WALTER VECANDER was born in Pennsylvania around 1906 to Gustaf Edward and Hilma Vecander, who had come to America from Sweden in 1904 with there two older children, Gustaf E. Jr. and Elsie. The elder Vecander worked as a welder. The family was living in Allegheny County in Western Pennsylvania in 1910.  Younger brothers Francis and Harold were also born in Pennsylvania. 

By 1916 the Vecander family had come to New Jersey, where daughter Lila was born. When the census was taken in 1920 the family lived at 1122 Cambridge Street in the Cramer Hill section of Camden. The 1929 City Directory shows the family living at 1354 North 29th Street

On March 1, 1928 Walter Vecander was appointed to the Camden Police Department along with the following men, Francis Guetherman, August Riehm, William Schriver, Edward Shapiro, John V. Wilkie, Earl Wright, Edward Cahill, Marshall Thompson, Stanley Bobiak, Paul Edwards, Leon Feltz, George Getley, Joseph Lack, Thomas Stanton, Otto Toperzer, and Frank Wilmot. Younger brother Harold Vecander joined the force on September 20, 1940. By January of 1949 Walter Vecander had been promoted to Sergeant. 

The 1947 Camden City Directory shows Walter Vecander and his wife Julia living at 1289 Sayrs Avenue. Walter Vecander died of a stroke on July 27, 1949. 



Trenton Times
March 6, 1929

William E. Schultz
Walter Vecander
Raymond Stark



Camden Courier-Post
January 6, 1933

Herbert Bott - Walter Vecander
Walter S. Mattson - Alvin S. Thompson
Clifford N. Flenard - John Plum
William P. Spencer - Harry Haines Jr.






Camden Courier-Post * February 9, 1933

Herbert Bott Is Unopposed for Presidency of Camden Association

The Camden Police and Firemen's Association will hold election of officers today at its headquarters, 1175 Whitman Avenue, from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Herbert Bott is unopposed for re-election as president. William Thorn is unopposed to replace Richard Middleton for financial secretary and Walter Vecander is unopposed for the new post of assistant financial secretary. All these are police officers.

The police trustees will be named from the following nine candidates: William Marter, George Ward, William Britner, Joseph Shreeve, William Schriber, Joseph Mardino, Joseph Dunnett, Leon Feltz and Russell Young. Two police sergeant-at-arms will be chosen from among Stanley Wirtz, Harry Cattell, Joseph Schultz and George Clayton.

Three candidates are seeking the post of vice president, which goes to a fireman. They are William Spencer, Charles Edwards and Albert Dukes. Warren Rich, a fireman, is slated to succeed himself as recording secretary and Winfield Leviseur is unopposed for the new post of assistant recording secretary, which goes to a fireman.

Four fireman trustees will be chosen from ten candidates. They are Charles Cook, Henry Baumgartel, Walter Eastlack, Arthur Batten, William Getner, William Toy, Lawrence Newton, James Young, Russell Anderson and William Taylor. Three firemen are seeking two posts as sergeants-at-arms. They are William Judge, John Mulligan and Furman Price.

Camden Courier-Post - February 10, 1933

Spencer Wins 3-Corner Fight for Vice-President of Association

Lauded by the members for his splendid work in behalf of the club, Herbert Bott, a  patrolman attached to the Third Police District, last night was re-elected president of the Camden Police and Firemen's Association.

The praise was heaped upon the patrolman following announcement that he had received 107 of 110 votes cast in yesterday's balloting. He was unopposed for reelection.

In a three-cornered fight, William P. Spencer, a fireman, was elected vice president of the association. He received 73 votes. His opponents were Charles Edwards, given 12 votes, and Albert Dukes, 18 votes. Both are firemen.

Others unopposed for office were: William Thorn, financial secretary; Walter Vecander, assistant financial secretary; Warren Rich, recording secretary, and Winfield Leviseur, assistant recording secretary. The last two are firemen while the first two are policemen.

Lieutenant George Ward, Patrolman William Marter, and Firemen William Taylor, William Getner, James Young and Lawrence Newton were elected to the board of trustees.

Sergeants-at-arms named were Stanley Wirtz and George Clayton, police, and William Judge and John Mulligan, firemen. All had opposition.

After the ballots had been counted William H. Iszard, former assemblyman, appeared on behalf of the Elks Crippled Kiddies Committee, and asked police to support the wrestling show to be staged by that group February 13..

Camden Courier-Post * June 16, 1933


Because Samuel Boykin, 29, of 1022 Penn Street, insisted on sleeping in an automobile parked in a restricted area, he will pass the next 30 nights in jail. Police Judge Pancoast, in sending Boykin to jail on a charge of being drunk and disorderly, also indicated he would spend the same number of days in jail.

Motorcycle Policeman Walter Vecander testified he went to Broadway and Market street on complaint of a motorist who said a man was sleeping in his car. Boykin was taken to police headquarters but released when the motorist refused to sign a complaint. 

Fifteen minutes later Boykin was sound asleep in the same automobile, Vecander said. Boykin admitted he had been drinking but denied he had been driving while intoxicated or that he was disorderly. A charge of illegal parking was dismissed.. 

