STANLEY GEDA was well-known to police in Camden and vicinity in the early 1930s. He was born in New Jersey on September 4, 1914 to Stefan and Sophie Gieda. By the end of 1919 the family of the family owned a home at 1273 Whitman Avenue in Camden. Stefan Gieda then worked as a laborer at a shipyard. He later worked for the John R. Evans Company in North Camden.

By the time Stanley Gieda was 19- he used the Geda surname when he applied for his Social Security Card- he was associating with some very shady characters, including Joseph Putek, Leroy Jenkins, John Lenkowski and Mitchell Sadowski. In June of 1933 he was held as material witness to the June 2, 1933 robbery of the Radio Condenser Company's payroll at Thorne and Copewood Street. After being released he was again arrested in connection with the break-in at a garage in Collingswood. He was released again for lack of evidence before the month ended. The following year he received a suspended sentence in connection with a hold-up. He was arrested again in October of 1940 in regards to an attempted hold-up of a numbers banker. This appears to have been his last brush with the law.

Stanley Geda was still living at 1273 Whitman Avenue as late as 1959. He was was still a resident of Camden when he passed away in February of 1984.

Camden Courier-Post - June 3, 1933

2 in Jail at Time 'in on Plot,' Cops' Say; Booked as Witnesses
Condenser Company Payroll Robbery Planned in April, Sleuths Reveal

Two Camden youths, released from Camden county jail, were held by local police yesterday on suspicion of implication in the $11,790 holdup of the Radio Condenser Company, Thorne and Copewood streets, last Friday.

They are Leon Grinkewicz, 18, of 1469 Louis Street, and Stanley Geda, 19, of 1273 Whitman Avenue.

Although both denied knowledge of the payroll holdup, detectives said they admitted having been close pals of Le Roy Jenkins, 23; of 1161 Mechanic Street, and Joseph Putek, 23, of 1462 Louis Street, who were arrested in Lykens, Pa., on Monday.

Grinkewicz and Gieda are being held on suspicion but, according to Detectives Clarence Arthur; Benjamin Simon and Clifford Del Rossi, they will be charged today with being material witnesses, while Jenkins and Putak will be charged with the holdup and will be arraigned in police court.

Grinkwicz and Gieda were arrested yesterday morning on their release from county jail. They had been committed May 9 by Recorder Joseph Patton, of Haddon Heights, for 30 days on charges of loitering with intent to steal. They were questioned all day by detectives.     

Detectives said they learned Jenkins and Putak were with Grinkewicz and Gieda in Haddon Heights "to do a job" but that the other two disappeared when Grinkeicz and Gieda were arrested. Although they were in the county jail at the time, the detectives said they learned they had participated with Jenkins and Putek in planning the Radio Condenser job five weeks ago.

Camden Courier-Post - June 7, 1933

Police Judge Then Holds Two Camden Suspects With­out Bail

After refusing defense counsel's request that the city police bare their evidence, Police Judge Pancoast yesterday held two suspects without bail in the recent $11,790 Radio Condenser Company holdup and two other youths as material witnesses.

Frank M. Lario, attorney for the quartet, appeared in police court yesterday with William McDonald, court stenographer, and declared he wanted the police through witnesses on the stand, to reveal what evidence they have in the robbery.

But when Judge Pancoast asked Lario if he was willing to have the prisoners submit to cross examination by the court the attorney refused. Judge Pancoast thereupon declared that the formal complaints against the defendants were sufficient to establish a prima facie case, that no hearing was necessary and that the police therefore were not obliged to disclose any testimony.

Leroy Jenkins, 23, and, Joseph Putek, 23, who gave addresses at 1113 Mechanic Street and 1212 Lansdowne Avenue, respectively, were committed to the county jail without bail on charges of holdup and robbery. They pleaded not guilty.

Those held as material witnesses were Leon Grenkwicz, 18, of 1469 Louis Street, and Stanley Geda, 19, of 1273 Whitman Avenue. Lario pointed out they were in jail when the holdup occurred but, Judge Pancoast said he would hold them for the prosecutor's office which would probably fix bail for them.

City Detective Benjamin Simon, who signed the complaints, stated prior to the hearing that he has obtained information from North Jersey which is vital to his investigation of the robbery. But he would not reveal its nature.

None of the money stolen by the bandits, who herded 11 persons in a vault after forcing one of them to open the safe containing the payroll, has been recovered by the police. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 8, 1933


Held without bail for the Grand Jury by Police Judge Pancoast, two suspects in the $11,790 Radio Condenser Company payroll holdup were ordered released in $3000 bail by Prosecutor Clifford .A. Baldwin yesterday.

Judge Pancoast remanded Leroy Jenkins, 23, and Joseph Putek, 23, who gave their addresses as 1113 Mechanic Street and 1212 Lansdowne Avenue, respectively, to jail after defense counsel failed in an effort to have the city police reveal their evidence against the men.

