WATSON DEPUY was born February 6, 1934 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He married Elizabeth Eliza Harman in the early 1850s, and began working in the banking business in 1857.

Watson Depuy came to Camden in 1875 to work at the First National Bank. In 1878 he was promoted to head cashier of this bank, a post he held for thirty years. In 1908 he was elected vice-president of the bank. 

The 1880 Census shows Watson Depuy and family living at 531 North 6th Street. The 1880 City Directory has the family at 315 Cooper Street. According to the directories for 1884 and 1885, the Depuys resided at 519 Linden Street, By 1887 Watson Depuy and family were making their home at 511 Linden Street. This would be his home until his retirement in 1911.

Watson Depuy passed away in Philadelphia at the home of his daughter, Clara Depuy Huggard, on May 20, 1915. After services at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Camden, he was buried at Harleigh Cemetery.

George Reeser Prowell - 1886

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 20, 1891

George Pfeiffer Jr. - William "Billy" Thompson
John Heileman - Harry B. Paul
Thomas Devine - James Cleary
David Corbett - Patrick Whalen
William H. Getty - Patrick J. Farley
John Johnson
John McElwee -
William Guthridge
F.H. Burdsall -
Watson Depuy
George G. Felton - Sinnickson Chew
Charles F. Ware - E. Woodward
Weiling Schrack -
F. Wayland Ayer
William S. Scull - G. Genge Browning
Benjamin C. Reeve - E. Ambler Armstrong
Morris Hall - A. Elwood Jones
John S. Davis - Patrick Daly
South 9th Street - Division Street

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Camden Post-Telegram
June 28, 1901

Cooper Street
Sinnickson Chew

Watson Depuy
Charles F. Currie
Francis Ford Patterson Sr.
Charles Van Dyke Joline
Samuel H. Grey
Charles Stockham
Peter Voorhees

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 1, 1906

Dr. H. Genet Taylor - Dr. Paul H. Markley
Richard H. Reeve - Augustus Reeve
Watson Depuy - Howard M. Cooper
Alexander C. Wood - Ephraim Tomlinson
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Rev. R.E. Brestell
Cooper Street - Peter V. Voorhees

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 1, 1908

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 28, 1908

William Leonard Hurley - Charles H. Ellis - Charles V.D. Joline - Edmund E. Read
Harry C. Kramer - Howard Carrow - Philander Knox - James H. Davidson
Johm T. Dorrance -
E.G.C. Bleakly - David A. Henderson - Samuel W. Sparks
Henry C. Loudenslager - Francis Howell - Walter Wood - Elmer E. Long
George W. Jessup - Joseph Gaskill - Volney G. Bennett - Wilbur F. Rose
Alexander C. Wood - George A. Frey -
Charles A. Reynolds - E.B. Leaming
Heulings Lippincott - Charles K. Haddon - Fithian S. Simmons -
J.B. Van Sciver
David Jester -
Frank B. Sitley - Alpheus McCracken - Thomas S. Nekervis
DeCourcy May - Isaac Ferris - Lionel C. Simpson -  John M. Kelly
G. George Browning -
Watson Depuy - John C. Danenhower - John B. McFeeley
Elias Davis -
Anthony Kobus - Captain John B. Adams

Camden Daily Couirer
May 22, 1915

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Watson Depuy - First National Bank