Stanton Sr.
aka Walt Stanton

WALTER JAMES ALOYSIUS STANTON SR. was born in March of 1867 to James and Emma Stanton. The 1870 Census shows the family in what was then Camden's South Ward. The 1880 Census finds the Stanton family, which included older brother Willie and younger siblings Elizabeth and Wesley, at 439 Riley Street in the Fourth Ward. The Stanton family lived at 230 Washington Street in the late 1880s and 1890s. Walter Stanton worked as an upholsterer in the 1880s and 1890s.

Walter Stanton married Elizabeth Kelly around 1892. On September 27, 1893 a son, Walter Stanton Jr., was born. Another son, Thomas Carroll Stanton was born on January 1, 1901.

As a young man, and well into his 30s,  Walter Stanton Sr. was well known in Camden as a baseball player. He worked at a number of different jobs after he married, alternately as a butcher, a driver, and a salesman. He also was involved with a number of social organizations, including the Camden Wheelmen, a group of bicycle enthusiasts.

The 1894 City Directory shows Walter Stanton at 450 South 2nd Street. He was at 226 Berkley the next year. The 1896 City Directory shows Walter Stanton and family at 434 South 2nd Street. He was then working as a driver for R.T. Robinson. By 1897 he was working as a driver and salesman for W. Mills & Brother, a meat business located at 1598 Broadway. The family then lived at 310 Clinton Street, before moving to 318 Berkley Street, where they stayed from 1898 through 1905. The Census of 1900 shows that his brother-in-law Joseph Kelly lived with the family. Walter Stanton Sr. was then still working as a butcher, most likely for W. Mills and Brother. Walter Stanton Sr. is listed as a driver in the 1901 and 1902 editions, probably still at the same place of employment. From 1903 through 1905 he worked as water tapper.

By 1906 the family had moved to 522 South 2nd Street. Walter Stanton Sr. had by then joined the Camden Police Department. The following year saw Walter Stanton Sr. playing right field for the Camden Police Department's baseball team. 

Walter Stanton Sr. served on the Camden Police Department into the 1930s. Son Thomas Stanton also was on the force from the mid-1920s through at least 1950. 

When the Census was taken in 1910, the Stanton family lived at 1139 Pear Street, which was late renamed Whitman Avenue. Also at home was father-in-law John Kelly. Oldest son Walter Stanton Jr. was then working as a clerk, according to the Census, but he had other plans for himself that would take him to the vaudeville stage.

When it was time for him to register for the draft on June 5th of 1917 Walter Stanton Jr. and his parents and brother were living at 604 South 3rd Street. He was not working at the time. He joined the United States Navy on June 25, 1917 and served as an Able Seaman during World War I. 

The Stanton family had moved to 618 South 2nd Street by the end of 1919. After returning from the Navy, Walter Stanton Jr. had by this time established himself on the vaudeville stage, listing his occupation as "vocalist". Through the mid-1940s Walter Stanton Jr. partnered in a variety act with Joe Hamilton, a veteran vaudeville and minstrel show entertainer who lived in Camden. The act ended with Hamilton's death in 1946.

The 1924 City Directory shows that the Walter Stanton Sr. family had moved to 533 Fulton Place. They remained at that address through at least April of 1930. 

The 1940 Census shows Walter Stanton, although well past 70, still working as a Camden police officer. Mandatory retirement at age 65 would not come into play until after World War II. He and wife Elizabeth were then living at 362 Dudley Street in the then new Westfield Acres public housing project.

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 15, 1891
Walter J. Stanton Sr. - Christopher A. Bergen
George J. Bergen - A.C.S.N. Base Ball Club - Euclid Club
South 2nd Street - Washington Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 2, 1897
Walter J. Stanton Sr. - Clement H. Haines - John Dangleman - George S. Dilmore 
John "Long John" Gallagher - Jenning's Sixth Regiment Band - Ivy Fife & Drum Corps
George S. Dilmore New Years Association - Fireside New Years Association
J.H. Trainer New Years Association -
Y.M.C.A. - North Camden
Federal Street - Broadway - Atlantic Avenue - North 6th Street - Elm Street

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 15, 1898

The Crescent Wheelmen
Edward Holloway
Walter R. Stanton
Sidney P. McCord

Edmund Pike
Samuel Easton
John Hurley
Samuel Hurff
Ulie G. Lee
John H. Scott
A.J. Larkin
Frank S. Albright
Casper Walter
George Petri - Albert Petri
Charles S. Toy - Harry C. Willets
Wilford Wilkinson
Harry Marsh - Joseph Haines
Samuel Ladd - Thomas Wagner
William Holman - William Bowen

