WILLIAM P. ELBERSON  was born in Camden on March 28, 1875 to John Elberson and his wife, the former Rachel Penyard. The family name also comes up as Elverson and in at least once source Elbertson. William P. Elberson was the oldest of five children, coming before Edith, Mamie, Theodore, and Walter. John Elberson was a veteran of the Civil War, having served with Company F, 4th New Jersey Infantry Regiment. The family, which then included William and his two younger sisters, was living at 219 Bridge Avenue at the time of the 1880 Census. By 1887 the younger brothers had been born and the family had moved to 564 Carman Street, where they remained into the 1900s.

William P. Elberson married Ella C. Gladney around 1898. He and wife Ella were living at 231 Taylor Avenue by the spring of 1900. He then was working as a day laborer. It appears that William P. Elberson was recorded twice during this census enumeration, at both his parents home and his own. At some point after that and before the 1906 Camden City Directory was compiled, William P. Elberson was appointed to the Camden Fire Department.

The 1906 City Directory and the 1910 Census show William Elberson living at 231 Taylor Avenue and working for the Fire Department. He and his wife Ella were still childless when the 1910 Census was enumerated. Sadly, Ella Elberson died on July 11, 1912. William Elberson soon remarried, and his wife Bessie bore him four children- Albert, Mary, William, and Earl. 

William P. Elberson  was serving with  Engine Company 2 in 1913. The 1914 City Directory shows that William P. Elberson and his family had moved to 307 Federal Street. William P. Elberson died on March 16, 1918 at the age of 42, leaving his then pregnant wife and three children. His son Earl was born a few months after his father's death. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 19, 1906

George Shields - William Hillman - William Jobes
Josiah Sage - Seth D. Monnell - George Quinn
Martin Carrigan - J.W. Simpson - James Elberson
William Elberson - Charles Worthington
Harry Dease - Isaac Toy -
Harry A. Haines Sr.
Joseph Ernst - Joseph Daley - Samuel S. Elfreth
William SchreglerCharles H. Ellis 

West Street - Mickle Street - Beckett Street
Kaighn Avenue - Line Street - South 8th Street
Mt. Vernon Street - Clinton Street - Cedar Street
North 4th Street - Taylor AvenuePenn Street
Haddon Avenue - Bridge Avenue

Engine Company 1 -  Engine Company 2
Engine Company 4 - Chemical Engine Company

6th Regiment, New Jersey National Guard
Farmers & Merchants Market
Camden Opera House

"Joseph Gail" was actually Joseph Daley




Frank G. Hitchener - William Morgenweck - Sperry & Hutchinson - Camden Bowling Alleys
M.W. Taylor Theatrical Agency - John Sherwood - Louis Certain - Richard Carpenter - Daniel Mehlin
Mrs. Ida Paul - Mrs. Farley - John Campbell - Harry Chase - John WIdden - H.W. Wilson
Gardner Corson - Mrs. Borquin - C.M. Alcott

Gardner Corson was appointed to the Fire Department in November of 1907.

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 4, 1907

Lewis Buzine - Wright Cox - Seth D. Monnell - William Miller
William Rose William Elberson

Camden Post-Telegram
January 3, 1910

Harry Selby
Samuel S. Buzine
Arthur Wingate
Richard Marter
Samuel S. Elfreth
George B. Wade
Peter B. Carter
Peter S. Gray
John A. Dold
Newton G. Ash
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Maxwell
Harry S. Burrough
William Elberson
Henry "Harry" Green
William Tatem
John Lennox
John Lutts

Charles H. Fitzsimmons IV

John Gardner
Charles Minckle
Harry Lee
Charles Hose

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 6, 1910

John H. Vickers - William O. Sawyer - Newton Ash
William Miller - Samuel Lodge - William Rose
William Elberson - Scott Franklin - Andrew Miller

