WALTER W.E. FRIEDRICHS was born August 17, 1907 in Camden, New Jersey to Fredericka and William E. Friedrichs. The family was living at 2845 Garfield Avenue in 1906. William Friedrichs supported his family working as a salesman. When the Census was taken in 1910 the family, which included older siblings Karl,  Louisa, Sophia, and Emil, lived at 1023 North 25th Street in Cramer Hill. By 1920 his father had passed away. The family was still living at 1023 North 25th Street when the census was taken. Brother Karl had taken a wife, Rose, and worked as a a machinist and later as an auto mechanic; Louisa worked in a cigar factory and Sophia as a clerk at the Victor Talking Machine Company. Emil later went to work as a roofer, and by 1927 Walter Friedrichs had entered the workforce as a clerk. The family was still living at 1023 North 25th Street, although Karl and Rose Friedrichs had moved across the street to 1028. Karl Friedrichs later joined the Camden Police Department where he had a long and distinguished career.

Soon after the 1927 City Directory was compiled Walter Friedrichs married. By 1930 his wife Margaret had bore a daughter, Marion. The family was living at 827 Vine Street in North Camden. Walter Friedrichs was then working as an adjuster for a "Trust Company", in that time another term for a bank.

Walter Friedrichs was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on June 1, 1941. He reported for duty at the Fire Training School on June 16, and was then sent to Engine Company 11 on North 27th Street in Cramer Hill on June 29. On September 1, 1945 he was transferred to Engine Company 3 at 1815 Broadway, where he served until October 22, 1947. On that date Walter Friedrichs was assigned to the Fire Marshal's Office, where he worked as a Fire Inspector for 15 years. 

The 1947 City Directory is quite interesting. Walter and Margaret Friedrichs lived at 1128 North 25th Street. Brother Emil was at 1031 North 25th Street with his roofing and siding business, and their widowed mother was living at 1025 North 25th Street. Brother Karl, by this time a Lieutenant on the Camden Police Force, and his wife had moved to 3052 Mickle Street in East Camden

Walter Friedrichs retired on a disability pension on October 15, 1962. He was still living at 1128 North 25th Street in Cramer Hill. By 1969 he had left Camden. He was a resident of Somers Point, New Jersey when he died in March of 1984.


Camden Courier-Post
December 30, 1950

Walter Friedrichs
Benjamin Dzick 


1128 North 25th Street

Sunday, May 11, 2008, 3:48 pm

Engine 11 reported a 2 story occupied dwelling with smoke showing from the rear and reports of an occupant trapped, all hands were placed into service, searches proved negative, 1 person was taken to a local hospital for a laceration to the hand. Battalion Chief (2) Glassman had command of this fire.