ROBERT COLKETT was born on October 11, 1865 to Henry Colkett and his wife Eliza. 

Quite active politically, Robert Colkett was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in November of 1899 and began service on March 1, 1900 with the Hook & Ladder Company, now known as Ladder Company 1. He resigned from the Camden Fire Department on February 28, 1905 and went to work as Camden police officer.

Robert Colkett was dismissed from the Police Department in 1910.

Shortly after the 1910 Census was enumerated, Robert Colkett moved to 545 South 2nd Street. He passed away unexpectedly on April 28, 1911. He had been a member of Ottawa Tribe No. 15, Improved Order of Red Men and also had belonged to the Bellmore Beneficial Association.

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 24, 1899

Cooper B. Hatch - George W. Whyte
William Penn Hook & Ladder Company No. 1
First Baptist Church - Edgar Bolton
John W. Vanhart - W. Scott Franklin
Benjamin Kellum - Charles Robinson
George B. Wade - Albert Jones
George Cox - Edward Weston
Samuel Peoples - Harry B. Middleton
Harry Burroughs - Robert W. Colkett
William G. Hillman - James E. Navin
Charles Todd - Daniel Smith
Peter B. Carter - Alfred Hayden
Henry Elliott - Josiah Sage
Samuel Price - William Rose
Charles Sturgis - Daniel Grimes
Harry Wagner - Augustus Kester
William Simpson

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Philadelphia Inquirer

November 28, 1899

Cooper B. Hatch - George W. Whyte
Edgar Boulton - John W. Vanhart
W. Scott Franklin - Robert Gick  
Joseph Till
Edward Kelly - Christian Stark
Samuel Collins - William Madison
John F. Renner - Josiah Pedigree
Charles Robinson - George B. Wade
Albert Jones - George Cox
Edward Weston - Samuel Peoples

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Philadelphia Inquirer - July 26, 1900

Robert Colkett - Wright Cox - Joseph T. Johnson

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 5, 1901

Lewis Buzine - Robert Colkett - William O. Sawyer
James Elberson - Al Hayden - David Andrews
John Renner 

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 3, 1902

Robert Colkett - Wright Cox - Philip Schmitz

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 23, 1905

Robert Colkett - Wright Cox  

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 9, 1905

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 13, 1906
John Woolford - Harris H. Stow - Robert Colkett

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 5, 1906

William J. Sewell - Mount Vernon Street - John Foster
Charles H. Ellis - Ionic Lodge of Masons
First Italian Republican Club - Tall Cedars of Lebanon
Improved Order of Red Men  - John Carroll - John R. Campbell
Rev. Gilbert Underhill - St. John's Episcopal Church
Elisha Albert Gravenor
- John Brothers - Maurice A. Rogers
George Hammond - Joseph Nowrey - Albert Shaw
Thomas Brothers - Camillus Appley - Robert Colkett
Jules Bosch - Thomas J. Murphy - Harry Mines 
George Kappel - George Kleaver - Alfred Snow - Casper Hart
City Hall - Harleigh Cemetery - Arthur Stanley - Aaron Matlack 
Fifth Ward Republican Club - William Horner - Third Street
Walnut Street - Broadway - Benson Street - Haddon Avenue  

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 10, 1906

Robert Colkett

Bridgeton Evening News - December 31, 1906
Isaac Toy - South 3rd Street - Albert Keaser - Alonzo Dyer
Rev. Alfonso Dare -
Wiley Methodist Episcopal Church
Charles H. Ellis - Elisha A. Gravenor - Harry Mines - Albert Shaw - Robert Colkett  
William Todd -
William Lyons - Broadway - Berkley Street - Elm Street
Improved Order of Red Men - Camden Aerie No. 65 Fraternal Order of Eagles
Third Ward Republican Club

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 9, 1908

Dr. H.H. Sherk
George Bird
Rev. Isaac Bagley
Robert Colkett
Alfred Snow
James Tatem
Edward Hyde
E.B. McClong
James Ware
George W. Anderson
George Cooper
Allen I. Palmer
Thomas Reed
Daniel Clifford
Lysander Burton
William Baldwin
John Spiegel

Cooper Hospital
Mathis Shipyard

North 2nd Street
Kaighn Avenue
Haddon Avenue


Philadelphia Inquirer - August 30, 1910
Robert Colkett - Howard Carrow

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 24, 1910
Robert Colkett - Morris Steelman - Charles H. Ellis

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 30, 1911
Robert Colkett - South 2nd Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 29 to May 2, 1911

Winston-Salem Journal - June 10, 1911
Winston-Salem, North Carolina