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 20, 1910

Camden Post-Telegram * January 2, 1913

... continued...
... continued...
Charles A. Todd - John W. Kelly Jr. - John H. Lutts - William K. Buzine - James Navin - Richard Marter
 Joseph Sparks - George Boone  - Roy A. Smith  - Edward Simpson - Henry C. Knowles
Samuel S. Elfreth - George P. Cox - Walter W. Browning - George B. Wade - John A. Stockton
Joseph F. Ernst - John A. Dold - Josiah Sage - Daniel Smith - Arthur Wingate - Joseph T. Johnson
Harry Hankins - William Laird - William Elberson - John H. Lennox - Martin Carrigan - Charles Cook
Harry Selby - Herman O. Kreher - Daniel P. McConnell - William Howell Tatem  
Harry C. Anderson - Steward Bakley - Joseph Maxwell
William Robinson - Richard Sauer - John Watson - Albert Glanders - Ladder Company 1
Charles Menke - Edward S. Gahan - Engine Company 7 - Engine Company 2

This 1912 Robinson Combination Chemical and Hose Wagon was assigned to Engine Company 2. It was one of two purchased as the first motorized apparatus in the Department. Pictured in this 1913 photograph are (l to r): Fireman John Lennox, Wagon Chauffer Harry Hankins, Firemen William Elberson, Joseph Ernst, Martin Carrigan, and Captain George Wade. Accompanying them are members of the engine crew: Stoker Arthur Wingate, Driver Joseph Johnson and Engineer John Augusts "Gus" Dold.

1912 Robinson Combination Chemical and Hose Wagon assigned to Engine Company 2.
 From Left, standing: unknown, unknown, Fireman
William Elberson.
Seated, unknown driver and passenger.  

Camden Post-Telegram
March 16, 1914

Charles Worthington
John A. Stockton
George B. Wade
James White
Newton Ash
James Orrington Burris
William Laird
Joseph T. Johnson
Martin Carrigan
Charles Cook
William B. McCauley
William Elberson
William Cason
Harry Hankins
Conn L. Mack (Dan McConnell)
Joseph Allen

Camden Post-Telegram
March 23, 1914

Charles Worthington
John A. Stockton
George B. Wade
James White
James Orrington Burris
William Laird
George Tabor Quinn
Joseph T. Johnson
Harry Hankins
Charles Cook
William B. McCauley
William Elberson
Joseph Allen
Charles Meincke

Camden Post-Telegram
April 6, 1914

Joseph Johnson - James White
Charles Worthington -
John A. Stockton
George B. Wade - William McCauley
William Laird - William Elberson
Harry Hankins - Charles Cook
Newton Ash - James Miller
Joseph Allen -
Martin Carrigan
William R. Cason - Conn L. Mack

Engine Company 2

Camden Post-Telegram * January 19, 1915

Third Ward Republican Club - Turn Verein Hall - J. Edward Way - A. Benjamin Sparks
William H. Hall - John T. Rodan - Rushton's Orchestra - Harry Hertline - Walter J. Stanton - Jesse Hillman
Lemuel Toy - Jesse Smith - Morris Steelman - William Elberson - Samuel S. Bacon - Albert Keaser 
Harry Miller - Frank Smith - John S. Roberts - George Murry - Harry Selby - Harry C. Sharp
Robert Schroeder - James Vickers - Elwyn D. Steen - William Horay - Clarence H. Thorn - Wright Cox
Frank S. Fithian - George F. Hammond - Albert J. Meyer - Harry Stowe - Wesley J. Stanton
Thomas Dickinson - Edwin Fields - William H. Dill  - Frank S. Ireton - Gustav Jans

Charles H. Errickson - Henry Gerke - James MacDemott - George Schu - William M. Fithian
Julius R. Schaaf - James Monahan - Thomas Madden - George Cox - Robert J. Garrison

Camden Post-Telegram
March 22, 1918

Peter Carter - Louis Neuman
George H. Pursglove - Roy DeHaven
Julius Hubert - Harry Stone
Joseph Sparks - Samuel Whitzell
William Elberson - William Schucker
Walter Mertz - Horace Cairns
Robert Knox - Allen Palmer
Clarence Pursglove - Anthony Paradise
Harry B. Maxwell - Robert Welsh
William B. Vile

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