Camden Courier-Post * June 22, 1933

Audubon Resident Beaten and Hurled From Car; Found Dazed

Accepting a ride which he thought was a friendly "lift," Frank Clayton, 58, of 157 Wyoming avenue, Audubon, was struck over the head, rob bed of $8 and thrown from the machine early yesterday. 

Motorcycle Policeman Walter Vecander found Clayton, wandering around the streets in a daze more than a mile from where he was put out of the car. He told detectives that he was waiting for a bus to go home at Broadway and Federal street at 2:30 a. m. when two men came along in an automobile and stopped near where he was standing. 

They asked him where he was going and when he told them they said they were going that way and would take him in their car. They drove out Haddon Avenue, he told the police, and turned off at Euclid Avenue. When he objected and told the men they were going the wrong way, he was struck on the head, he said. The car stopped near the Hatch Junior High School, Park Boulevard and Euclid Avenue, and one of the men went through his pockets. He tried to fight them off, he said, and was again struck. Then he was thrown out.

Policeman Vecander, found him walking near Haddon Avenue and Park Boulevard and took him to West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital, where he was 
treated for a lacerated scalp. He was then taken to the detective bureau and asked to look over the rogues' gallery in an at tempt to identify his assailants..

Camden Courier-Post * June 23, 1933


Two of three automobiles stolen from a Collingswood agency early Wednesday, have been recovered by local and state police.

Policemen Walter Vecander and August Reihm found one yesterday in a vacant garage on Fenwick Road, Fairview. A bottle of perfume and empty chewing gum and cigarette cartons were in the car. 

State Trooper Stanley Austin found, the second one last night in a vacant garage at Nicholson Road and Black Horse Pike, West Collingswood Heights. It bore stolen tags and a number of fingerprints.

The cars were stolen from the show rooms of Edward Berglund, 622 Haddon Avenue, Collingswood.


M.F. Middleton Felled by Gas In House Here
Former City Commissioner Found Unconscious in Old Home

With gas flowing from a pipe detached from a gas range, former City Commissioner Melbourne F. Middleton, Jr., was found unconscious in the kitchen of his former home at 538 Cooper street early Saturday night.

Middleton was reported last night to still be in a critical condition at West Jersey Hospital, where he was taken. The Camden Fire Department First Aid Squad worked over him for an hour at the house in a vain effort to revive him.

Middleton, a former president of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, and one time city councilman, was found by a son, C. Barry Middleton, and a friend, John Williams Rossell, who lives with the Middletons on Laurel road, Moorestown. Middleton was clad in overalls and two large pipe wrenches were lying on the kitchen floor near him.

Young Middleton said his father told his family he intended to take up some linoleum in the kitchen of his former home. Middleton first went to his office Saturday and then to St. Paul's Episcopal Church to a service. From there he was traced to his former home, which is owned by him.

When Middleton failed to return home for dinner at the usual time Saturday his son and Rossell decided to search for him. When young Middleton discovered his father's plight he notified police. Patrolmen Frank Cavallo, Henry Lutz, Walter Vecander and George Getley responded in radio cars and gave first aid until the fire department squad arrived.

The firemen worked on the former commissioner one hour with an inhalator before ordering his removal to the hospital, where they continued to work on Middleton for another hour but were unable to revive him. Hospital physicians continued working on him without success. They said his condition was critical.

Gas Man Called

At 4 p. m. Saturday the family living next to Middlemen's home telephoned Public Service that gas was coming from the house. Public Service sent a man to investi­gate but he was unable to get into the house.

Young Middleton and Rossell said they reached the house at 6.17 p. m.

While he was a member of the first city commission Middleton was director of finance but never missed responding to all alarms of fire. He was a member of the fire committee while serving in City Council as a member from the Second ward. In that capacity he also answered all alarms.

Members of the Firemen's First Aid Squad responding to the call were Deputy Chief William R. Harring, Hosemen Christopher Moll, William Spencer, Harry Haines, Russell Anderson, William Harry Deitz and Nelson Andrews.

City Detectives Benjamin Simon, Joseph Mardino and William Marter are investigating the cause.  

Camden Courier-Post
July 24, 1941

Albert Sharp
Royden Street
Walter Vecander
Jay Daniels
George Roundey

Camden Courier-Post - September 17, 1948

ALL of the officers
were fully exonerated of ANY wrongdoing.

Nathan Petit - David S. Rhone
Louis T. Goldman - Bruce A. Wallace
Anthony Skolski - Charles Hance
Martin Nelson - George Getley
Everett Joslin - James Wilson
Walter Vecander - Anthony Palese
Edward Garrity - Samuel E. Johnson

James Bishop
Joseph Weller
Charles Howard
John Williams

Camden Courier-Post * July 29, 1949

Walter Vecander - Edward Garrity - Dr. David S. Rhone - Harold Vecander - Francis Vecander
Edward Vecander -
Ionic Lodge No. 94, F. & A.M. - Tall Cedars of Lebanon Camden Forest No. 5
North Camden Square Club


Camden Courier-Post
July 29, 1949



Camden Courier-Post
August 2, 1949

Walter Vecander
Edward Garrity
Samuel E. Johnson