Di Lello

THERESA MALONEY DI LELLO was born on February 12, 1888 in the  Lorraine region of what is now France. She came to America in the early 1890s, and was raised in Camden NJ. She married a Mr. Maloney prior to 1910. By January of 1920 she was left a widow, with a 9 year old son, Edward Maloney. She had been left the owner of the house at 723 Ferry Avenue, the corner of Ferry Avenue and Kossuth Street. At 751 Ferry, the opposite corner, was the Anderson Tavern. She remarried Angelo Dilello, fifteen years her senior, in the early 1920s. At the time of the 1930 census Theresa Di Lello was still living at 723 Ferry Avenue, where she was running a candy store along with her son.

Theresa Di Lello ran for election in the 1934 primary for Republican County Committeewoman. She was defeated in this effort. She was still operating her store on Ferry Avenue as late as 1947. The property was acquired by the 

Theresa Di Lello passed away in June of 1969, a resident of Camden to the end of her days.. 

723 Ferry Avenue
Camden NJ

June 1951

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Camden Courier-Post * May 7, 1934

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Camden Courier-Post * May 8, 1934

Camden Courier-Post * May 17, 1934
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Camden Courier-Post * May 18, 1934

John Hess, left, was held for the grand jury on charges of illegal possession of firearms as a result of the shooting incident at Tansky's Cafe. On tight is his attorney. Edward V. Martino. Click on Image to Enlarge.