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 12, 1899
Walter J. Stanton Sr. - Fireside New Year's Association
A.K. Snyder - Emil Geer - Paul Faussel - R. Murr
Robert Gordon - Harvey Dumphey - E. Kellogg
C. Lock - Edward Walls - W. Sillings
W. Kinzler - C.E. Stripe - S.P. Verga
C. Davis - D. Smith

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 16, 1902

Walter J. Stanton Sr. - Fireside New Year's Association - Tuxedo Base Ball Club -

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 19, 1905
Walter J. Stanton Sr. - William Geist
Camden Horse Railroad Company
2nd Street - Federal Street

1907 Camden Police Department Baseball Team
From "When Father Was A Boy" - Camden Courier-Post * June 23, 1929

William Kiker - Walter Stanton Sr. - Dick Haines - Lou Urban - Charles Whalen
Fred Lechleidner - George Hill - Otto Erdbrink - George "Babe" Clayton - A. Lincoln James

Garfield Pancoast

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 28, 1907

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 1, 1908

Charles H. Ellis
Edward Hyde - A Lincoln James
E.B. McClong - Edward Hartman
John Brothers - Fred Schwetzer
William Bryant -
Charles Humes
Charles Wilbur -
Wright Cox
Walter Stanton - John Barnett
Tabor Quinn - John Gilbert
Joseph Palese - William Haines
Frederick Watson -
Charles Whaland 
William Kiker - James Hutt
George Krown - Ule Andrews
Daniel Stanton - Albert Archer
Harry Bakley - John Shuman
Oscar Till - Albertson Matlack
John Devlin -
George Hollins
Frank Koplain -
Edward King
George Beasley
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 4, 1908
Walter J. Stanton Sr

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 26, 1909
Walter J. Stanton Sr. - Ella Runyan - Cooper Hospital
Jane Street -
South 10th Street - Pine Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 14, 1909
Frank Ford Patterson Jr. - James Clay - George Cooper - Fiore Troncone
Edmund Pike - Walter Stanton - Oscar Weaver - Albert Shaw
William Schregler - James Tatem - Edward Hartman

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 10, 1910
Walter J. Stanton Sr. - Thomas Carroll Stanton
Pear Street aka Whitman Avenue

Savannah Tribune
Savannah, Georgia
July 30, 1910

Doan's Kidney Pills
Pear Street aka Whitman Avenue


Philadelphia Inquirer - May 22, 1911
Walter J. Stanton Sr.

Camden Post-Telegram * January 19, 1915

Third Ward Republican Club - Turn Verein Hall - J. Edward Way - A. Benjamin Sparks
William H. Hall - John T. Rodan - Rushton's Orchestra - Harry Hertline - Walter J. Stanton - Jesse Hillman
Lemuel Toy - Jesse Smith - Morris Steelman - William Elberson - Samuel S. Bacon - Albert Keaser 
Harry Miller - Frank Smith - John S. Roberts - George Murry - Harry Selby - Harry C. Sharp
Robert Schroeder - James Vickers - Elwyn D. Steen - William Horay - Clarence H. Thorn - Wright Cox
Frank S. Fithian - George F. Hammond - Albert J. Meyer - Harry Stowe - Wesley J. Stanton
Thomas Dickinson - Edwin Fields - William H. Dill  - Frank S. Ireton - Gustav Jans
Charles H. Errickson - Henry Gerke - James MacDemott - George Schu - William M. Fithian
Julius R. Schaaf - James Monahan - Thomas Madden - George Cox - Robert J. Garrison

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 31, 1915
Walter J. Stanton Sr. - Morris Steelman
O. Glen Stackhouse - Harry Fredericks - Washington Street

Philadelphia Inquirer * March 26, 1915

John Dilks - Stevens Street

Woodbury Daily Times - March 9, 1920
Walter J. Stanton Sr. - South 3rd Street

1907 Camden Police Department Baseball Team
From "When Father Was A Boy" - Camden Courier-Post * June 23, 1929

William Kiker - Walter Stanton Sr. - Dick Haines - Lou Urban - Charles Whalen
Fred Lechleidner - George Hill - Otto Erdbrink - George "Babe" Clayton - A. Lincoln James

Garfield Pancoast

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