THOMAS CUNNINGHAM was born in New Jersey in on February 15, 1884. He married Ida Lang, the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Lang on May 18, 1902 at Kaighn Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church.

The 1910 Census shows the Cunninghams living with widowed mother-in-law Elizabeth and brother-in-law Richard Lang Jr. at 316 Royden Street. They stayed there into 1912, then moved to 616 South 3rd Street, where they resided for at least 3 years. The 1917 City Directory has the family at 325 Beckett Street.

Thomas Cunningham was living at 325 Beckett Street in Camden with his wife, the former Ida Lang, and daughter Ida Cunningham in September of 1918 when he registered for the draft. He was then working as a truck driver in Gloucester City. When the Census was taken in January of 1920 he was working at a shipyard and living at 600 South 4th Street. His brother-in-law Richard Lang was living with him and his family at the time. By the end of the year they had moved to 320 Beckett Street. Directories from 1923 through 1927 have the Cunninghams at 307 Royden Street.

Thomas Cunningham was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on January 1, 1921. Sadly, tragedy dogged his path over the next few years. His daughter was killed in a fire in 1924. He took it badly, and in 1926 attempted suicide. His wife took ill and died in June of 1928. After her death he moved to 1626 Pierce Avenue in Cramer Hill. Thomas Cunningham resigned from the Fire Department in September of 1926. Two weeks later, he took his own life by jumping from the Delaware River Bridge.

World War I Draft Card

Camden Post-Telegram * December 30, 1920

Peter B. Carter - Thomas Nicholas - Walter Browning - George B. Wade 
William W. Patterson
- David Jester
Francis Ford Patterson Jr. - Charles H. Ellis - Joseph Forsyth

Engine Co. 1 - Alfred E. Green   
Charles Errickson
Charles W Cooke
- Leroy Hatchett

Engine Co. 2 - Howard Landon - 
Harold Lohrang - John K. Voll 
Edgar EllenderChester Andrus   
Harry G. Layton

Engine Co. 3 - Frank Kuda
Charles B. Haines - Charles Clements
August Haverkamp -  Louis Quinton

Engine Co. 4 - Harry Kleinfelder
Frank A. Obermann
- Walter B. Gray
Albert Raeuber
- Fred Schucker

Engine Co. 5 - Richard A. Farris - Frank Fennrio

Engine Co. 6 - William H. Reed - Manuel J. Kane Edward PerairiaThomas Shanahan
Rocco De Varro

"Frank Fennrio" is for the moment a mystery

Engine Co. 7 - August Scholl - Nicholas Romaine
Lawrence H. Mathews

Engine Co. 8 - Samuel Oshushek - Edward C. Crane Adam Mead - Frank Sapp - William J. Taylor Sr.

Engine Co. 9 - Kennard Naylor - Daniel McSurdy John Mohrfeld

Engine Co. 10 - William Schwartz - Hugh Rementer Harry Greenan - Rocco Abbott

Hose & Chemical Co. 2 - Laurence Newton
Edward Hauser - William Getner

Ladder Co. 1 - Thomas Cunningham 
Leonard Megee

Ladder Co. 2 - John Gaylor - Walter White

Ladder Co. 3  David Ellis - George W. Attison
John Mulligan - David Humphries - Albert Dukes

Tennie G. Hutchison Jr. - Ladder Co. 4 - George A. Quimby

Camden Courier-Post
July 1, 1926

Camden Courier-Post
June 5, 1928

Camden Courier-Post * September 26, 1929


Thomas J. Nicholas
William Casler