Two others refused bail as material witnesses in the holdup by Judge Pancoast were released in $500 bail by Prosecutor Baldwin. They are Leon Grenkwicz, 19, of 1469 Louis Street, and Stanley Geda, 19, of 1273 Whitman Avenue.

Counsel representing Jenkins and Putek appeared before Baldwin and asked that the bail be set, inasmuch as the police had not disclosed any evidence against them.

Camden Courier-Post - June 9, 1933

Police Say Pool Room Owner Knew of Robbery Plot

A fifth man was arrested in the recent Radio Condenser Company $11,790 payroll holdup and held as a material witness yesterday after city detectives alleged he attempted to escape from them in his automobile. He is Nicholas Kubiak, 34, of 1301 Decatur street, owner of a pool room on the corner of Decatur and Norris streets. Arraigned, before Judge Pancoast in police court, Kubiak was committed to the county jail without bail as a witness.

City Detectives Benjamin Simon, Clifford Del Rossi and Clarence Arthur stated they went to the pool room this morning and told Kubiak he was under arrest. He accompanied them to the sidewalk and suddenly stepped into his own automobile parked at the curb. The detectives said he started the engine, whereupon the police car was driven in front of him so he couldn't move. Simon declared that he jumped on the running board of Kubiak's car and reached in to grab the ignition key. Kubiak tried to push him off the running board. Simon said, and the key was obtained only after a tussle.

Simon said he has three statements signed by persons who charged they heard Kubiak declare the holdup was planned in his poolroom and that Leroy Jenkins and Joseph Putek were the actual bandits. Jenkins and Putek are charged with the holdup and are held under $3000 bail each. The bail was fixed by Prosecutor Baldwin.

Simon stated he previously had questioned Kubiak, but could learn nothing to warrant holding the man until he received the statements late last night. Simon said if he had been able to obtain the statements prior to yesterday, he doubted that bail would have been fixed so low. 

Two other youths, arrested as material witnesses in the case, were released by Prosecutor Baldwin today under $500 bail each. They are Leon Grenwicz, 18, of 1469 Louis Street, and Stanley Geda, 19, of 1273 Whitman avenue.

Camden Courier-Post - June 29, 1933

Bandits Trapped in Boulevard Garage Ram Through Auto Doors and Flee
Thieves Steal Machine for Getaway; Abandon Own Loaded With Tools

Shortly after burglars rammed a stolen car through the locked doors of a Collingswood garage early yesterday and fled before shots from police revolvers, one suspect was arrested in Camden and the discovery made that one of the burglars was wounded.

The burglars, either two or three, were surprised shortly before 3:30 a. m. by Sergeant William Ruth and Patrolman Earl Wilson at the Airport Garage, Crescent Boulevard near Haddon Avenue. Three-quarters of an hour after police left the darkened garage, a woman declared she saw a man run from it, his right arm bound in a handkerchief.

The suspect, said to have a police record and now awaiting questioning at Collingswood police headquarters, is Stanley S. Geda, 19, of 1273 Whitman Avenue.

Geda is also suspected by Collingswood police of implication in the theft of three new automobiles last Tuesday from the show rooms of the Community Motors at 622 Haddon Avenue.

Recorder Herbert R. Schooley committed him without bail last night for a further hearing today so that police would have time in which to check Geda's fingerprints against specimens taken from the three recovered automobiles.

Ruth and Wilson were touring Collings wood in a police car when they found a parked car in the rear of the garage on City Line avenue.

Wilson went to the front of the garage, gun drawn, and called to Patrolman Samuel Bell, who was stationed on the Crescent Boulevard­Haddon Avenue corner. When he returned to the garage, Ruth was entering through a window. Wilson went to another window, in time to see a man inside walking toward Ruth.

When the man refused, to halt, Ruth fired and the intruder fell, presumably wounded. Just what happened after that is uncertain because the garage was dark, and many cars were parked inside at all angles. At the sound, of a shot another man, ran downstairs and a large sedan, parked facing the locked front doors, was started. Before Ruth or Wilson could interfere, the machine rammed its way through the doors and to the boulevard, nearly hitting Bell.

As the car sped away, it was fired on by the three policemen.

Three-quarters of an hour later Mrs. Charles Pinto, of Crescent Boulevard and Haddon Avenue, saw a man run from the garage, his right arm bound in a handkerchief. Mrs. Pinto called to policemen but the wounded man escaped.

Police had thought he was one of two men who escaped in the car. The bandits' original car was abandoned where it was parked.

Tools, including an electric drill, were found on the floor near the doorway, apparently ready for loading into a machine. The tools included cutters, a hack saw and other equipment. An attempt was being made, it was said, to steal a new car and one of the burglars was attempting to exchange a new battery for the get-away when the police appeared:

Geda was arrested when a car said to have been in his possession and owned by the Watson Shallcross Company was found parked near his home without tags. The arrest was made by Robert Ashenfelter and Clarence Arthur, city detectives.

