THOMAS S. KAUFMAN was born in Virginia on December 22, 1902 to Willis and Sarah Kaufman. The family had moved to 806 Pine Street in Camden by 1904, and a daughter, Essie, was born a few years later. Willis Kaufman worked as a carpenter to support his family. By 1910 the Kauffman family had moved to 806 South 9th Street, and remained at that address through 1914. The family had moved to 804 South 9th Street Street when the census was taken in 1920. Thomas Kaufman was then working as a chauffer for a private family.

On April 25, 1924 Thomas Kaufman was appointed to the Camden Police Department along with Earl Stopfer. He and wife Martha were renting a home at 336 Boyd Street when the Census was taken in April of 1930.

Thomas Kauffman was friendly with Camden political leader C. Leonard Brehm. He and his wife were boating with Mr. and Mrs. Brehm in the Delaware below Delair when the boat struck a rock. Mr. Brehm drowned trying to keep the boat afloat. Mrs. Brehm and their son, the Kauffmans, and another boy survived.

Thomas Kauffman served as a motorcycle policeman for several years at the beginning of his career. By 1947 he had been promoted to detective. He was then living with his wife Martha at 316 Boyd Street, and was still on the force as late as 1949. Thomas Kaufman was still living at 316 Boyd Street when the 1959 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory was compiled. 

Thomas and Martha Kauffman later moved to Beach Haven NJ. A list of Camden Police officers kept by William Schultz states that in 1980 Thomas Kauffman was retired and collecting his pension. Martha Kauffman died in February of 1980, her husband, Thomas Kauffman, passed away in April of 1982.

Camden Courier-Post - February 14, 1928

Bernard Bertman - Thomas Kauffman - James Wilson - Charles Stone
John D. Wysocki - Emil Muckensturm Jr.
Broadway - Kaighn Avenue - Tulip Street - Walnut Street - Washington Street

Camden Courier-Post * April 16, 1930 


A police motorcycle squad under the command of Inspector Humes acted as escort today at the funeral service of Edward S. Hyde, former police chief and a. member of the board of freeholders, who died Sunday. 

Services took place at the home, 832 Haddon Avenue, and burial was in Harleigh Cemetery. Members of the police detail were Sergeant Jefferson Kay, Patrolmen Thomas Kauffman, William Moll, John Stanton, Thomas Welch and James Wilson

Hyde was appointed to the police force in April, 1894, and pensioned July, 1923. He succeeded Chief Gravenor when the latter resigned in 1922. Long interested in politics, he was elected freeholder two years ago. He is survived by his widow, Mina B. Hyde, and three daughters, Mrs. Marion Garlan, Mrs. Mary Van Hart and Emma Hyde..

Camden Courier-Post
December 8, 1930

Thomas Kauffman
Dr. Charles L. Ley
South 7th Street
Linden Street

Camden Morning - December 12, 1930

Garfield S. Pancoast - Charles T. Humes - Charles V. Dickinson - Jeff Kay
Thomas Kauffman - Charles Smith - William Moll - Henry Davis - Alonzo Singleton David Watson - Wilbert Williams - Walnut Street - South 2nd Street - Broadway Mickle Street - West Street - Mt. Vernon Street - Kaighn Avenue - Chestnut Street 

Camden Courier-Post - March 18, 1932


Two abandoned brick dwellings on Pennsylvania Avenue above Tenth Street weakened by the removal of wooden framework and the recent storm, collapsed last night, injuring a homeless colored man who had sought refuge in one or them.

The house was a twin structure and had been untenanted for some time. Only one house in the row of ten houses on the street is occupied. The building came tumbling down with a crash at 10:55 PM. A telephone call to police headquarters brought Motorcycle Policemen Thomas Kauffman and Frank Evans to the scene,

Screams issued from the debris and the two policemen dug into the bricks, finally reaching the man, He gave his name at Cooper Hospital as Harry O'Neill, 60, no address. He was treated [or bruises of the body and cuts of the face and body. He said he sought shelter for the night on the first floor of one of the houses.

Camden Courier-Post - February 3, 1933

Motorist Tagged More Than 7 Times for Same Offense

Charged with being a chronic offender against the all-night parking ban, Wolden Magann, 29, of 2801 Westfield avenue, was fined $5.00 and costs last night by Acting Police Judge James S. Smith in Camden traffic court.

Policeman Ralph Cline arrested Magann January 13 after he had tagged his car seven times. Since his arrest his car has been tagged several times more.

Charged with reckless driving after crashing into the opened Wilson boulevard drawbridge over Cooper River, Warren Mahn, 21, 207 Pavilion avenue, Riverside, was found not guilty and his case dismissed.

George W. Johnson, bridgetender, charged that Mahn ignored red lights. Mahn said he saw only one light, a white one. He denied speeding.

Judge Smith dismissed charges of passing a red light and driving without a license against Joseph M. Shapelow, 26, of Woodlynne. He was arrested January 28 by Policeman Thomas Kauffman. Shapelow said he was hurrying home because his mother, a passenger in his car, was ill. He said he was without work.

Nine motorists failed to appear.

Camden Courier-Post - May 11, 1933

South Camden Man Cleared of Tipsy Charge to Again Permit

A South Camden man, convicted in police court of drunken driving, but acquitted on his appeal to Judge Samuel Shay, will seek reinstatement of his driver's license which was revoked officially today by Motor Vehicle Commissioner Harold G. Hoffman.

