WILLIAM E. SCHULTZ was born in Camden NJ on December 12, 1902 to Jennie and Charles Schultz. The Schultz family, which included brother Charles Jr., lived at 214 North 11th Street in Camden. His father was a career member of the Camden Fire Department. William Schultz was appointed to the Camden Police Department in 1926, and  graduated from the New Jersey State Police Academy on March 14, 1929. He soon was noticed for his expertise with firearms and as an expert marksman

When the census was taken in April of 1930, William E. Schultz was unmarried, and still lived with his parents at 214 North 11th Street. He worked under Sergeant (and after March of 1943 Lieutenant) Edward Hahn at the Third Police 

District until Hahn's death on April 2, 1944. During the 1950s his duties  included  weapons instruction, as evidenced in the photographs below. He would stay on the force until 1965, when he retired.

In 1947 William E. Schultz was living with his wife Emily at  913 North 8th Street in North Camden. He had been promoted to Sergeant by this time. He remained there till the 1960s, when he moved to Collingswood NJ.  William E. Schultz passed away in October of 1986.

William E. Schultz

New Jersey
State Police Academy

signed by
Col. Norman Schwarzkopf
father of the
General Norman Scharzkopf
Hero of the Persian Gulf War

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Trenton Times
March 6, 1929

William E. Schultz
Walter Vecander
Raymond Stark



William E. Schultz

Late 1920s

Camden Courier-Post
February 10, 1930

Robert Turner
Turner's Oyster House
Federal Street
William E. Schultz
Garfield Pancoast

Camden Courier-Post
June 18, 1932

Marie Fort - Thurman Street
George Powell - Division Street
Harry Wilson - Pine Street
Edward Mellon - Elm Street
George Devon - Walnut Street
George Philip - South 3rd Street
Herbert Anderson
Edward Carroll
William Schultz
William Whaland

The material witness all appear to have given false addresses and in all likelihood false names.

Camden Courier-Post - February 8, 1933

What Do YOU Think
a regularly featured column, written by Charley Humes


That Charley Lafferty of Atlantic City will succeed Edward L. Sturgess as Collector of Internal Revenue with offices in the local Federal Building . . . And that that'll be denied by more persons than Ellis Parker too (All right then, you pick Harry L. Maloney, I'll stick to Mrs. Lafferty's boy, Sharlie) . . . 

That certain investigators for the State Emergency Relief are refusing food orders to families with life insurance policies . . . The chumps making the poor folks turn in their policies for cash and live off that 'til gone . . . :May they bury all such punk investigators in Potter's Field (where they forget to put American flags on graves on Decoration Day) . . . 

That a Dame downtown who operates One of Those Places refused recently to testify for a lad accused of a holdup because she thought she might have to close her joint (when her testimony would have saved the kid from a long stretch in the Pen, which my friends tell me he didn't have coming) . . . 

That that member of a suburban school board who recently said certain school was too good for a certain section because everybody living there were swamp dwellers, is knertz . . . And that maybe he'll be singing a different chune following election, the umpchay . . .

That there's hoss racin' joints open in at least two political clubs (but that's not half as what they're doing in another political club-but you'll have to go on from there cause I can't tell anymore) . . . 

That Bill Schultz, local copper, recently plugged a silver half dollar three shots out of three at a distance of skeen-teen feet (much to the dismay of a certain elevator operator who donated the coin) . . . 

That Philly Sport scribes who recently Okay'd that draw verdict between Johnny Jadick and Johnny Lucas sure had sand in their eyes because Johnny kick'd the daylights out of the reputed Junior Welter Champ (But then a Philly draw is as good as a win anyhow, especially when you're fighting Jadick up in the Cambria. . . 

That I might as well end this column with Ellis Parker-and tell you that he will deny he has a good clue in the Bradway Brown murder but that he really has a clue and it'll be a honey if it turns out.

