WILLIAM H. NEALE was born April 30, 1917 in Camden NJ to Paul B. and Carrie M. Neale. He was named after his grandfather, a Civil War veteran who also was named William H. Neale, with whom the family lived, at 578 Berkley Street in what was then Camden's Ninth Ward. This house had been the Neale family home as far back as 1887.

When the census was taken in January of 1920 Paul Neale was working as a clerk at the New York Shipbuilding Corporation shipyards. Grandfather William passed away in the 1920s, Paul, Carrie and William Neale remained at the Berkley Street address through the 1930s. He was active as a Boy Scout in the early 1930s. The family later moved to 773 Line Street. William Neale attended Camden's public schools, completing two years of high school before entering the workplace.

Known to his fellow officers as Bill, he joined the Camden Police Department on August 24, 1940, two days after William Large, Stanley Zuchowicz, and Donald Watson joined the force. 

On January 27, 1942 Bill Neale enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps. The Army had other plans than aviation, however, and he served in the Army's Criminal Investigation Unit in England, and while there attended training at Scotland Yard. 

Upon returning to the Camden Police Department in 1946, Bill Neale was promoted to detective, and five years later he was made sergeant. In 1957 he was again promoted, to lieutenant in charge of Camden's detectives. By the end of the 1950s Bill Neale had married and was living at 3008 Berkley Street in East Camden.

In 1960, Bill Neale was named Camden's new chief of police, succeeding Donald Watson, who was serving as acting chief. Chief Neale served under the administration of Mayor Alfred Pierce, and, after his 1962 appointment, city Public Safety Director, Colonel Edwin A. Bedell. 

Chief Neale headed the department into the mid-1960s. The Camden NJ Police Department 1962 Report shows much of what the Chief was involved with, and what was happening, crime-wise in Camden at that time.

After retiring, Chief Neale moved to Marlton NJ, and was living there when his father Paul passed in 1979. Last a resident himself of Marlton, Chief William H. Neale passed away on August 14, 1998.

Chief Neale's son, Bill Neale, is a professional musician. He played guitar for the Temptations both in the studio and on tour, done session work at Sigma Sound in Philadelphia and for Motown in California, and has written, arranged, and/or produced recordings for many other noted artists, including Natalie Cole, Deneice Williams, Johnny Gill, Angela Bofill, & Brandi Wells, and also appeared, as a member of the Hollywood Cowboys, in The Gong Show Movie, in 1980.

Camden Courier-Post - June 10, 1933

Proficiency Awards Presented To Camden County Boy Scouts
Court of Honor Held in Haddon Heights High School;
Badges Given by Stedman; Haines Presides at Event

Boy Scouts of Camden county participated last night in impressive ceremonies at the semi-annual Court of Honor of the Camden County Council when awards for proficiency in scouting were made. 

The court was held in Haddon Heights High School Auditorium. Joshua C. Haines, county scout commissioner, presided and the Eagle Scout badges, highest award, were presented by A. W. Stedman, president of the council. 

The awards fellow: 

Eagle Badge-Edward Buczkowski and Alexander Foster of Troop 21, Camden. 

Life Scout Badge-Conrad W Deuter, Edwin A. Forbes and Charles J. J. Meyer of Troop 5, Camden; George Copoulas, Troop 21, Camden; Harold W. Shallcross, W. E. Hayes and Kirk Cramer, of Troop 55, Berlin; Rawlins Eastwick, Troop 64, Haddonfield; E. W. Roberts, Troop 105, Collingswood; Francis Weatherby, Troop 110, Merchantville. 

Silver Quartermaster's Badge- Thomas L. Rich, mate Of the Sea Scout Ship Farragut.

Star Scout Badge- H. Robert Lind, Joseph W. Martin and Harry Martin, Sea Scout Ship Farragut; Walter B. Everett. L. H. Gehr, Jr., Michael Melka and Edward S. Hunt, Troop 5, Camden; David King, Troop 2, Camden; K. Borman, Troop 14, Camden; William Neale, Troop 10, Camden; Albert Pape, Edward Watson and Taylor Kellogg, Troop 21, Camden; J. Frank Sweeney and Rainsford Darling, Troop 59, Collingswood; William E. Hales and Richard Groo, Troop 78, West Collingswood; S. Joseph Burns, Edward Taylor and Nelson Ulrich, Troop 80, Gloucester; Lloyd Van Horn, Troop 90, Atco; Eric Crowe, Richard McKinney and Kenneth Price, Troop 109, Gloucester; Charles Breme and Kenneth Litzinger, Troop 105, Collingswood; Charles Arentzen, Troop 111, Stratford; Charles David Smith, Troop 110, Merchantville; Edward C. Barnett, Jr., Conrad V. Kanuf, Robert D. Sayrs and William C. Stevenson, Troop 112, West Collingswood; Willard Schaeffer, Robert Fiddler, Robert B. Riddle, R. Proctor. Jr., J. Laing Jr., and G. Cook, Troop 113, Oaklyn; Erik Hemmingsen, Troop 118, Gibbsboro. 