The man, Sylvester Tazcinski, 1477 South Tenth Street, was arrested April 28 by Motorcycle Policemen Edward Shapiro and Thomas Kauffman after Tazcinski's car is alleged to have sideswiped Kauffman's motorcycle. They followed the car to Tazcinski's house where they found it parked. The policemen told Judge Shay on Tuesday they were unable to testify Tazcinski was driving and the judge released the defendant after saying he was convinced Tazcinski was drunk.

William Mazzare, 922 South Fifth Street, arrested April 16 after his automobile crashed into parked cars at Mt. Ephraim and Kaighn Avenues also was deprived of his license. Mazzare was fined $220 by Police Judge Pancoast on April 17.

Edward T. Cheeseman, Ashland Road, Magnolia, arrested April 17 after a chase of more than two miles, also lost his license. Cheeseman was halted by Camden police a few feet from the closed gates of the Reading Ferry.

Camden Courier-Post - June 6, 1933


Four men and a woman were fined $25 each yesterday after they perplexed Police Judge Pancoast by pleading guilty to a disorderly conduct charge, but denied that they had been disorderly.

The defendants are Joseph and William Greenan, brothers, 38 and 24, respectively, both of, 741 Fairview street; Edward Covey, 24, of 2221 South Seventh Street; Walter Koscianski, 28, of 966 Bulson Street, and Mary Johnson, 18, of 224 Morris Street, Gloucester.

They were arrested Sunday night by Motorcycle Policeman Thomas Kauffman at Tenth and Bulson Streets. Earlier, he had stopped them on Admiral Wilson Boulevard and because they had been drinking but were not drunk, he told them to go home.

Later someone called police headquarters and said that Kauffman was drunk. He was suspicious and arrested the five. Yesterday they pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly conduct, but denied they had telephoned headquarters or had done anything disorderly. 


Camden Morning Post
October 20, 1933

Harry Yellin - Garfield Pancoast
Clarence Arthur - Clifford Del Rossi Benjamin Simon - Thomas Kauffman 
South 2nd Street - South 4th Street
South 7th Street - Broadway - Clinton Street
Delaware Avenue - Everett Street  
Haddon Avenue
- Kaighn Avenue
Market Street - Mt. Ephraim Avenue
Mt. Vernon Street - Pine Street
Royden Street - Walnut Street
Whitman Avenue
Emil Muckensturm's Saloon
Parkside Grill - Thompson's Grille


Camden Courier-Post * August 30, 1935

Henry Street - Washington Street - South 8th Street
William Giles - Hermeza Russell - Finley Phillips

Camden Courier-Post * February 11, 1936

Policeman Fires from Ground and Liquor Raid Fugitive Stops

 Four men were arrested amid revolver shots after a Camden policeman was knocked down by a police car during a raid yesterday afternoon.

Acting on orders of Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, who is continuing her drive to rid the city of speakeasies, three policemen and two detectives surrounded the home of James Ford, colored, at 1124 South Ninth street, shortly before 3 p. m.

Patrolmen Edward Shapiro and Thomas Kauffman arrived in a radio car. So did James Brown and John Houston, two colored detectives. Patrolman Earl Stopfer arrived on foot.

Three policemen went to the back door. Kauffman stayed in the radio car at the front. Shapiro knocked at the front door.

The policemen at the rear were ahead of those opt front. As a re≠sult four men ran out through the front door .and bowled over Shapiro. The man in the lead, who later was identified as Wilbur "Lackey" Davis, of 821 Mt. Vernon street, raced up the street, a quart bottle of liquor in hand.

Kauffman had driven his radio car behind another machine. He started the engine and attempted to back out to give chase. Shapiro ran behind the car and as he did, the machine struck him, knocking him into the middle of the street. Prone, Shapiro drew his revolver and opened fire on Davis.

Three shots were fired in the air.

Two others were closer to the fugitive, who halted. With the sound of shooting, the other three men yielded to the assembled policemen.

They gave their names as Ford, Herman Hopkins, 21, of 1124 South Ninth street, and Harry McLane, 29, of 746 Kaighn avenue.

All will be arraigned today.

Ford, Hopkins and McLane will be charged with violating the state A.B.C. act. In addition, Davis will be charged with resisting arrest.

Patrolman Shapiro was hurt but slightly.

Charleroi, Pennsylvania Mail - June 4, 1936

Police Seek Body Of Man Who Died In Saving Family

Camden N.J. (INS) Harbor police and volunteers today were searching for the body of C. Leonard Brehm, Republican leader and city sealer of weights and measures, who sacrificed his own life to save those of his wife and son, when their motorboat sank in the Delaware River below Delair.

Grabbing life preservers, Brehm fastened then around the woman and his son Leonard Jr., 12, and then endeavored to keep the motor launch afloat by pumping. Thomas Kauffman, a Camden policeman, his wife, and Edward Cooke, 12, were other members of the party saved after the launch struck a submerged rock.  

Camden Courier-Post * August 24, 1963
Gold Badges To Be Given 15 City Cops

Fifteen retired Camden City policemen will be honored by the Patrolmenís Benevolent Association, Local 35, Wednesday night at the Police and Fire Club, 1175 Whitman Avenue.

Police Chief William H. Neale, will present awards. The awards will be gold retirement badges mounted in wallets. The men receiving them will have served 20 or more years.

According to Patrolman Robert Mentz, PBA secretary, this is the first time since 1960 that retirement badges have been presented. The ceremonies will follow the organizationís business meeting.

Awards will be made to: Edward Suski, Harry Cattell, Clifford DelRossi, Frank Gutherman, John Houston, Thomas Kauffman, William Stibi, Leon Feltz, Russell Young, Henry Leutz, George Ellis, Everett Joslin, Ralph Cline, John Kaighn and former Chief Gustav Koerner.