

"We cannot be unmindful of the criticisms of the press, reflecting upon the manner in which judicial selections have been made in recent years. The bar association is without influence in this branch of government which is most vital to this profession.

"In the selection of judicial offi­cials such an organization should not be ignored. We have complacently submitted to the growth of a system that is bringing reproach to the administration of justice.

"There is talk of trade and barter respecting these high offices throughout the state, and the press has not hesitated to express sharp criticism of political deals involving judicial offices. This association should not remain silent while political county committees appraise and endorse their favorites for office, with only the political import of the appointee in mind.

Highest Types Needed

“It would be a great day for the state only the interests of the people were considered where courts are concerned, I trust the day will

Men, after years of honorable service upon the bench, have failed reappointment, because political leaders have been opposed to them. This parceling out judicial offices as a part of a nefarious spoils system is abhorrent and should be met with vigorous protests from this association.

"The time is at hand for courage­ous and determined action on our part. Otherwise, the profession of the law will yield its position of eminence, honor and influence in the forum and on the bench to the place-hunter and spoils-monger, and then, if that day shall ever arrive, there will be missing from the temples of justice the learned and honorable ministers to whom we have been so long accustomed and the glory of the bar will pass forever."

Fears that the sweeping moves of the Roosevelt administration since March 4 would raise grave legal questions was expressed by William D. Mitchell, of New York, solicitor general under President Coolidge and Attorney general under President Hoover

"What has happened in Washington in the last three months," Mitchell said, "will keep lawyers occupied for the next three years. It is obvious that the courts are to be confronted with grave legal questions during a period of great unrest and public agitation." .

Camden Courier-Post * September 26, 1951
First Camden National Bank & Trust Company - Ralph W.E. Donges - Edward V. Martino
Bartholomew J. Sheehan - William C. Gotshalk - Mitchell H. Cohen - Benjamin Asbell - Ralph W. Wescott
Gene R. Mariano - John J. Crean - J. Hartley Bowen - Jerome Hurley - Hurley Stores
 William B. Macdonald -
Camden Trust Company - Isador Herman - Fred Albert - Herbert Richardson Howard C. Wickes Sr. - Carl Kisselman - Frank M. Traveline - William F. Hyland Jr.
Henry Stockwell - Grover C. Richman - Emma W. Boyle  -
William T. Boyle