Geda was arrested as a material witness in the Radio Condenser Company holdup a few weeks ago and is still under bail.

Camden Courier-Post - June 30, 1933


After being detained by police 24 hours for questioning after the robbery of the Airport Garage early yesterday, Stanley Geda, 19, of 1273 Whitman Avenue, was released on "probation" last night by Recorder Herbert R. Schooley, of Collingswood. 

The car that crashed the door of the garage to permit the robbers to escape bore license tags issued to Geda. He was arrested at his home by Camden police and turned over to the Collingswood authorities. 

Geda maintained the car had been stolen from his garage and the police did not produce evidence to the contrary at the hearing. Geda was also questioned in the Radio Condenser Company holdup and released.

Camden Courier-Post * June 19, 1934

Stanley Powell Stanley Geda John Lenkowski Mitchell Sadowski
George Ward - Gustav Koerner - Genova Cafe - Central Airport - William T. Feitz - Joseph Schultz
Stephie Ciesla - Chase Street - Ellis Parker - Young & Metzner Co.

Trenton Times * July 2, 1934

Mitchell Sadowski - Stanley Krause - John Lenkowski - The "John Doe" was Stanley Geda
Stanley Powell - Edward Guedryc (Gedrich)

Trenton Times * July 3, 1934

Mitchell Sadowski - Stanley Krause - John Lenkowski
The "John Doe" was
Stanley Geda

Camden Courier-Post * March 22, 1939

Mitchell Sadowski - Stanley Krause - John Lenkowski - Stanley Geda - Genova Cafe

Camden Courier-Post - June 16, 1939
Click on Images to enlarge
August Pflederer - William Casler - Clifford Carr - Joseph Mardino - Thomas Murphy
Mitchell Sadowski - Stanley Krause - Stanley Geda - John Lenkowski
Calvin Hunsinger - George Mayo
Genova Cafe 
Park Boulevard - Kaighn Avenue - South 9th Street
South 15th Street - Mickle Street - North 3rd Street Arch Street 

Camden Courier-Post
October 29, 1940

Stanley Geda
Gene R. Mariano

John Miller
August Pfleiderer
Joseph Mardino
Frank Crawford
Albert Brager
Whitman Avenue
Clinton Street








Camden Courier-Post * October 31, 1940

Stanley Geda
Raymond Smith

Camden Courier-Post * October 31, 1940








Stanley Geda - Whitman Avenue - Thomas Murphy - Stanley Gasior - Mechanic Street
George Pestridge - George Hess Sr. -
Merrimac Road - Collings Road - William Hastings
Charles Craig -
Mary Kobus - Raymond Smith - John Githens - Monitor Road - West Jersey Cafe
Gene R. Mariano - John Miller - Clinton Street - Federal Street - Albert Brager

Camden Courier-Post
October 31, 1940

Stanley Geda
Whitman Avenue
Joseph Mardino

Camden Courier-Post * November 1, 1940


Stanley Geda - Whitman Avenue - Stanley Gasior - Mechanic Street
George Pestridge - Patrick Harding - Edwin T. Beach -
Gene R. Mariano - Albert Brager

Camden Courier-Post
November 15, 1940

Stanley Geda
Whitman Avenue
Gene R. Mariano
Stanley Gasior
Mechanic Street

Camden Courier-Post
December 7, 1940

Stanley Geda - Clifford A. Baldwin
Frank Welsh -
Washington Street
Joseph Foster  - William Cotton
John Jones - John Read
Frank Benson - R. J. Wells
Toney Procacci - Margaret Lee
William Remey - William Downey
John Whalen - William Stayton
 John E. McArdle Jr. - Leon Morris
Robert Gunson - Abraham Edwards
B.H. Rothman - Carl Fuehren
 Robert Smith - Louis Mosconi

Clinton Gaskill - John  Smaglia - Howard Carey - William Powell - Robert Linden Sr.
Everett Coleman - Charles Hauck - Joseph Dickinson Jr. - George E. Hutchley - Frank Worthington
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Bernard Winegardner - Alfred DiNuzio - Thomas Bird - Roy Ludwick - William Goshell - William Knettle
Walter Hyatt - Earl Smith - George Mears - Frank Madden - George Gettinger 
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John Cianfrani - Frank Albanese - Louis Detofsky - Louis Braxton - Earl Burt - Sara Gallagher
Bert Vennell - Marie Barr - Louis odor - Hyman Miller



Camden Courier-Post
January 8, 1941

Stanley Geda
Clifford A. Baldwin
Stanley Gasior
John Miller








Camden Courier-Post
February 18, 1984

Stanley Geda
Mary Geda Szramiak
Stella Geda DeCastro