Merit Badges-David King, Leo Ocroombout, Lawrence Corn, Troop 2, Camden; Lester Daniels, H. Robert Lind, Patrick Brady, Howard Walker, Andrew Weatherby, Edward Trummel, Joseph E. West, Alvah Veit, Joseph Martin. Harry Martin, Warren Weber, James A. Keenan, Leslie Smith, Russell Walls, Marvin Lequer, Paul Thompson, Elmer Hamilton, Thomas B. Rich, Jr.. Robert Rich, Troop 4, S. S. S. Farragut; Walter B. Everett Michael Melko, William Walston, Roy A. Voll, Robert Trace, Robert Stephens, Carl Seifling, Oliver Rinear, Charles Meyers, Edward S. Hunt, Philip Tice. L. H. Gehr Jr., E. Forbes, Fred Brooke, Conrad W. Deuter, Troop 5, Camden.

A. Braun. Troop 9, Camden; Wilbur Powell, William Brenton, Troop 11, Camden; K. Borman, Troop 14, Camden; Norman Steinberg, Joseph Foster, Edmund Buczkowski, Alex Foster, Franklin Kinsky, Albert Pape, B. F. Mercer, George Copoulas, Scott Hilton, Edward Watson, Harry Dolmetsch, Taylor Kellogg, James Capoulas, Albert Baker, Loy Zorger, Troop 21, Camden; Howard Todt and W. Albinson, Troop 52. 

Lloyd Van Horn, Harold W. Shallcross, W. Edgar Hayes, Benjamin Toy, Kirk Cramer, Claude Rowand, Lewis Orchard, William Straub, Troop 55; Joseph Hittorff, Raymond Giron, Edward Schultz, Frank Sweeney, Troop 59; Theodore Fox, Alfred Benson, Arthur Ruby, Charles Cox, Thomas Gibson, Robert Carpenter, Alfred Milash, Rawlins Eastwick, Troop 64; Wayne Garrigues, William E. Hales, Virgil Groo, Elmer Groo, Richard Groo, Robert Reck, Fred Miller, Paul Bennett, Ronald Ferguson, William Hales. Stewart Smith, Jr., John Scarborough, Robert Bergstresser, Troop 78; 

J. Burns, Edward Taylor, Nelson Ulrich, Troop 80; Walter Angelo, Jr., Harvey Hartzelt, Joseph E. Kirk, Jack Lotz, Troop, 85; James Chemi, Charles Weaver, George Sanger, Norman Sanger, William Farr, Troop 87; John R. Hohn and Robert Pierce, Troop 102; Harry Rainey, Carl Miller, Jr., Charles Breme, E. W. Roberts, Raymond Krawczk, James Moncrief, Kenneth Litzinger, Troop 105; Eric Crowe, Kenneth Rice, Richard McKinney, Troop 109; Charles Smith, Francis Weatherby, C. Hammond, Fred Shouds, Troop 110.

Camden Courier-Post * December 4, 1940

Joseph Caputi - Joseph M. Carroll - Roland Comerford - Vincent Conley - James Eskridge
Joseph Hooven - Julius Kaunacki - William E. Kelly - William H. Neale - Francis J. Nelson
John E. Opfer - Cecil H. Picou - Earl Quinton - Edward W. Tatem - Harry Tracy - Harold Vecander
John H. Watkins - Edward Watson - Donald R. Watson - George T. Weber - Stanley Zuckowicz
Philip Farrow - Anthony Bretschneider - John Gryckiewicz - Thomas Winstanley
William Palese - Anthony Dzinski - Joseph Guarino - Martin Nelson - William Cleary - Otto Kaiser   

Camden Courier-Post
July 28, 1941

Francis H. WIlson - Auburn Street
South 5th Street - Chestnut Street
Albert Defalco - Roland Granger
Saunders Street - William Neale
Thomas Welch -
Augustine Fortune
Broadway - Newton Avenue


Camden Courier-Post * April 5, 1952
Thomas Murphy - George Wilmer - Liberty Street - Earl Quinton - William Kelly - William H. Neale
Clifford Carr - William O'Brien - John Houston - August Pflederer - George Ellis - Marshall Thompson 

