URQUHART A. WARD served as a member of Camden's city government on at least two occasions. A plumber by trade, an occupation that the worked at when not in civic employ, posts that he held included Superintendent of Disposal Plants in the early 1930s and Plumbing Inspector in the early 1960s. Known to his friends and family as "Urkie", He was active in Republican politics in Camden's 13th Ward, which included Parkside. 

Urquhart Ward was born in Brooklyn, New York on January 29, 1893 to John Alexander Ward and his wife Catherine. He was the third of four children, coming after Elizabeth and Robert C. and before Joseph Ward. Sadly, Elizabeth died quite young. John A. Ward brought his family to Camden in the early 1910s.

The 1920 Census shows the Ward family at 1264 Mechanic Street. Urquhart Ward was working as a plumber, and his father as a plumbers helper. Robert Ward, after serving in the United States Navy during World War I, had recently been appointed to the Camden Police Department. Joseph Ward, an Army veteran, was working as a steamfitter, was appointed to the police department in the mid-1920s. Sadly, Joseph Ward died in May of 1930 in a boating incident. Robert Ward served with the Police department into the 1930s. He died in June of 1940. 

During the early 1940s Urquhart Ward married a widow, Mrs. Frances Brehm. Her husband, C. Leonard Brehm was drowned in a boating accident on the Delaware River in 1936. He had also been active in Camden politics and had served as a Republican freeholder from the Fifth Ward from 1930 to 1933, and operated his family's business, a bar at the foot of Kaighn Avenue prior to his death. 

Urquhart Ward and his wife Frances were listed in the Camden City Directory or 1947 as living at 1513 Princess Avenue in Camden's Parkside Section, Mrs. Ward's son, C. Leonard Brehm Jr., resided with the Ward family for a time in the late 1940s. 

In 1951 Urquhart Ward he served as pallbearer at the funeral of long-time city aide Lewis Lee.

Urquhart and Frances Ward moved from Princess Avenue to South 27th St in East Camden sometime in the 60's. They lived there until about 1972 or 1973 when they retired to Florida. “Urkie” Ward passed away at the age of 80 on October 15, 1973. Frances Ward remained in Florida until her death in 1983. She is buried at Harleigh Cemetery between her two husbands, C. Leonard Brehm and Urquhart Ward. 

1926 Camden City Directory Advertisement

Camden Courier-Post * January 18, 1928


A meeting which was described today as "a gathering in honor of David S. Rhone, director of public safety", was held last night at the Thirteenth Ward Republican Club, Haddon Avenue and Mechanic Street

The speakers included David Baird Jr., Mayor Winfield S. Price, Commissioner Clay W. Reesman, Sheriff Walter T. Gross, Urquhart Ward, ward committeeman, Theodore Kausel and Commissioner Rhone.

A large photograph of Commissioner Rhone was presented to the club by friends of the Commissioner, and has been placed in the clubroom. A photograph of Ward was also given the club.

Arrangements were by made by the club for its annual ball to be held February 21. Plans were also discussed for the remodeling of the club's headquarters.

Camden Courier-Post * February 16, 1928


 Dances dedicated to the city commissioners and to the Republican clubs of the various wards will feature the annual ball of the Thirteenth Ward Republican Club February 21 at New Hall, Tenth Street and Kaighn Avenue.

Programs for the ball have been arranged and printed under the direction of Urquhart Ward, county committeeman of the ward, and the officers of the club, including Thomas Walton, president; Henry Knauer, vice president; Robert Armstrong, treasurer; James D. Clancey, financial secretary; and Charles Davis, recording secretary.

The programs contain photographs of the city commissioners and officials of the police department.

Camden Courier-Post
June 30, 1928

Dr. David Rhone
William D. Sayrs
Clarence M. Scull
Urquhart Ward
Kaighn Avenue
North 32nd Street
Farragut Avenue
Collings Road - Tuckahoe Road

Camden Courier-Post - May 5, 1930
Joseph G. Ward
Louis Street - Florence Street
Decatur Street - Mt. Ephraim Avenue
William G. Ritter - Peter English
Walter Wilkie - Ralph Bakley
Joseph Ward Sr. - E. Frank Pine
Clifford Del Rossi
- Theodore Guthrie
Melvin Cain - William F. McGrath
Sylvester "Wes" McGrath, City Detective
Urquhart Ward - Robert Ward
John Smith - Maurice Mensch
Victor King - Michael Mathews
James E. Tatem - Arthur Colsey


Camden Courier-Post - February 1, 1933


Members of the Thirteenth Ward Regular Republican Club will conduct their final annual ball tonight at Parish Hall, Tenth and Liberty streets. Arrangements for dancing and other forms of entertainment have been completed by a general committee headed by Urquhart Ward. Dancing and music will be on the first floor of the hall.

More than 350 tickets have been sold for the event, and many local notables have been invited. Samuel Label is president of the club.

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