RUSSELL O. YOUNG was born in Pennsylvania in 1904 to Robert J. and Rachel Young. By 1915 the Young family which included older brother George, had moved to Camden and were living at 685 Fairview Street in Camden's Eighth Ward. By 1920 Russell Young's father had died. Russell was working as am office boy for a real estate firm.

Russell Young was appointed to the Camden Police department on April 3, 1928. He served with the mounted police unit for five years, then when the mounted police were disbanded, spent the next twelve years as one of Camden's motorcycle policemen. After serving as an acting detective for four years, Russell Young was promoted to Detective on December 2, 1952. He was promoted to Detective around 1950 and retired after 35 years service in 1953.

By 1930 November of 10930 Russell Young had married and was living at 7 Fairview Court. The 1931 City Directory shows Russell Young and his wife Dorothy still at 7 Fairview Court. In 1937 Russell Young moved to 1133 Bergen Avenue in Camden's Cramer Hill section. He remained at that address for the rest of his days. Russell Young died on November 17, 1977, survived by his wife Dorothy, twin daughters Dorothy and Elizabeth, and a son Russell E. Young. His daughter Dorothy was marred to Camden policeman Earl Flanagan.

Officer Russell Young

(fourth from Left)

Camden Morning Post - November 26, 1930


Joe O'Connor - John W. Golden - Sylvester McGrath - Russell Young
Broadway - Kaighn Avenue - South 5th Street - Walnut Street
"Little Club" speakeasy -
West Jersey Hospital
Albert Saunders - Angelo Solury -
John Doris - Frank Doris

Camden Courier-Post
Novbember 26, 1930

Camden Courier-Post - February 9, 1933

Herbert Bott Is Unopposed for Presidency of Camden Association

The Camden Police and Firemen's Association will hold election of officers today at its headquarters, 1175 Whitman Avenue, from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Herbert Bott is unopposed for re-election as president. William Thorn is unopposed to replace Richard Middleton for financial secretary and Walter Vecander is unopposed for the new post of assistant financial secretary. All these are police officers.

The police trustees will be named from the following nine candidates: William Marter, George Ward, William Britner, Joseph Shreeve, William Schriber, Joseph Mardino, Joseph Dunnett, Leon Feltz and Russell Young. Two police sergeant-at-arms will be chosen from among Stanley Wirtz, Harry Cattell, Joseph Schultz and George Clayton.

Three candidates are seeking the post of vice president, which goes to a fireman. They are William Spencer, Charles Edwards and Albert Dukes. Warren Rich, a fireman, is slated to succeed himself as recording secretary and Winfield Leviseur is unopposed for the new post of assistant recording secretary, which goes to a fireman.

Four fireman trustees will be chosen from ten candidates. They are Charles Cook, Henry Baumgartel, Walter Eastlack, Arthur Batten, William Getner, William Toy, Lawrence Newton, James Young, Russell Anderson and William Taylor. Three firemen are seeking two posts as sergeants-at-arms. They are William Judge, John Mulligan and Furman Price.

Camden Courier-Post - February 10, 1933

Victim Near Home When Accident Occurs; Driver Held

John A. Ashton, 36, a salesman, of 316 Boyd Street, was injured fatally last night when his automobile and a Public Service bus collided 100 feet from his home. He died in West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital at 8:10 PM, an hour and five minutes after the crash.

The bus was driven by Joseph Clark, 50, of 504 North Fourth street. He was held in $1000 bail for the grand jury on a charge of manslaughter. The crash occurred at Boyd Street and Baird boulevard. According to Policeman Russell Young, on duty at the traffic light at Baird and Admiral Wilson boulevards, a man whose name he did not obtain told him both cars were proceeding on Baird boulevard and that Clark attempted to pass Ashton's car on the right as Ashton turned right into Boyd Street. Ashton's car was forced onto the island separating the two traffic lanes on Baird boulevard. Ashton was thrown to the road.

According to Motorcycle Policeman Thomas Welch, who arrived a moment after the accident, the bus continued a block after hitting the car before it was stopped. Ashton was picked up by Welch, who commandeered an automobile and took him to the hospital. He died of a fractured skull and internal injuries. Coroner Arthur H. Holl issued the death certificate. Lieutenant Nathan Petit, who lives nearby, assisted Welch.

Clark was arrested at the Public Service car barns by Welch and Policeman Stanley Wirtz.

Ashton was employed as a salesman for the W.S. Quinby Coffee Company, Philadelphia. He is survived by a widow, Miriam, and a daughter, Marilyn, one year old. .

Camden Courier-Post * June 16, 1933

Birthday Pig Gives Cop on Circus Duty 'Circus' of His Own

It was "circus day" two or three places yesterday, including Motorcycle Policeman Russell Young's home, at 1260 Browning Street, and police headquarters­ in fact, everywhere he went with his new pig, "Geraldine." 

Young was 29. "Geraldine" was the birthday gift from Acting Sergeant James Wilson. Presentation was at the circus lot, where Young was on duty. The pig enjoyed riding around all afternoon in Young's sidecar until hunger set it a squeal. 

Then it was another "circus" quieting the pet. Finally Young got a nursing bottle, some milk and got his gift to sleep and headed homeward, where "Geraldine" and her owner gave the folks a surprise party. 

Camden Courier-Post * June 29, 1933

Landlord, Seeking Rent, Denies He Intended to Shoot Tenant

 Residents along the 900 block on Howard Street were thrown into a turmoil at 9:15 a.m. yesterday by a reported shooting, after a woman, screaming for help, ran from her home and fainted on the street.