Camden Courier-Post - February 14, 1936


LEROY "REDS" SMITH, astute coach of the Trenton High Bengals, will not tolerate dreaming when his club is in action, .. He called upon a sub in the fuss against Camden High, and when the player made a move towards the referee instead of reporting to the scorer, "Reds" immediately recalled him. It was his son....  Jack Reynolds, of Haddonfield, former Cincinnati newspaperman, departed yesterday for Puerto Rico for a month's vacation with the Cincinnati Reds ... Ralph Patterson, who starred for Pennsauken, and Claude Maxwell, of the Oaklyn Club, have been admitted to the Independent Umpires' Association.

* * *

Vince Zizac, Camden's contribution to the. wrestling fraternity, whacks the handball without gloves just as hard as the next player ... The veteran Fergie McGrath uses special padding in practice, and "Dutch" Goodwin, former Pitman High athlete, wishes that the game were played with paddles ... Phil Brooks, athletic director of Camden High, isn't a bit bashful. When he sends his swimming team through a workout at the Y. M. C. A. tank, Phil doffs his clothing and takes an active part in the proceedings.

* * *

BILL SCHULTZ Is one of the most accurate shooters on the Camden police force and is able to hit the bull's-eye almost at will ... Mike Lynch, former Camden High and Celtics basketball star, has practically forsaken sports and spends most of his spare time coddling his year-old daughter, Catherine ... Three brothers from Ocean City, John, Lon and Fenton Carey, are making athletic history at the University of Delaware ... John swims, plays football and stars in track; Lon is also a gridder and runner, while Fenton plays baseball and tennis ... Another Ocean City youth, Olaf Drozdov, is a football and track star at the same institution..... Dr. William Scheffler, local medico, at one time held the German A.A.U. 50- and 100-meter swim records ... Today, nearing his 50th milestone, "Doc" boasts a physique of a person half his age ... Charley Rogers, erstwhile Camden High athlete and football coach at the University of Delaware, is a stock and bond salesman for a leading Philadelphia concern ... Frank McFadden, former Camden Catholic High track star, is coaching his brothers, John and Paul who also are star runners at the local institution.

* * *

"Chamby" Davis, former Haddon Heights boy, is a consistent point­scorer for the Indiana University swimming team ... Walter Hadke, who captained the footballers in his senior year at Camden High, is making a name for himself at William and Mary College ... Football and wrestling are his favorite, sports and he also is a fine student ... Merchantville High's new band gave a fine musical presentation at the double­header held at the Convention Hall on Wednesday ... It is one of the largest school bands in the state. Camden High's basketeers have not beaten a first-class team this season, and Mitch Mozeleski has his guns out, for Emerson High tomor­row night in an attempt to break the ice ... Ed Lobley, former Penn star and present coach of Woodrow Wilson's dribblers, will don a basketball suit in the preliminary game between the coaches and the referees.



 Temporary changes in the police department to offset the absence of Lieutenant George Frost, head of the First District, who is ill, and Lieutenant George Ward, of headquarters, who is away on police business, were announced yesterday by Chief Arthur Colsey

Sgt. John Potter, of the Third District, is made acting lieutenant and placed in charge of the First. Patrolman Louis Schmidt, of the Third, replaces Potter as acting sergeant.

Lieutenant Herbert Anderson, of the Fourth District, replaces Ward at headquarters, with Sgt. John Skolski acting as lieutenant in charge of the Fourth.

Sgt. Gustav Koerner, of the Second District, who has been working in plain clothes, Is to report in uniform.

Patrolman John Kowal, of the Second District, is shifted to the First district, with Patrolman William Schultz going from the First district to the Second district. 

Camden Courier-Post - February 12, 1938

McGrath Meets Schultz and Finn Encounters Waldner Today

The handball tournament of the Camden Y. M. C. A. will near a conclusion this afternoon, when two matches are scheduled to be played.

Bill "Fergie" McGrath and Bill Schultz, both Camden policemen, meet in the final game of the winners' bracket, at 1 o'clock, while Frank Finn and John Waldner meet in the final game of the losers' bracket just as soon as McGrath and Schultz finish their match.

