STANLEY ANTHONY POWELL was born Stanley A. Pawelek on May 2, 1906 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania to John J. Pawelek and his wife the former Katarzyna Zajac. The family moved to Camden shortly after his birth, and settled in the Whitman Park section. Stanley was the oldest of six children, coming before Joseph, Nellie, Teresa, Cecilia, Mary and Angela Pawelek, all of whom were born in New Jersey. His brother Joseph boxed professionally as Joey Powell. By 1927 the Pawelek family had settled at 1256 Whitman Avenue, where they would stay will into the 1990s

Stanley Powell was in and out of trouble, the newspapers, and jail all too in the late 1920s and 1930s. In April of 1936 he was sentenced to 10 to 15 years imprisonment on charges relating to a January 4, 1936 robbery on Broadway. He applied for parole at the first opportunity in December of 1942. By the end of 1950 he had been released, and was operating a cigar store at 215 South 5th Street. He also was doing some numbers writing on the side, and was caught. He received a one- to two-year suspended sentence, after which he married, settled down, and appears to have stayed out of any further trouble. 

Stanley Powell married Mary Wood on December 2, 1953 in Camden at the Church of the Sacred Heart on Broadway. He was employed by the Campbell Soup company and was active in the Holy Name Society of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Camden. Stanley Powell passed away on December 17, 1971 and was buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Chews Landing, Gloucester Township, New Jersey. He was survived by his parents, wide, a son and seven daughters, his brother and married sisters Teresa Atkinson and Angela Klinzsport.


Camden Courier-Post
December 21, 1928

Stanley Powell
William Boettcher
Anthony Saratich
Steve Blake
Whitman Avenue







Camden Courier-Post
March 23, 1929

Stanley Powell
John V. WIlkie
Edward G. Kelly
Whitman Avenue
Kenwood Avenue






Camden Courier-Post * Evening Courier * June 4, 1933


A suspect, released a week ago in connection with the $11,000 Camden Radio Condenser Company holdup, was rearrested Saturday and held in $3000 bail on a charge of robbing an East Camden bar.

The accused is Stanley Powell, 26, of 1256 Whitman Avenue, alleged to have stolen, with the help of two other men of unknown identity, a marble machine and 100 cigars from Marty's Olde Tappe Room, operated at 1990 Federal Street by Marty Segal.

Powell pleaded not guilty.

City Detective, George Zeitz testified that he learned that Powell's new expensive car had been seen near the taproom early on Thursday, when the robbery occurred. Zeitz said he obtained this information after Powell had been quizzed and released in the radio firm holdup.

Upon further investigation, Zeitz asserted, he found a witness, Daniel Danter, 1985 Carman Street, who allegedly saw Powell and two other men carrying "something" from the store and loading it in the car. Zeitz, according to Zeitz, identified Powell. Elwood Cox, of 1981 Carman Street, is alleged by Zeitz to have seen Powell's car in that neighborhood on the morning of the robbery, but didn't know any of the men in it. 

Acting Police Judge James Smith fixed the amount of bail.


Swedesboro, June 20- Fishing in the private Narraticon Lake, owned by William Cook, cost a Camden man $5 fine today and a similar amount was suspended in the case of a companion.

Justice of the Peace Harold S. Twiss fined Stanley Powell, 24, of 1256 Whitman Avenue, after his arrest by Marshal William Jordan. Constant Grienkwicz, 21, of 1469 Louis Street, Camden, was released with a suspended sentence.

1256 Whitman Avenue

Camden Courier-Post
June 21, 1933

Camden Courier-Post * June 19, 1934

Stanley Powell Stanley Geda John Lenkowski Mitchell Sadowski
George Ward - Gustav Koerner - Genova Cafe - Central Airport - William T. Feitz - Joseph Schultz
Stephanie Ciesla - Chase Street - Ellis Parker - Young & Metzner Co.

Trenton Times * July 2, 1934

Mitchell Sadowski - Stanley Krause - John Lenkowski - The "John Doe" was Stanley Geda
Stanley Powell
- Edward Guedryc (Gedrich)

Camden Courier-Post
Evening Courier - September 3, 1934
William T. Feitz - Sycamore Street - Joseph Leonhardt - Stanley Wirtz - Arthur Colsey - George Ward
Samuel P. Orlando - Gustav Koerner - Emma Heisler - Cornelius Murphy - Thomas Bonelli
Edward Grapatin - Joseph McKenna - Catherine Loughead - Edith Miller - Edna Butler
Joseph "Joey" Powell - Stanley Powell Thomas Cheeseman - Frank T. Lloyd




Detective William Feitz
Arthur Holl - Vernon Jones - Cecelia Spencer - Roy R. Stewart - Frank Adams - Joseph MacDonald
Henry Gorba - Edward McKenna -
Rox Saponare - Edward B. Rogers

Camden Courier-Post * January 4, 1936

Stanley Powell - Whitman Avenue
Frank Gromacki - Broadway
Samuel Shane - Mary Shane
Harry Gassell - Liberty Street
Samuel E. Johnson
American National Bank
Kaighn Avenue
Clifford Carr
Heber McCord
Joseph Carpani
Lane's Garage
Haddon Avenue
Line Street

Camden Courier-Post - February 17, 1936 

Four Other Suspects Deny Guilt When Arraigned
Before Neutze

 One of five suspects held in the $10,380 robbery of Mrs. Mary Shane, wife of a Camden motor vehicle agent, entered guilty pleas to two of four indictments yesterday before Judge Frank F. Neutze. The others pleaded not guilty to all four counts.

Frank Gromacki, 28, of 412 Broadway, pleaded guilty to larceny from person and highway robbery without instilling fear in the victim. He entered not guilty pleas to conspiracy and highway robbery and instilling fear.

The other suspects are Stanley A. Powell, 28, of 1256 Whitman Avenue; Harry Gassel, 27, of 1282 Liberty Street; Leon Grenkwicz, 23, of 1469 Louis Street, and Edward Giedrye, 21, of Mt. Ephraim Avenue and Liberty Street.

Mrs. Shane, wife of Samuel Shane, who served as motor vehicle agent at 1289 Kaighn Avenue, was robbed on January 2, near the American National Bank, Broadway south of Kaighn Avenue. She was about to enter the bank to deposit $8930 in cash and $1450 in checks, representing receipts from motor vehicle licenses issued at the agency on December 31. A bag containing money was snatched from her hand.

Approximately $6000 has not been recovered.

Gassel was continued in $5000 bail while the others were returned to cells to await trial. Gassel's car was alleged to have been used by the others in fleeing from the robbery.

Judge Neutze said Gromacki "will be given consideration" when sentence is imposed as a result of his two guilty pleas.-

Camden Courier-Post
April 21, 1951

Stanley Powell
Mickle Street
Louis Schmidt
Joseph Carpani
South 5th Street
Ira Sands
North 2nd Street
Lillian Sands


Camden Courier-Post
December 17, 1971

Liberty Street