The police arrested Charles Bensley, 73, of 936 Howard Street, charged with threatening to kill Mrs. Anna Morgan, 55, of 934 Howard Street, and carrying  concealed deadly weapons.         

A few minutes later Police Judge Pancoast held Bensley without bail for the grand jury. He admitted having the pistol at the hearing, but. had denied possession of the weapon when first arrested.

"Were you going to shoot her?" the court asked.

"No,“ Bensley replied, "I don't know what made me do this, I think I'm half-crazy. I own the house and wanted to collect the rent or make her move."

When Motorcycle Patrolmen Russell Young and George Getley arrived in front of Bensley's home, 100 neighbors were crowding the street outside.

Bensley, they said, eluded them and ran out the front door after pretending to make for the back. He was grabbed by August Hasher, 41, of 217 Erie street, a bystander.

Meanwhile, a motorist had taken the unconscious Mrs. Morgan to Cooper Hospital when she fainted in front of. her home. She was questioned at the hospital by Detectives Clifford Del Rossi and George Zeitz.

The detectives quoted Mrs. Morgan all saying that Bensley, who owns the house in which she lives, came into her home this morning to talk about rent which was two months overdue.

"He asked me," she said, "if I had received a court notice to move, and I said I had, but was waiting for an eviction notice.

"Then he said, 'Well, I'm going to take the law in my own hands', and with that he pulled out a pistol and began brandishing it. I ran out the front door calling for help and then I fainted. That‘s all I remember."

Bensley admitted asking Mrs. Morgan to move out. The police found a 38-caliber revolver and a box of bullets hidden behind a rafter in the cellar of his home, they said.

Camden Courier-Post - February 11, 1938

Floor Show to Be Added Feature of Dance Here on Saturday

Plans for a snappy floor show as an additional feature' of the second annual charity ball of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Camden Forest No. 5, were announced yesterday.

Sonny James with the recording and broadcasting orchestra that bears his name, will supply the music— interspersing swing for the youngsters with waltzes for the old-timers.

James will present as the floor show attraction The Musical Aces and Their Queens, radio performers. 

Harold Stephans, vocalist with the orchestra, also will be featured.

The ball is scheduled for Saturday night at Hotel Walt Whitman.

The general committee consists of the membership of all other committees, which are:

Executive: Joseph C. Brown, Grand Tall Cedar, ex-officio; William E. Strouse, chairman and Daniel W. Forsyth, secretary and treasurer.

Grand Conductor: Walter W. Giffins.

Reception: Paul C. Ireton, leader; George Murray, Walter Morris, William Rohrer, Harry Holt, Vic Marx, Charles Ackley, Howard Dahl, Francis Gaskill, Frederick von Nieda, and Frank Hartmann.

Tickets, Walter Mattison; door, Louis Bull and Paul B. Miles, press, Frank H. Ryan. Electrical, Wilbur Peters; wardrobe, Charles Neil, William Strong, Elmer Burgess, Taylor Kellogg and Charles Green; safety, Lieut. George W. Frost, Frank Jaggard, Russell Young and Francis Gutherman; decorations, Fred Knodel, Charles Dorrman, Harry Sykes, Harry Flowers, Merton McCormick, Edward Zimmerman and William Delbaugh.

Camden Courier-Post
October 17, 1936

Lewis Liberman
South 3rd Street
Amedio Sottolano
Russell Young 

Camden Courier-Post - December 30, 1950
Benjamin Dzick - Russell Young - Robert Anthony -  Hugh Johnson

Camden Courier-Post
December 2, 1952

Russell Young
Bergen Street
Gustav A. Koerner

Camden Courier-Post - December 19, 1957
Howard L. James - Joann Green - Jean Porter - William Porter
Marshall Thompson - Thomas Scarduzio - George Ellis - Russell Young Anthony Marino - Richard Brooks - Earl Quinton
Carman Street - Chestnut Street - Cooper Street - Fern Street 
Federal Street -
Fogarty Avenue - Market Street - South 3rd Street
Asam Brothers, Inc. - Cooper Hospital - Cutler Metal Products  

Camden Courier-Post
December 24, 1957

South 3rd Street

James Johnson
William Neale

Leo Tompkins

Anthony Marino

Wilfred L. Dube

Nathan Jones
William O'Brien

Edward Fulton
Russell Young
John Huston
Vincent Conley


Willie Simmons - Carl H. Perry - West Jersey Hospital
Evalena Watkins - James W. Atkins - James P. McLaughlin

January 16, 1963

January 16, 1963

Earl Flanagan

Camden Courier-Post * August 24, 1963
Gold Badges To Be Given 15 City Cops

Fifteen retired Camden City policemen will be honored by the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Local 35, Wednesday night at the Police and Fire Club, 1175 Whitman Avenue.

Police Chief William H. Neale, will present awards. The awards will be gold retirement badges mounted in wallets. The men receiving them will have served 20 or more years.

According to Patrolman Robert Mentz, PBA secretary, this is the first time since 1960 that retirement badges have been presented. The ceremonies will follow the organization’s business meeting.

Awards will be made to: Edward Suski, Harry Cattell, Clifford DelRossi, Frank Gutherman, John Houston, Thomas Kauffman, William Stibi, Leon Feltz, Russell Young, Henry Leutz, George Ellis, Everett Joslin, Ralph Cline, John Kaighn and former Chief Gustav Koerner.

Camden Courier-Post * November 18, 1977
Ionic Lodge No 94., Free & Associated Masons

Camden Courier-Post
November 18, 1977

Camden Courier-Post
November 18, 1977