The winners of the two matches will clash for the championship in 'the near future. The court at the "Y" has been completely renovated, new walls having been erected and a new floor laid.


April 1944

Edward C, Hahn - William Moll
Joseph Fearon - Edward Talls
Carmen Fuscellaro Sr.
Ivan Morris - William Schultz


April 1944

Willard C. Shriver 
William Van Pfefferle
Gustave Koerner
William Yeager
William Schultz

John W. March
Camden Foundry Co.
Delaware Avenue
Elm Street

Camden Courier-Post - November 21, 1947
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Briggs Cafe - Angelino Martelli - Lansdowne Avenue - Mary Deregowski
Charles Beyer  - Dominic Maione - Stella Briggs -
South 5th Street
South 8th Street - Gustav Koerner - John Trout
Milton E. Cahill -  William Schultz - Joseph J. Lesniewski
 James Caputi - William Szymborski -
Louis Street  
Mount Vernon Street
-William Prucella - John V. Wilkie
 Joseph Gimello -
Washington Street 

Sergeant William Schultz
Instructing Fellow Law Enforcement Personnel in the Use of  Firearms - 1950s

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From Left: William Schultz, Unknown, Unknown, Andrew McBurney  

Teargas Gun Instruction

LEFT TO RIGHT: Unknown, William Campbell, Unknown, Unknown, Isaiah Pitts, Unknown, Unknown, William Schultz (at far right).

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LEFT TO RIGHT: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, 
William Schultz (firing weapon, Unknown

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Veterans Boxing Association Ring 6
11th Annual Banquet - April 20, 1959

1931 127lbs
Dick Graminga, Charles Humes 
and Tony Georgette-Managers
Eddie Prince, Lew Sparks
and Jack Blackburn-Trainers

Joseph Grochowski
Al Bunker
Ed Kaszycki
Andy Friday
John Skiba
John Dombrowski
Walter Szalanski
Nick Pawlak
Wm. O'Brien
Bill Neil
Wm. Schultz
Tom Scarduzio
Peter Paull
Barney Tracey
Dave Hainsworth
Walter Zimolong
Edward Shapiro
Thomas McLaughlin
John Opfer

Joey Powell's Well-Wishers 
Sergeant Ray Smith

Vallie Francesconi
Tom Ryan
Leon Lucas
Jesse Urban
Bobbie Zimmerman
Joe (Kid) Murphy
Pee Wee Wilson
Jackie Gleason
Joe Vitarelli
Al Daley
Frankie Youker
Joe McEvoy
Frank Valenti
Jim McFadden
Charles Bauer
George Ballantine
James O'Neill
Dorothy Dougherty
Agnes McHenry
Vicky Dangler
Francis Souders
Loretta and Reds
Roger Cotton
Leon McCarthy
Kenneth Geitz
Joe Daubman
Norman Jacobson
Nick Colofrancisco
Chris Rago
Charles Myers
Ray Cohand
Paul Harduk
Charles Wells
Carl Stolinski
Walter Wilson
Steve Straub
Charley Kmiec
Jimmy Tyler
Joe Dorfy
William Vogel
John Campbell

Steve O'Keefe
Sam Laird
Ed Rickter
Don Cragin
John Odorisio
Michael Przywara
Walter Paleszewski
Watson Burdalski
Stanley Snajkowski
Frank Drabik
John P. Kawczak
Frank Kulesa
Steve Kirby
James R. Asher
Polack Tony
Stephen Yakopczyna
Helen and Chick
Don Wilson
James Monaghan
George Carr
Bill Jentsch
John Greenan
Charles Galasso
Don's Barber Shop
Joe Shaw
Ben Gutowski
Tom Bristow
Joseph Stelmach
Leon Hood
George Saunders
Mike Borman
Anthony Cirelli
Bob Hardy
Frank Hardy
Benny DePalma
Frank Padulla
Mike Yack
Stanley Powell
George Kroecker
A Friend
The Fox

Tom Fish