Camden Courier-Post * January 4, 1955
Irvin Gibbs - Winfield Leviseur - Maurice Boone - Otto Kaiser - William H. Neale - Nathaniel Jones
Edward Gibbs - Thomas J. Danks - Mary Valentine -  Ladder Company 2 - Engine Company 3
William W. Messenger - Vanessa Gibbs - Dorothy Ann Gibbs - Howard Mac Dougal
Edward Eckman - Charles Van Fossen - South 8th Street

Camden Courier-Post - December 20, 1957
William Neale - Howard James - Anthony Marino 
Jean Porter - William Porter - Federal Street

Camden Courier-Post
December 24, 1957

South 3rd Street
James Johnson
William D. Neale
Leo Tompkins
Anthony Marino
Wilfred L. Dube
Nathan Jones
William O'Brien
Edward Fulton
Russell Young
John Huston
Vincent Conley

Willie Simmons - Carl H. Perry - West Jersey Hospital
Evalena Watkins - James W. Atkins - James P. McLaughlin

Camden Courier-Post - December 26, 1957
South 3rd Street - Anthony Marino - James W. Atkins
Evalena Watkins - Willie Simmons -
William D. Neale
Edward Walker J. - Earkey Walker
Linden Street - North 8th Street - Cooper Hospital

Camden Courier-Post - December 28, 1957

Lieutenant Bill Neale - 1959

 At  a B & E  of photo equipment from a home in North Camden
Photo by Bob Bartosz 

 Click on Image to Enlarge

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 28, 1960

Bought Gun At Work
East Camden Man Ends Life with Shot
as Wife Seeks Reconciliation

The 21-year-old wife of an East Camden man, on the verge of a reconciliation after a five-week separation, found her husband dead from a gunshot wound of the head early Sunday in his apartment.

Camden county Coroner Howard W. Creran said Wesley W. Gaylord, 34, of 1026 N. 27th Street, Camden, apparently ended his life with a single shot from a .22 caliber rifle, which was lying alongside him on a day bed in the apartment.


Creran said an autopsy would be performed Monday.

Gaylord, a maintenance man for the Tacony-Palmyra Drive-in Theatre, Palmyra, N. J., was found at 2 A. M. by his wife, Reba, of W. Walnut Street, Westmont. 

She told Camden Detective Thomas Scarduzio she had talked with her husband Saturday afternoon about a reconciliation. She said she agreed to meet Gaylord at his apartment about 11 P. M. Saturday, after he finished work at the theater.


Mrs. Gaylord said she phoned Gaylord shortly before 11 P. M. at the theater, but was unable to reach him. Later she went to his apartment. He was stretched across the day bed, bleeding from mouth and ears. She called neighbors, who summoned police.

Scarduzio said he questioned Fred Basile, 18, of 356 Boyd Street, Camden, a brother-in-law of the victim, who said he last saw Gaylord when he let him out of a car near his home at 11:10 P. M. Saturday. 


Police reported Gaylord was despondent because of the separation and last Friday night purchased the death rifle from an usher at the drive-in theater for $20.             ,

The case also was investigated by Capt. Philip Large, of Camden county detectives; Lieutenants Harold Melleby and William Neale, and Detective Joseph Hainsworth, of the Camden police.

Veterans Boxing Association Ring 6
11th Annual Banquet - April 20, 1959

1931 127lbs
Dick Graminga, Charles Humes 
and Tony Georgette-Managers
Eddie Prince, Lew Sparks
and Jack Blackburn-Trainers

Joseph Grochowski
Al Bunker
Ed Kaszycki
Andy Friday
John Skiba
John Dombrowski
Walter Szalanski
Nick Pawlak
Wm. O'Brien
Bill Neil
Wm. Schultz
Tom Scarduzio
Peter Paull
Barney Tracey
Dave Hainsworth
Walter Zimolong
Edward Shapiro
Thomas McLaughlin
John Opfer

Joey Powell's Well-Wishers 
Sergeant Ray Smith

Vallie Francesconi
Tom Ryan
Leon Lucas
Jesse Urban
Bobbie Zimmerman
Joe (Kid) Murphy
Pee Wee Wilson
Jackie Gleason
Joe Vitarelli
Al Daley
Frankie Youker
Joe McEvoy
Frank Valenti
Jim McFadden
Charles Bauer
George Ballantine
James O'Neill
Dorothy Dougherty
Agnes McHenry
Vicky Dangler
Francis Souders
Loretta and Reds
Roger Cotton
Leon McCarthy
Kenneth Geitz
Joe Daubman
Norman Jacobson
Nick Colofrancisco
Chris Rago
Charles Myers
Ray Cohand
Paul Harduk
Charles Wells
Carl Stolinski
Walter Wilson
Steve Straub
Charley Kmiec
Jimmy Tyler
Joe Dorfy
William Vogel
John Campbell

