SAMUEL MONTGOMERY PRICE was born on March 20, 1858 in Camden, New Jersey.

Samuel M. Price married Clara B. Bozarth around 1875. Three children came of this marriage- Blanche in 1876, Clara in 1880, and Samuel M. Price Jr. in 1887. 

Samuel M. Price appears in Camden City Directories in 1878 and 1881 as a laborer living at 904 Chestnut Street.  From 1883 to 1888 he and his family lived at 908 Chestnut Street. By 1890 they had moved to 906 Chestnut Street.

Samuel M. Price was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in 1899. He began service on March 1, 1900. His highest rank was Acting Battalion Chief.

Samuel M. Price and family were still residing at 906 Chestnut Street according to City Directories in 1922.

By 1924 Samuel M. Price had moved to 1452 Mount Ephraim Avenue, with his daughter Clara and son-in-law Harry M. Chambers, who was also a Camden Fire Department member.

Samuel Montgomery Price retired on January 1, 1932. He died suddenly on January 16, 1932 and was buried at Harleigh Cemetery.

Philadelphia Inquirer

November 24, 1899

Cooper B. Hatch - George W. Whyte
William Penn Hook & Ladder Company No. 1
First Baptist Church - Edgar Bolton
John W. Vanhart - W. Scott Franklin
Benjamin Kellum - Charles Robinson
George B. Wade - Albert Jones
George Cox - Edward Weston
Samuel Peoples - Harry B. Middleton
Harry Burrough - Robert W. Colkett
William G. Hillman - James E. Navin
Charles Todd - Daniel Smith
Peter B. Carter - Alfred Hayden
Henry Elliott - Josiah Sage
Samuel Price - William Rose
Charles Sturgis - Daniel Grimes
Harry Wagner - Augustus Kester
William Simpson

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Philadelphia Inquirer - June 24, 1900
Peter B. Carter - Charles H. Robinson - William Rose - Samuel M. Price
Engine Company 2 - South Front Street - South 2nd Street - Kaighn Avenue
Cooper Hospital

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 22, 1906
Charles H. Ellis - First Baptist Church - Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church
George Shields - William Jobes - William Hillman - Kaighn Avenue - Rev. John S. Heisler
Samuel S. Elfreth - Samuel Price - William Deno - Charles Robinson - Peter Carter
Joseph Ernst - George Quinn

Camden Post-Telegram * December 27, 1910

... continued...
... continued...
... continued...
Charles Robinson
Samuel Price
Harry Haines
Mortica Clark
James McDermott
John McTaggart
Roy A. Smith
Peter Gray
Harvey Watts
Samuel S. Elfreth
George P. Cox
Mrs. Tillie Sackett
Harry Ehrlich - Lena Ehrlich
Florence Ehrlich - Martha Ehrlich
Edward T. Sackett - Harry Pinsky
Mary Palosky - Joseph Hermann
Harry Nurock
Albertson L. Matlack
Engine Company 7

Camden Post-Telegram
December 28, 1910

Samuel Price
Charles H. Fitzsimmons Jr.
Mortica Clark
Herbert Hibbs
John McTaggart

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 28, 1922
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Samuel M. Price - John Hunt - Irwin Bishop - Charles Watkin - William Merrigan - William Reynolds
Broadway - Broadway Trust Company - Harry Armbruster - Cooper Hospital - Lyric Theater 
Ladder Company 2 - Engine Company 7 - Engine Company 8
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