RICHARD SMITH MARTER  was born in Beverly, New Jersey on December 29, 1872. His family moved to Camden when he was six years old. Richard S Marter first appears in Camden City Directories in 1894, working as a butcher and living at 630 Line Street. The 1896 edition shows him working as a driver, and residing at 3212 Federal Street in Stockton. By the following year he had returned to South Camden, and is listed in 1897 and 1898 at 608 South 5th Street. The 1899 City Directory shows him and his wife, the former Lillie Wood, living at 589 Clinton Street. He worked as a driver during these years. 

A son, William Roscoe Wood Marter, was born on the 30th of November, 1899. He was the Marter's only child. The 1900 and 1910 Censuses shows the Marters living at 412 Kaighn Avenue with his in-laws,  William and Emma Wood. Richard Marter was working as a milk dealer in 1900 and as a driver when the 1906 Camden City Directory was compiled. By 1906 he had joined the Camden Fire Department, and served with Engine Company 1 at 409 Pine Street. The Marters were still living at 412 Kaighn Avenue when the 1914 City Directory 

was published. Richard Marter registered for the draft in September of 1918. By this time the family had moved to 463 Mechanic Street. Son William Marter was living with his parents and had gone to work as shipfitter at the Pusey & Jones shipyard in Gloucester City. The 1924 City Directory shows the same information. The 1927 City Directory shows that William Marter had joined the Camden Police Department. 

Camden Fire Department records from 1931 show Richard Marter still living at 463 Mechanic Street. Richard Marter retired on January 1, 1933. The family was still at the Mechanic Street address when Lillie Marter passed away on September 28, 1933. Richard Marter later moved to 3060 Mickle Street. He died on July 2, 1938 after an illness fo five months. He was buried at Harleigh Cemetery.

By April of 1930, when the census was taken, William Marter had married and bought a home at 3060 Mickle Street in East Camden, where he lived with his wife Elsie and daughter Jeanne. A son, Richard B. Marter, was born afterwards. The 1947 Camden City Directory lists William Marter as a sergeant in the Detective Bureau of the Camden Police Department. He was still living on Mickle Street at that time. By 1949 William Marter had left Camden's police force. He is not listed in any Camden County New Jersey Bell telephone Directories. William Marter's son, Richard B. Marter, served for over 31 years with the Camden Fire Department, retiring as a Captain on May 1, 1999.

Camden Post-Telegram
January 16, 1909

Harry Selby
Samuel S. Buzine
Richard Marter
Charles H. Fitzsimmons IV

Camden Post-Telegram
January 3, 1910

Harry Selby
Samuel S. Buzine
Arthur Wingate
Richard Marter
Samuel S. Elfreth
George B. Wade
Peter B. Carter
Peter S. Gray
John A. Dold
Newton G. Ash
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Maxwell
Harry S. Burrough
William Elberson
Henry "Harry" Green
William Tatem
John Lennox
John Lutts

Charles H. Fitzsimmons IV

John Gardner
Charles Minckle
Harry Lee
Charles Hose

Camden Post-Telegram
June 24, 1910

Engine Company 7
William Deno
John Lutts
William K. Buzine
James Navin
Richard Marter
Joseph Sparks
George Boone
Roy Smith
Edward Simpson
Thomas Nicholas

John McTaggart

Camden Post-Telegram * January 2, 1913

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Philadelphia Inquirer - July 27, 1914 Joseph A. Ware
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Charles Cook
Richard Marter
James Navin
Louis Shaw
Spencer Smith
Alfred Hayden
Engine Company 1
Church of Our Saviour


Camden Courier-Post - December 31, 1932
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Camden Courier-Post * January 2, 1933
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