Steve O'Keefe
Sam Laird
Ed Rickter
Don Cragin
John Odorisio
Michael Przywara
Walter Paleszewski
Watson Burdalski
Stanley Snajkowski
Frank Drabik
John P. Kawczak
Frank Kulesa
Steve Kirby
James R. Asher
Polack Tony
Stephen Yakopczyna
Helen and Chick
Don Wilson
James Monaghan
George Carr
Bill Jentsch
John Greenan
Charles Galasso
Don's Barber Shop
Joe Shaw
Ben Gutowski
Tom Bristow
Joseph Stelmach
Leon Hood
George Saunders
Mike Borman
Anthony Cirelli
Bob Hardy
Frank Hardy
Benny DePalma
Frank Padulla
Mike Yack
Stanley Powell
George Kroecker
A Friend
The Fox

Tom Fish

Camden Courier-Post * October 28, 1960
Peter Yecco - Monseratte Gonzalez - Charles Ferry - Thomas Penn
John Dodd - Westfield Avenue - Peter Celeste - Line Street - John Monti - Jackson Street
Earl Bates - William Campbell - John Dease - Robert DePersia - Dennis Evans - Anthony Greskovich
Donald Maloy - Anthony Martino - Erwin Ray - Alfred Steinmetz - James Styles - Earl Wright
John Ferry
- Nathaniel Jones - Thomas Scarduzio - Golden Sunkett - William Neale - Edward Watson 

Camden NJ Police Department 1962 Report

WILLIAM H. NEALE, Chief of Police

Lifelong resident of city..... educated in public school system
.....appointed to police department in 1940.....promoted to
detective in 1946 after service with US Army Criminal 
Investigation Division (CID)..... while in CID attended famed
Scotland Yard School.....also attended numerous police schools
..... elevated to sergeant in 1951.....to lieutenant in 1957 handling detective division.... promoted to Inspector in 1960
.... appointed Chief in August 1960..... married father of
three children.....Vice-President South Jersey Chiefs of Police

Camden NJ Police Department 1962 Report

Colonel Edwin Bedell
Director of Public Safety
City of Camden
New Jersey

Dear Director:

It is with pleasure that I present herewith the Annual 
Report of the Camden City Police Department for the year 1962.

In this report we have endeavored to present, in as concise form as possible, all essential information covering the work and accomplishments of this Department during the year 1962. Utiliz- ing pictures and graphs, we have aimed to present a clear and realistic concept of the various units of our Department, each of which plays a vital part in providing the citizens of Camden with efficient and effective police service.

An interesting segment of the report points out the overall decrease in the crime index pattern and indicates a noticeable increase in vice arrests. The crime rate in Camden is 5.2% under the previous year, 1961. The national average has increased approximately 97% from the same year.

We are constantly endeavoring to improve and modernize our various operations and follow closely all new techniques and scientific achievements. These are adopted after proven worth.

We further trust that the attainments herein will merit your confidence and approval.


Very truly yours,


Chief of

Camden NJ Police Department 1962 Report

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Camden NJ Police Department 1962 Report

Chief Wiliiam Neale, unknown, unknown

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Camden Police Department - 1962 Report
Presentation of Awards

From Left:
Joseph "Joe Reno" Valeriano
unknown, unknown
Tom Kelly 
Detective Nate Jones
William Neale
Detective "Pete" Sunkett

Camden Police Department - 1962
Chief William Neale initiates Police Appreciation Week
at Kenney's on Market Street

_____ - William Neale - _______ -  Father John Goan

Camden Courier-Post
March 17, 1962

Samuel E. Johnson
Elm Street
William Cahill
William Neale

Camden Courier-Post * August 24, 1963
Gold Badges To Be Given 15 City Cops

Fifteen retired Camden City policemen will be honored by the Patrolmenís Benevolent Association, Local 35, Wednesday night at the Police and Fire Club, 1175 Whitman Avenue.

Police Chief William H. Neale, will present awards. The awards will be gold retirement badges mounted in wallets. The men receiving them will have served 20 or more years.

According to Patrolman Robert Mentz, PBA secretary, this is the first time since 1960 that retirement badges have been presented. The ceremonies will follow the organizationís business meeting.

Awards will be made to: Edward Suski, Harry Cattell, Clifford DelRossi, Frank Gutherman, John Houston, Thomas Kauffman, William Stibi, Leon Feltz, Russell Young, Henry Leutz, George Ellis, Everett Joslin, Ralph Cline, John Kaighn and former Chief Gustav Koerner.

Camden Courier-Post
April 8, 1967


Alfred R. Pierce - Bernal Ford - Eugene Bagwell - William Neale - Julius Sklar - Valencia Robinson
Miller Street - Trenton Avenue - Kaighn Avenue - Mechanic Street