WILLIAM JOHN BROWNING had a distinguished career in public service, culminating in his election to the United States House of Representatives in November of 1910. He had previously served as a member of the Camden Board of Education and of the city council. William J. Browning was appointed postmaster of Camden on June 18, 1889, and served until June 1, 1894, when his successor Harry B. Paul was appointed.

William J. Browning was Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives of the United States from 1895 until 1911.

In June of 1903 William J. Browning was involved in resolving the affairs of Camden Postmaster Louis T. Derousse, a close personal friend, who had abandoned his position after suffering a mental breakdown.

In 1911 William J. Browning he was elected as a Republican to the Sixty-second Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Henry C. Loudenslager. A popular figure in South Jersey, he was reelected to the Sixty-third and to the three succeeding Congresses.

Upon his arrival in Congress on November 7, 1911, he was made a member of the Committee on Naval Affairs, and he was the ranking majority member of that committee at the time of his death. After falling ill during the winter if 1919-1920, he returned to work in Washington DC at the opening of the Congressional Session. William J. Browning passed away at the Capitol Building in Washington DC on March 24, 1920. 

Congressman Browning  was brought home and buried at Harleigh Cemetery in Camden NJ. William J. Browning was survived by his son, Dr. W. Kempton Browning, a prominent Camden physician. Shortly after his death, Evergreen Avenue, a street that ran east from Mount Ephraim Avenue opposite Evergreen Cemetery, was renamed Browning Street.

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 12, 1883

William J. Browning - James M. Cassady

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 16, 1888

William J. Browning - Maurice A. Rogers - D. Cooper Carman
William J. Sewell - J. Willard Morgan - Adam Clark Smith
John Harris - W.B.E. Miller -
Frederick A. Rex
John Campbell Jr. - Mahlon F. Ivins Sr. - Isaac Githens
E.A. Armstrong - Rev. Maurice Bronson
Col. A. Lowden Snowden -
Preston B. Plumb

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 1, 1889
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William J. Browning - David S. Paul - Daniel W. Leach
Daniel Cahill - Harry Bagge

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 3, 1889
J. Willard Morgan - William Joyce Sewell - William J. Browning
Christopher A. Bergen - E.A. Armstrong

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 2, 1890
William Carrigan - J.W. Stow - Annie Genther - Jesse Pratt - Charles R. Bacon - George H. Wheaton - Edward Powell
John Kilmartin - Philip Harris - William J. Browning
Front Street - Elm Street - Samuel Dodd

Philadelphia Inquirer * July 9, 1895

William J. Browning - Carnegie Library

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 17, 1895
William D. Hart - Dr. A. Haines Lippincott - Charles N. Robinson - George A. Frey W.H. Tice - Jacob S. Justice - Francis Ford Patterson Jr. - William J. Browning
George W. Johnson - John Baker - C.E.W. Moore - A.J. Milliette - Charles Preusch Dr. Phillip Wendell Beale - W.W. Mines Jr. - Harry Davis - D.W. Pierce

Philadelphia Inquirer * Ocgtober 27, 1895

William J. Browning

Philadelphia Inquirer * November 13, 1895

William Joyce Sewell - John R. McPhersonWilliam J. Browning
George S. West - Harry C. Sharp - Walter Phillips - Christopher J. Mines Jr.
Thaddeus P. Varney - Charles Sayrs - J.O. Smith - Jesse Carey
Joseph Bromley - William White


Philadelphia Inquirer - October 16, 1898

William J. Browning

John Cherry
Joseph Burt
J. Willard Morgan
Harry C. Sharp
Caleb Williams
C.J. Mines Jr.
T.P. Varney
Fred W. George
James O. Smith
Edwin Hillman
Charles Hope
George W. Miles
Samuel Jaquillard

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 12, 1899

William J. "Will" Paul - D.J. Pancoast - Howard Pancoast - Florence Shimer - Jennie Boyer
J.B. Van Sciver - John Cherry - David Baird Sr. - Samuel Hufty - Lewis Mohrman
Frank Mulford - Alpheus Van Sant -
John Nulty - William C. Riggs 
Fireside New Year's Association - A.K. Snyder - Emil Geer -
W.J. Stanton - Paul Faussel - R. Murr
Robert Gordon - Harvey - Dumphey - E. Kellogg - C. Lock - Edward Walls - Walter J. Stanton
W. Sillings - W. Kinzler - C.E. Stripe - S.P. Verga - C. Davis - D. Smith
Dr. W.W. Kain - James Rowan - G.W. Pettitit - Dallas R. Cann
August H. Reeve - Christopher C. Chew - E. Ambler Armstrong - Peter V. Voorhees
William J. Browning

Philadelphia Inquirer * July 12, 1899

William J. Browning - Thomas Walton - John Cherry
Clarence T. Atkinson - David S. Barry

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 27, 1909
David Baird Sr. - Edward C. Stokes - Harry Loudenslager - William J. Browning - Samuel K. Robbins
Floyd H. Bradley - Assemblyman Tatem - Albert DeUnger - George W. Whyte
Joshua A. Borton - J. Willard Morgan - John J. Burleigh - Frank T. Lloyd
Isaac Moffett - Charles Van Dyke Joline - Judge West - Charles H. Ellis

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 17, 1912
William J. Browning - D. Stewart Craven - Isaac Coles - Albert De Unger - John B. Kates

History of Camden County in the Great War, 1917-1918
Camden, N.J.: Publicity and Historical Committee, 1919

By the time America entered World War I, William J. Browning had become as member of Congress himself, as the representative from New jersey's First Congressional District, then comprising Camden, Gloucester, and Salem Counties.

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 7, 1919

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Admiral Henry Wilson - Charles H. Ellis
Elisha A. Gravenor - Edward S. Hyde
William E. Albert -
James H. Long
Frank S. Van Hart - William D. Sayrs Jr.
Frank S. Fithian - A. Benjamin Sparks
Kessel Webster - William H. Iszard
Robert D. Clow - Andrew B.F. Smith
William H. Lorigan - Charles Austermuhl
David Doane -
William C. Davis
William Vanaman -
David Baird Sr.
J. Wesley Sell - William D. Brown
Charles A. Wolverton - William J. Browning